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CAN A LOVE BE LOST THAT WAS MEANT TO BE? A rising star in the modeling world Margot Radcliffe hasn’t forgotten the hurt that sent her running from Rosewood the beautiful Virginia horse farm where she was raised Travis Maher a ruggedly handsome rebel and gifted horse trainer with a hard knock past had once captured Margot’s heart only to break itBut eh the horse setting was pretty fun and I actually really liked her character but I felt the first kiss RIGHT when she gets back was pretty unrealistic for what their relationship had been and what the situation they found themselves in at the moment was That kinda pulled me out of the story and I never uite got back in

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Remember MeWhen tragedy strikes her family Margot is forced to set aside her skyrocketing career and return to a place she never expected to see again where the legs that everyone admires belong to Thoroughbreds not supermodels Now Rosewood Farm’s success depends on Margot and the only person she can count on for help is the very man who so ruthlessly rejected Laura Moore obviously knows horses Her peek into the inner workings of a Virginia horse ranch was fascinating for someone who knows nothing about that world Eually fascinating and in complete opposition was her heroine's supermodel lifestyle I liked the dichotomy and it made for lots of conflict between her hero Travis the hunky ranch hand from the wrong side of the tracks and her heroine Margo the rancher's daughter turned supermodel who has to come home to save the farm after once having been spurned by said ranch hand When the two worlds collide it makes for a wild and romantic ride I found the story engaging and well written with secondary characters worthy of their own stories A perfect blend of steamy romance family drama and a hero and heroine worth rooting for Great job Ms Moore

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Remember Me kindle ´ 416 pages Ü johnscyclingdiary ê ❰EPUB❯ ✶ Remember Me Author Laura Moore – CAN A LOVE BE LOST THAT WAS MEANT TO BE? A rising star in the modeling world Margot Radcliffe hasn’t forgotten the hurt that sent her running from Rosewood the beautifulHer love all those years agoAs Margot and Travis enter an uneasy truce to save Rosewood from financial ruin their wild natures clash and their unresolved passions for each other begin to surge But can this hard edged horseman find a way to express his desire for the one woman he’s ever loved before she’s lost to him forever? From the Paperback editi Even though she was young Margot Radcliffe fantasized about and lusted after sexy Travis Maher the family's horse whisperer until he let her know they weren't going to happen When her father refused her help on the ranch again home was suddenly extremely unattractive Making her own plans tearful Margot dusted off her feelings and went to New York to find fame and fortune as a model Eight years later tragedy touches the Radcliffe family Their father and his wife are killed leaving Margot and her sisters Jordan a mother and wife with a marriage less stable than she thinks and stepsister Jade a surly teen It's up to Margot to find a way to care for Jade and save the ancestral home Not to mention her own career Margot's shocked to find she also has to find a way to make amends with Travis since no one knew exactly why her father fired him just before he died Closed mouthed about the details of his leaving Rosewood Travis grudgingly returns Margot and Travis dance around their feelings as she hides the family's financial issues parent Jade and tend her career and Travis tries to hide his feelings for MargotPride predictability and mixed messages had the leads hard pressed to stay out of their own way as the fashion industry and horse husbandry shared the spotlight However this fairly strong medium paced heart felt read with flawed characters had a bit of depth and would be a perfect beach or rainy day readRating375stars