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Too Much Flesh and Jabez free read  PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB È [Download] ➽ Too Much Flesh and Jabez ➽ Coleman Dowell – Coleman Dowell's Southern Gothic is a novel about sexual repression Miss Ethel a spinster school teacher decides to write what she calls a perverse taleColeman Dowell's Southern Gothic is Flesh and PDF #9734 a novel about sexual repression Miss Ethel a spinster school teacher decides to write what she calls a perverse tale about one of her former students a Kentucky farmer n. Given its beautiful and masterful writing its impeccable and suggestive structure its southern gothic atmosphere and its very touching and psychologically penetrating nature I’d expect this book to be better known and widely read than it is by now 35 years after its initial publication; but then I suppose it would be better known and widely read if it didn’t feature a main character whose cock is so monstrously large that women run in terror from it landing in the madhouse or shriveled spinsterhood and that features a device called the “short pecker” that he must wear to have congress with his wife and that to top it all culminates in this monstrous cock cornholing a 14 year old boy Yes it’s a rather scandalous and explicit book but really only in précis as it’s told with such exuberance and tenderness that the scandalous explicitness has the air of an innocent fable than pornography This exuberance and tenderness is no doubt due to the framing device of the novel in which we learn that the fable of the monstrous cock was written by an virgin spinster ex teacher who once tutored the man of the fictional monstrous cock when he was a teen and had lived her subseuent life fantasizing about his virility and the potentials of his mind It is a book about repression and its conseuent untameable feelings and desires and how these feelings and desires struggle along in the world It is about the inner battle between “fascism” the fascism of a teacher who must assume a despotic role to teach and compassion as in the end it seems what the virgin spinster really wants is for the manboy of the monstrous cock to realize his intellectual potential the cock standing in for the mind It is about how repression perverts into wild fantasy and how that wild fantasy can lead to a kind of autumnal satisfaction as it gives the fantasizer the crazy courage to face the object of her fantasies and to share her fantasies with said object dying in a chaste orgasmic swoon as he turns the final page and with this final swoon finally getting across the substance and necessity of her fascistic compassion and so possibly at any rate she did all that was in her power helping the monstrous cock to achieve hisits potential height and length and girth and so transcend his hardscrabble poor white environment

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Amed Jim Cummins Endowing him with unnaturally large genitals she spins a tawdry tale of his frustrated relationship with his petite wife Expressing all the bitterness of an old woman's revenge Miss Ethel's tale is nonetheles. The general outline of the book has been touched upon in the description and prior reviews It is well written and an overall enjoyable read But I wonder if it really works after thinking about it I now find the plot both of the frame and the story at 1st glance somewhat silly and illogical A high school teacher takes a special interest in a student and tries to broaden his horizons The kid imagines an erotic interest on her part which she feels but doesn't respond to for many reasons And then she writes a story about his life from his marriage to the present with his humongous penis being the protagonist of the story This story includes details about a frigid wife who claims he's too big to his sodomizing a 14 yo 'hustler' because the latter finally found one big enough to a payoff of a blackmailer who suspects his 'child' abuse Where did this school teacher get all of the details of Jim's life SHe didn't It a story imagined a possible life There's to the opening frame which details Miss Ethel's post retirement musings Miss Ethel's story Big young masculine straight Southern farmer Jim is sexually frustrated because his wife is frigid He uses a penis shortening device to mollify her discomfort but it becomes clear she just doesn't like 'doing it' Men are mysterious to Effie So like all frustrated rural guys he uses any available hole for relief a hole in the ground his hand hole or the cows or an adolescent boy's anus The boy Jabez is as petite as the wife He can take it without the device but the wife can't take it either way Lack of desire is the obvious reason So we have a horny teenman and a frigid wife A side thread of what happens if Jim gets caught with the boy and attempted blackmail by the kid's aunt are explored briefly The story per se is rather trite IMO I mean it's been done many many timesJabez Hebrew for he makes sorrowful is the most interesting character At least the story becomes interesting when he appears He's mysterious possibly tends toward insanity like his sister is all to manipulative for a 14 yo—well most 14 yo's And I really wanted to know his history and what happens to him after this novel I would like to see him fleshed out so to speak And Ethel as Jabez is her most satisfied aspect the most free from pain The end frame explains the logic of the novel On her deathbed talking to Jim the teacher says I have written a life that could have put you behind bars if lived Thus making the body of the book a pure fiction from the imagination of a virgin spinster who wanted Jim all these years Finally woman of the world she had led him to her bed And Jim thought about fuckin' her to death Each of the characters but Jim is an aspect of Miss Ethel thus we have an old repressed lady's private memoirs Without the frames the story is just a common vignette about sexual repression With the frames the novel becomes a dark piece about a woman who never lived a love's labour's lost and died a failure1 Chronicles 49 119 Jabez was honorable than his brothers His mother had named him Jabez saying “I gave birth to him in pain”10 Jabez cried out to the God of Israel “Oh that you would bless me and enlarge my territory Let your hand be with me and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain” And God granted his reuest

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Too Much Flesh and JabezS a sensitive depiction of rural life in the early years of World War IIDowell's masterful use of Too Much PDFEPUB or the tale within a tale to explore psychological states makes Too Much Flesh and Jabez a memorable achieveme. i fergot i read this til looking at the coleman dowell irish literature series by dalkey southern Gothic at its finest who'd a thunk it that kentucky could bring to mind such a story as this but it's true it really is