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Summary Freshmen Volume 1 (Freshmen) 107 Ì ❮Ebook❯ ➭ Freshmen Volume 1 (Freshmen) ➮ Author Hugh Sterbakov – The sold out critically acclaimed series co created by Buffy and Austin Powers star Seth Green is collected in all its glory Meet the beautiful Puppeteer the wistful Seductress the desNd the obsessed Beaver Extra goodies include the entire Freshmen Yearbook Baron Von Sterbakov and Maestro Kirk deliver thrills chills spills and tons of laugh. This story had some brilliant moments and some memorable characters but it also had some dull moments some odd narrative monologues that despite making sense in the concept were nonethless inefective at timesI like how all the characters are misfits in their own way and I laughed with many of the scenes and especially with the powers of some of the super heroes But unfortunetly the story soon fell into the clutches of 'the common place' in super hero comics which I found a bit boring The inside art is pretty good I really liked it and the cover is magnificentNeverthless that ending was pretty good and I might read the next installment if I can get my hands on a copy

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Hmen Volume Epubthe wistful Seductress the desperate Wannabe the wasted Intoxicator the bickering Drama Twins the overwhelmed Green Thumb the snotty Suirrel a. I admit it I tried The Freshmen because of its connection with Seth Green This is a collection of the first 6 issues of the comics and represents its first story arcThe leader of the group is a huge comic book fan who missed out on getting any superpowers because he went out for pizza The rest of the group gained powers based on what they were thinking at the moment the Ax Cell Erator exploded The powers range from what you would expect in a comic book series to silly borderline offensive even powers The hot girl who wants to be a therapist who can now jump into people's minds The vegan who can now talk to plants and is left with nothing he can eatThe overweight Amish boy who can cause earthuakes by shaking his belly The foreign exchange student who seems to be turning into a suirrel The emotionally distraught and relationship obsessed girl who can make anyone fall in love with her The math genius who can make people drunk or hungover but only when he is in one of those conditions himself The couple who can't decide whether they love or hate each other who now have tandem telekinetic powers The school mascot a beaver who becomes a super genius but is obsessed with dam building A guy who becomes super sticky Finally a guy receives enhancement to a certain appendageAt times this almost reads like a parody of superhero comics All of the characters are trying to figure out how their powers is going to change their lives which are already confusing ehough In fact their normal lives provide challenges at times than the villians they are facing While the stories are using geared towards the humorous there are moments of real dramaThe artwork is comic book style It is consistent throughout all the issuesThis is always a good thing in a comic book series especially as you are trying to get used to new charactersWhile there is a lot of language in the book it is censored out there is a little black bar with bleep written over it that covers most of the word this does seem to be a reasonable compromise between not using foul language and displaying how most college age people talk nowadays Truthfully though it gets a little annoying at times Also annoying at times is the Intoxicator and Long Don characters with the constant alcoholdrug use and enhancement commentsThere are a couple of mistakes One really annoys me They used the wrong form of a very simple word They used to instead of too For anyone who needs to isn't sure there are 3 forms of the word that all sound the same Two is the number and most people get this one right The other two seem to confuse people Use to when you are going towards an actual place or object Use too as an adverb meaning excessively Example I am going to give the medicine to the two too tense students Overall this is a nicely drawn graphic novel with some good laughs and dramatic moments Parts seem to try a little too hard but is worth a read

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Freshmen Volume 1 FreshmenThe sold out critically acclaimed series co created by Buffy and Austin Powers star Seth Green is collected in all its glory Meet the beautiful Puppeteer Fres. I'll be honest I picked this one up because it was co written by Seth Green and I was curious as to what sort of comic he would write Was it brilliant No But it was seriously good especially as a debut There was cleverness and originality A cool take on the old trope of young kids getting superpowersMost importantly it gave me several good laughs on a day when I needed a good laugh That's worth a lot Also the blurbs on the back of the book were really really funny