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A true classic with a timeless message The Story of Ferdinand has enchanted readers since it was first published in All The Story MOBI #233 the other bulls would run and jump and butt. I'm not an impartial judge of this book I'm assuming all of you know the story It's about a bull that doesn't want to bullfight like the other bulls He just wants to sit and smell flowers in the field My mom used to read it to me when I was a kid She used to call me her little Ferdinand because all the other little boys wanted to run around and roughhouse And I didn't I just wanted to sit and read and think I'm not an impartial judge of this book But I'm fond of it And when a book's been around for 70 years there's usually a reason for it

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The Story of FerdinandChance to be the most ferocious star of the corrida and the most unexpected comic hero This cherished hardcover is perfect for those who love Ferdinand and those who have yet to meet h. This is the story of Ferdinand a little bull who would rather sit and smell flowers than fight in the bullring This book truly is a gem While I had heard about this work before this is the first time that I have read it and I absolutely love it Originally published in 1936 this work has been translated into than 60 languages and has rarely been out of print As this title is well known I want to talk about its background Its a hefty one While Munro Leaf is an American author because of the timing setting and main character this work is thought to have a political agenda The book was published shortly before the Spanish Civil War Described by some as subversive with a pacifist view which challenged the facism that currenlty predominated Europe Ferdinand was banned in many countries including Spain and Germany Hitler is uoted as describing the book as degenerate democratic propaganda Franco was not a fan of the book either the book was not available in Spain til after Franco's death Its no surprise that the book was loved by Ghandi and Franklin Eleanor Roosevelt among other important figures When asked Munro denied any political ties saying its a happy ending book about being yourself In fact it is alleged that this work was written in 40 minutes on a whim to be give Robert Lawson an opportunity to illustrate The illustrations are marvelous by the way Whatever your personal take away from the book its impossible to deny its impact Mine I just adore this gentle and kind bull and love the message of the book Its a sweet and charming work for people of all ages This is my final book for 2017 and it was a good onePS I an really looking forward to watching the animated movie version150118 EDIT Saw the movie this past weekend and absolutely loved it While there was a story added it kept the essence of the book It is a perfect compliment to the original

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DOWNLOAD The Story of Ferdinand · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ó [Read] ➮ The Story of Ferdinand By Munro Leaf – A true classic with a timeless message The Story of Ferdinand has enchanted readers since it was first published in 1936 All the other bulls would run and jump and butt their headsTheir heads together But Ferdinand would rather sit and smell the flowers And he does just that until the day a bumblebee and some men from the Madrid bullfights give gentle Ferdinand a. Many of the kids books I've been revisiting are filled with specific vivid memories of my childhood that are almost narratives unto themselves Reading them transports me back to those probably apocryphal moments in my brain leaving me full of a sort of joyful melancholy for things past and a hunger for of those memories a desire to relive all those locked up personal stories so I grab another book I have always loved and devour it looking for I didn't find those memories in The Story of Ferdinand but I may have found something precious I found that this story with its beautiful illustrations and its little bull turned big bull who just wants to live peacefully and smell his flowers made me think about people I care about rather than remembering some synapsy tale of themIt made me think of my mother Chris I always called her Chris which drove my father crazy because of how disrespectful it was I thought of Chris and guessed that she probably read this book to me first And I thought of how every book I touch and word I write is her gift to me for teaching me too read then teaching me to challenge myself with books that were inappropriate then sharing our reading when we were older It made me think of my cousin Fred who I called Ferdinand behind his back I thought of his moustache and 80s hair I thought of how we both had brutally abusive fathers but have never talked about it even now so many years after escaping their fists It made me think of KI Hope and how the anger of her writing that wonderful necessary emotional ethical rage would cringe at the other bulls Ferdinand's friends and family showing off in the hopes of travelling to Madrid to be slaughtered in the bullfights I thought of what a true friend she is and how unlikely it is to find a genuine friend on something like this social media platform and how I have found so manyIt made me think of Brontë and Miloš and Scoutie and how much they love The Story of Ferdinand and how Miloš is always trying to mimic the light Spanish accent I use to read them the book aloud and how Brontë loves the art and how Scoutie babbles the story back to me with her incomprehensible toddler language punctuated by a Ferdie and or cowAnd it made me think of Munroe Leaf She and all the other authors I've had a relationship over my life They have been my best friends And each book that I love it's a gift written by them just for me Thanks Munroe I love you too