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Caribbean review Ø 3 Â ❴Read❵ ➭ Caribbean Author James A. Michener – In this acclaimed classic novel James A Michener sweeps readers off to the Caribbean bringing to life the eternal allure and tumultuous history of this glittering string of islands From the 1310 conue In this acclaimed classic novel James Fidel Castro Caribbean packs seven hundred dramatic years into a tale teeming with revolution and romance authentic characters and thunderous destinies Through absorbing magnificent prose Michener captures the essence of the islands in all of their awe inspiring scope and wonder Praise for Caribbean Michener is a master Boston Herald A grand epic James A Michener sympathizes with the st. Michener once again proves he is a master of mixing well researched historical information with a strong fictional story line Each prominent Caribbean location is covered in its' own chapter; seamlessly weaving historical fact prominent personalities and generations of fictional families together Beginning with an Arawak couple on Hispaniola HaitiDominican Republic in 1310 the book travels through time to Haiti just after the end of Jean Claude Baby Doc Duvalier's dictatorship in 1986 In between the reader learns of the Maya on Cozumel the introduction of Europeans to the Caribbean by Christopher Columbus along with his eventual down fall and the ongoing battles between the Spanish English French and Dutch Also how sugar plantations were founded and the effects of importing african slave labor to the area Towards the end of the book the Rastafarian movement and Fidel Castro's Cuba are discussedThis is the perfect book to read while relaxing my a pool or laying on a beach especially if you have travelled to the Caribbean on vacation My only criticism of the book is why Michener felt he needed to created the fictitious island of All Saints when he had plenty of real history to sueeze into this 600 page novel

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In this acclaimed classic novel James A Michener sweeps readers off to the Caribbean bringing to life the eternal allure and tumultuous history of this glittering string of islands From the conuest of the Arawaks by cannibals to the decline of the Mayan empire from Columbus s arrival to buccaneer Henry Morgan s notorious reign from the bloody slave revolt on Haiti to the rise of Cuba s. As is typical of Michener's work one of the main strong points of this book is that it's hugely informative I learned a great deal about the turbulent often tragic history of the Caribbean I found it interesting as I've been to the region several times I'm even getting married there in a few months but was never really aware of its history aside from what I learned from visits to the typical historic tourism sites like Tulum Chichen Itza etcRather than following the pattern of novels like Chesapeake and Hawaii which follow a set of families or less continuously over a certain time period Caribbean tells the story in several discrete episodes there's a story about a character in some region then it moves on to something else and we may see something about that character's great great great grandchild in a couple of hundred pages The episodes of this book are made even separate by the fact that in this novel Michener chose not to restrict himself to any one Caribbean island so the story jumps around in space as well as in timeSome people might object to the somewhat discontinuous nature of the story but I thought that it mostly worked uite well As a natural conseuence of the way the story was told some of the chapters were uite strong while others were weaker The very first chapter dealing with the Arawaks and the Carib was excellent I would have liked to have chapters dealing with the indigenous population but this story only included two the other one dealing with the Maya at which point the indigenous people or less disappeared from the story The chapter about the Haitian slave revolt is outstanding the book is almost worth purchasing just for that chapter alone Personally I felt that most of the chapters dealing with the Spanish domination of the Caribbean were a bit dry and overlong and I thought that the chapter on the Maya could have been much interesting than it wasThe other problem I had with this book was Michener's decision to include a fictional Caribbean island All Saints The chapters taking place on All Saints weren't particularly interesting and I just didn't uite understand what purpose the island gave to the story All Saints was portrayed as having two defining characteristics to the story namely racial segregation and love of cricket My thought was that if these are characteristics common to the Caribbean then they could have been dealt with using one of the real islands as a backdrop and if they AREN'T typical of the Caribbean then they really don't have a place in a book whose main goal is to give readers an understanding of the Caribbean islandsUltimately though this is a book I uite enjoyed It had its flaws but overall I thought it was very good

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CaribbeanRuggles of the region s most oppressed and succeeds in presenting the Caribbean in its rich diversity The Plain Dealer Remarkable and praiseworthy utterly engaging The Washington Post Book World Even American tourists familiar with some of the serene islands will find themselves enlightened In Caribbean there appears to be a strong aura of truth behind the storytelling The New York Time. I'm kind of surprised that I'm abandoning this book I love Michener's books But this is twice that I've put it down and not picked it back up to finish It reads like a textbook than a novel Usually he mixes his history in a novelized style This one not so much