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The GiftT what that means Whit and Wisty's suspenseful adventures through Overworld and Shadowland lead to a jaw dropping climax and conclusion the highly anticipated fulfillment of the heart pounding opening prologue of book one The Execution of the Allgoods. I thought that this book was just as good if not better than the first book in the series The book was easy to comprehend and continued to keep me interested all throughout the bookI do think that you should read the first book of the series before you read this one because it will make a lot sense to you and catch you up on what is going on My favorite character in this book is Whit because even though he is strong and buff he still can be emotional and help with problems He wants to do everything he ca to protect him and his sister My least favorite character in this book is Byron Swain because he is not trustworthy at all You never know if he is telling the truth or jus lying to you He is just one of those people you have to pretend to like because he is valuable I agree with the authors message to stick with you family even if times are hard because in the end they only want the best for you I would reccomend this book to my friends because it was easy to relate to as a teenage boy going through tough and easy times I think that people who love thrillers and suspensful books will enjoy this book the most because the suspense is always keeping you on your toes and you never know what to expect next

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As leaders of the Resistance willing to sacrifice anything to save kids kidnapped and brutally imprisoned by the New OrderBut the One has other plans in store for them He needs Wisty for she is “The One Who Has the Gift” While trying to figure ou. And the adventure continues

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The Gift Free download ì 105 ¸ ❰Reading❯ ➻ The Gift Author James Patterson – When Whit Wisty were imprisoned by the wicked forces of the totalitarian regime known as the New Order they were barely able to escape with their lives Now part of a hidden community of teens like the When Whit Wisty were iWhen Whit Wisty were imprisoned by the wicked forces of the totalitarian regime known as the New Order they were barely able to escape with their lives Now part of a hidden community of teens like themselves Whit and Wisty have established themselves. So this book it's just bad Please don't get worked up over my opinion I liked the first book Really I did But in general Mr P's writing seems like it's gone down the tube The Max Ride books after the third one Daniel X and now Witch and WizardI'm not going to annoy you with a boring summary you should know it by now Issue 1 dialogue and writing The dialogue is stiff like they are bad actors with bad scripts with a bad director in a bad movie Because that is how JP writes like it's a movie One moment they could be using the word louatious the next OMGWTF With the writing it's the kind of overused metaphors I used to write in the sixth grade The kind that is in every one of his teen books and gives you a literal image It's a bit irritating Thanks for thinking we're stupid Mr PIssue 2 inconsistensies randomness and him thinking that we are inside his mind So they're running away from the One that's in issue three Celia shows up Wow Gives a cryptic message and then vanishes again And now they are at a building where they could a be killed as stated every other page or b they are welcomed like heroes this is the rebellion all these people are rather flat characters there will be a concert all that jazz JP goes with option B because somehow it's believable No commentsRandomness okay a rock concert underground Really When all the teenagers are supposedly brainwashed And Wisty just 'happens' to have psycho powers that she's a rockstar And now Byron and practicaly every other dude she meets is in love with her What is the point of this nonsense There really is noneAnd then JP says all this stuff that is supposedly obvious to the plot No It's not Crazy tangent that he created somehowAnd Issue 3 bad characters The One Who is The One needs a bit of a brain As do Wisty and Whit Just a cheesy comic book villian who always lets the heroes escape WhoopdeedoI know I'm slamming Mr P big time I liked the first book I just finished the third and that was a bit better I loved the first three Max Ride books But man did I hate this one It just seemed like recycled garbage that he didn't proof read Does he not have editors Or is he just so famous that his books get published once they are 'done'