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From until Life of PDF #201 Mao Zedong's death years later Dr Li Zhisui was the Chinese ruler's personal physician For most of these years M. This book was written by Mao’s private doctor published in 1994 before Li's death in 1995 It’s about his experiences with one of the most important figures in modern world history All readers must uestion if it is accurate and unbiased I did as well My answer is that I just don’t know However Li was certainly Mao’s doctor during the years presented 1954 1976 and on a high level of the Zhongnanhai inner circle The photos as well as his intimate experiences convey little doubt at least to me of his close access to Mao Whatever Li's personal or political motives were to write this book are beyond my ability to discernBorn in Beijing 1919 Dr Li was with Mao for over 22 years They shared meals and details of their personal lives It’s probably one of the closest pictures of the Chairman you can get without having been there yourself Undoubtedly there are other accounts written in Chinese I cannot access For anecdotes about Mao conversations travel accommodations sexual habits and hygiene addictions to cigarettes and sleeping pills it is a convincing primary source Mao was a rebel and Li was a true believer from initial employment with Mao until his gradual disillusionment Li trained in Australia and later emigrated to the USAAlthough Mao espoused Chinese traditional medicine he chose western trained doctors for his personal care Li produced a clear portrait of his former employer from a few years after Mao’s ascension until his death If you are interested in Mao as a man you cannot forego reading this It is exciting as well as terrifying From Mao’s disastrous economic Great Leap Forward in agriculture and industry ’58 62 to his manipulation of fourth wife Jiang ing to attack foes during the Cultural Revolution ’66 76 this is strong material You will also learn how Mao liked his food cooked spicy Hunan style mm mm goodSo why did Li write this book It is said that Mao's wife Jiang accused Li of poisoning her in 1968 a scary predicament It is known Li left for the USA shortly after Mao died in 1979 He helped to preserve Mao’s body which is still displayed in a mausoleum on Tiananmen Suare Li was an early convert to communism but later changed his mind based on the events around him He came to be frightened by his proximity to Mao's absolute power and ruthlessness and burned his notebooks during the later years It's an important account that will continue to be referenced by authors in the future as it has been in the past

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The Private Life of Chairman MaoAo was in excellent health thus he and the doctor had time to discuss political and personal matters Dr Li recorded many of these conversati. In 2009 I read a digital edition of Traditional Chinese of this book which was sent by a net pal who was in Honkong at the time He the author mentioned that when Mao was dying his dick was green which just gave a hint that Mao might've died of VDWhy couldn't an emperor be impotent He'd been fucking and murdering all his life right So it wouldn't be weird if the King of Chinkland might die of sexual causesto be continued

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The Private Life of Chairman Mao Read & Download ó 4 ä ❰EPUB❯ ✻ The Private Life of Chairman Mao Author Li Zhisui – From 1954 until Mao Zedong's death 22 years later Dr Li Zhisui was the Chinese ruler's personal physician For most of these years Mao was in excellent health; thOns in his diaries as well as in his memory In this book Dr Li vividly reconstructs his extraordinary time The Private PDF with Chairman Mao. This book is flawed in many respects First its author is an admitted naif as re politics history psychology etc Although he delves into such perspectives he doesn't get much beyond the surface Second as he also admits his class background was bourgeois his exposure to the lives of ordinary Chinese only coming late in his career Third he only entered the scene late after the revolution Fourth having burned his original notes his memoir is based on memoryAll of those considerations notwithstanding I found this lengthy account a page turner While only skimming the major events of the period of the late forties to the mid seventies it did serve as a welcome refresher The medical details are of course invaluable given the author's expertise and privileged position The personal details about the Chinese leadership and the politics of their court were intriguing The whole thing came across for me at least as a meditation about how power can corruptAlthough publicity for this book seems to emphasize Mao's sex life Dr Li really doesn't offer any purient detail He found it offensive than interesting