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Cevdet Bey ve Oğulları Summary Û 7 í ❰Reading❯ ➼ Cevdet Bey ve Oğulları Author Orhan Pamuk – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Една семейна сага обхванала живота на три поколения Историята на един амбициозен търговец основал своя ди?о на последния султан през младотурската революция политически сътресения и преврати Скърби и радости любов и смърт годежи сватби и раздели изпъстрят картината създадена от майсторското перо на Орхан Cevdet Bey ePUB #9734 Памук Между търговията м?. As much as it has been heavily influenced by Buddenbrooks of Thomas Mann it is a great book with Pamuk's special style It is difficult to explain what I mean by Pamuk's special style This makes the book very much uniue despite the influence I am telling myself that there is probably no single good novelist who was not influenced by others So Pamuk is a good reader good adapter and he obviously contributes to the modern literature

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Една семейна сага обхванала живота на три поколения Историята на един амбициозен търговец основал своя династия в зората на двайсети век Историята на Джевдет бей неговите синове и внуци се развива на фона на историята на Турция – от време?. I finally read it and I have many things to say about it First of all I think the main reason for me liking this novel so very much is because Orhan Pamuk was young when he wrote it the main characters are generally young and I am young Oh one thing we are from the Balkans These things I find crucial for understanding this work It is his first novel and didn't read anything else that he wrote but this book is definitely one of my favoritesOther people might not view this book like me because of the different perspective But I find it relevant I found similar things that I found when reading Škvorecky's Cowards or Pavese's The Devil on the Hill This book made me reflect on me to think about what I am doing with my life and where I live It is something I like to call novel of generation even though the proper term I don't think means the same thingThe uestions that this novel asks are ideologies family art war homeland Orient reformations revolutions just to name a few But there is much much I feel like if I read it earlier or later I wouldn't appreciate it that much So that is way I am so grateful that I read in this part of my life After reading this book I know I will read of his work and I also felt close with the atmosphere from the book And don't know if that is because is a genius author or because Serbian and Turkish mentality are so similar Looking what I wrote just now I don't know if I said what I wanted but that is my impression Read this book and make your own

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Cevdet Bey ve Oğulları?чтите и надеждите Джевдет бей и неговите потомци извървяват пътя на нова Турция търсят смисъла на своето съществувание лутат се между традиционното и европейското светоусещане между политиката и изкуството в търсене на своята идентичнос. It was the book of Orhan Pamuk which I liked less there are some really good points in it but I can say it`s far away from the style of the Snow The white castle My name is Red It was a family saga but really not my type