Finishing the Hat Collected Lyrics 1954 1981 With Attendant Comments Principles Heresies Grudges Whines and Anecdotes Free download ë 102

Read & download Finishing the Hat Collected Lyrics 1954 1981 With Attendant Comments Principles Heresies Grudges Whines and Anecdotes

Finishing the Hat Collected Lyrics 1954 1981 With Attendant Comments Principles Heresies Grudges Whines and Anecdotes Free download ë 102 ☆ ➷ Finishing the Hat Collected Lyrics 1954 1981 With Attendant Comments Principles Heresies GrudgeStephen Sondheim has Hat Collected PDF #206 won seven Tonys an Academy Award seven Grammys a Pulitzer Prize and the Kennedy Center Honors His career has spanned than half a century his lyrics have become synonymous with musical theater and popular culture and in Finishing the Hat titled after perhaps his most autobiographical song from Sunday in the Park with George Sondheim has not only collected his lyrics for the first time he is giving readers a rare personal look into his life Finishing the PDF or as well as his remarkable productionsAlong with the lyrics for all of his musicals from to including West Side Story Company Follies A Little Night Music and Sweeney Todd Sondheim treats us to never before published so. Stephen Sondheim wrote all of FINISHING THE HAT covering roughly the first half of his musical career 1954 81 He reprints the lyrics and offers side remarks as to what was going on at the times these shows were composed This period embraces WEST SIDE STORY for which he wrote the lyrics; also A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM words and music both; ditto that daring pair COMPANY and FOLLIES ca 1970 Also in this volume are A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC PACIFIC OVERTURES and others To style this generous coffee table ish book in part Grudges Whines and Anecdotes may have been a little too self deprecating but in so doing Sondheim did grant himself leave to digress which he does upon occasion Never mind even the digressions are worthwhile After reading FINISHING THE HAT you realize you needn't have bothered with about two thirds of the writing by critics and journalists in other books and media who are not Stephen Sondheim Followed by LOOK I MADE A HAT I do realize that the earlier book in seuence is called FINISHING THE HAT while the latter one is called LOOK I MADE A HAT 1981 2011 and that they'd make better sense if the titles had been switched but since this is Stephen Sondheim I'm of no mind to uibble Note If buying new the canny consumer can usually get a discount if the two vols are purchased simultaneouslyPhoto Stephen Sondheim and Leonard Bernstein 1955

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Ngs from each show songs that were cut or discarded before seeing the light of day He discusses the Hat Collected Lyrics 1954 Epubhis relationship with his mentor Oscar Hammerstein II and his collaborations with extraordinary talents such as Leonard Bernstein Arthur Laurents Ethel Merman Richard Rodgers the Hat Collected PDFEPUB #189 Angela Lansbury Harold Prince and a panoply of others The anecdotes filled with history pointed observations and intimate details transport us back to a time when theater was a major pillar of American culture Best of all Sondheim appraises his work and dissects his lyrics as well as those of others offering unparalleled insights into songwriting that will be studied by fans and aspiring. There is nobody like Sondheim Much as I love Cole Porter and the Rogers and Hart and Rogers and Hammerstein musicals it's Sondheim who sings to meThis collection of lyrics to his musicals from West Side Story in 1957 to Merrily We Roll Along in 1981 is enlightening Sondheim introduces each show includes the lyrics to songs that were cut and explains the dynamics between him and the producer director writer of the book choreographer and composer if he was writing only the lyrics as in West Side Story Apparently Jerome Robbins was the strongest character working on that show and even Leonard Bernstein would sneak out to a bar and line up shots of whisky when Robbins went on a rampageSondheim is apparently known for writing beautiful songs for failed musicals such as Merrily We Roll Along which lasted only 16 performances and Anyone Can Whistle which lasted 9 despite its starring Angela Landsbury and Lee Remick But of course others were enormous hits like Gypsy A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and Company My favorite Sondheim show A Little Night Music was made into a deplorably weak movie which is unfortunate as most people don't get a chance to see the show on the stageThe title Finishing the Hat is taken from Sunday in the Park With George which Sondheim discusses in the second of his books of annotated lyrics Look I Made a Hat which covers 1981 2011

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Finishing the Hat Collected Lyrics 1954 1981 With Attendant Comments Principles Heresies Grudges Whines and AnecdotesSongwriters for years to come Accompanying Sondheim’s sparkling writing are behind the scenes photographs from each the Hat Collected Lyrics 1954 Epubproduction along with handwritten music and lyrics from the songwriter’s personal collection Penetrating and surprising poignant funny and sometimes provocative Finishing the Hat is not only an informative look at the art and craft of lyric writing it is a history of the theater that belongs on the same literary shelf as Moss Hart’s Act One and Arthur Miller’s Timebends It is also a book that will leave you humming the final bars of Merrily We Roll Along while eagerly anticipating the next volume which begins with the opening lines of Sunday in the Park with Geor. I'm fascinated by people who love their work and take it seriously so even if I wasn't a musicals fan I probably would've enjoyed this book The subtitle describes it pretty well this is a collection of Sondheim's lyrics from the first half of his career along with his commentary about the process of writing the lyrics and creating the shows He also gives uncensored opinions on other lyricists' work which are saved from seeming brutal by their obvious sincerity and by the fact that he is just as hard on himself Only very occasionally does he veer into seeming a bit spiteful and then mostly about criticsThis offers fascinating insight into the process of writing lyrics and the theatre world; I read every bit of commentary even that about shows I'm not familiar with and I can't wait for the second volume Look I Made a Hat Collected Lyrics 1981 2011 With Attendant Comments Amplifications Dogmas Harangues Wafflings Diversions and Anecdotes