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Read & Download Our Gang ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ ❮Reading❯ ➺ Our Gang Author Philip Roth – A ferocious political satire in the great tradition Our Gang is Philip Roth’s brilliantly indignant response to the phenomenon of Richard M NixonIn the character of Trick E Dixon Roth A master politician with an honest sneer he finds himself battling the Boy Scouts declaring war on Pro Pornography Denmark all the time trusting in the basic indifference of the voting public. Crazy Had not read any Philip Roth My wife thoughtfully picked this up for real cheap at the local library retired book sale An interesting interpretation of the Nixon WH including the real villian Curt Flood and Denmark Good satire and all the relevant considerin current WH occupant

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A ferocious political satire in the great tradition Our Gang is Philip Roth’s brilliantly indignant response to the phenomenon of Richard M NixonIn the character of Trick E Dixon Roth show. I read this book today and to be honest it was terrifying Yes Tricky Dick is long in the grave and apparently trying to usurp Satan if we believe Roth but the scenario of the book is so close to the insanity of Drumpf that it made me want to scream Whether it was the horrifying week in Washington with the ever insistent attacks on democratic process even before taking office or his public speeches or his fucking tweets everything about Drumpf is present in Roth's Tricky B Dixon in spades Like in The Plot Against America Roth called this one 46 years ago It is a darkly comic book not Roth's finest but perhaps if you are not on suicide watch it is a worthy read to see that well we had an inept racist sexist homophobic anti abortion president at one time and he was kicked out of the office Will history be able to repeat itself I surely hope so Just wait until he starts firing into crowds of Boy Scouts like Dixon does in the book won't that be a gas FuckYeah we are already there this book plus The Plot Against America were clear warnings which we missedRIP 1933 2018 One of America's literary giants has left us

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Our GangS us a man who outdoes the severest cynic a peace loving uaker and believer in the sanctity of human life who doesn’t have a problem with killing unarmed women and children in self defense. Living in an era of the non scandal whitewater to Benghazi while the real scandals go unnoticed how many hundreds of William Calleys have gone unseen un prosecuted and ignored in Ira or Afghanistan How come Clinton's cigar placement is a scandal but his sending bombers to devastate civilian populations in Europe in order to halt the genocide of other civilian populations is presented to us as a just and even leftist once they were called doves another endangered species strategy So as we decide as a nation to stock up on guns in the name of freedom but willingly sacrifice privacy and dignity at the airport and to send guns to heartless heart eating Syrian rebels check that out on youtube ew I spied this little piece of paperback American parody circa 1971 in the infamous Watergate edition in my favorite usedbookstore and flipped through it gleefully out by the pool waiting for the summer heat to finally kick in and get me into the water PerfectYes doubly great that Roth spoofed Tricky Dick BEFORE his re election BEFORE his utter disgrace and BEFORE the non apocalypse of his whimpering surrender of the reigns of state to as Gil Scott Heron calls him deliciously Oatmeal Man And it's been a version or less of Oatmeal man ever since I'm pretty sure that Nixon will go down in history as the last of the great liars the last actual controversy the last schemer the last interesting US president It's all oatmeal from now on as America removes its dentures for a permanent political dotageHowever don't think that Our Gang really satirizes Nixon well it does but rather indirectly and most brilliantly and aims for and hits spot on the reason why we now live in an era of 24 hour news but know less than nothing about anything any I continue to shock dinner parties by asking people why Bin Laden attacked the USA on September 11th Although we've heard nothing but words about it for years now no one seems to know anything about it Go figure Why is that Well guess who might be ualified to tell us if not the entertainment run news services Writers for heaven's sake because they too like politicians work with words and understand how we use words to manipulate feelings and how to make scandals out of thin air heroes out of idiots who sit and stare while the country is being attacked and political martyrs out of paranoid schizophrenics completely corrupted and entrenched in fear by their own power the curse of getting what they always thought they wantedWhat I'm getting at here is to say that Our Gang is all about rhetoric political rhetoric the ability of those holding a discourse those talking heads to spin us around and around imaginary bubbles of innuendo and obfuscation until we accuse a pregnant Vietnamese villager of coercing Willian Calley into performing an abortion on demand because he slaughtered her along with her whole village Yes that's where this novel begins and it ends with Nixon's campaign speech in Hell running against Satan for the coveted office of Devil Yes the Devil that you don't yet knowPS Did you ever notice that president Obama also begins every sentence with And let me make this perfectly clear