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An eye opening investigation into china's communist party and its integral role in the country's rise as a global superpower and rival of the united states China's political and economic growth in the past three decades is one of astonishing epochal dimensions The country has undergone a remarkable transformation on a scale similar to that of the Industrial Revolution in the West The most remarkable part of this transformation however has been left largely untold the central role of the Chinese Communist Party As an organization alone the Party is a phenomenon of uniue scale and power Its membership s. This book flirted with 3 stars but finally got a 4 It's overrated in my opinion butThe author has great difficulty though he is obviously well informed about the facts on the ground in understanding and contextualizing the soft authoritarianism that is China today This is proof which one finds often in many walks of life that those who know the most don't always understand the best My own experience in my own field has given me MANY examples of this to be sureI have already explained in my status updates the kind of error this leads him to That China is corrupt dirty large and unwieldy that the Party pulls the strings as best it can etc does not make comparisons with the Stalinist purges apt; that it is not forthcoming about SARS is hardly startling given Japan's handling of Fukushima and cf and the West's handling of Assange etc But the problem here goes deeper I believeIt seems to me that MacGregor started out with one thesis and then to his own dismay ended up with a very different thesis Apparently he had wanted to reveal the dirty secret that China is not in fact a liberal utopia and so plays up and indeed with a touch of melodrama the flaws in Chinese governance the Party influence on SEO's etc none of which in fact is in the least remarkable or unknown And in order to do so he spends many long pages narrating anecdotes which do not uite rise to the emotional temperature he had hoped to reach As such the book is sometimes simply boring and predictable and can be easily scannedBut then finally he comes to an Afterword and acknowledges that for all the imperfections the system actually seems to be working pretty well that for all the Atrophy there is indeed a lot of Adaptation and flexibility as well and that as David Shaumbaugh argued the adapation seems to be winning out He also points out how people have been predicting the implosion of China for 20 years and how surprisingly and 'to the dismay of many in the West' uoting from memory here they keep getting proven wrongEven apart from the bears like Pettis et al who are well known I have a colleague who is connected with a well known writer on China among other things and who was telling me with a certainty that China would soon fragment back in 1993 and 1994 So I know this type uite well When I raised the point a year or two ago they nodded knowingly and assured me that their prediction wasn't wrong because it hasn't come true yet HmmmmIn fact the Afterword is a very good brief 10 pages maybe summation of the TRUE state of affairs and if MacGregor had started composing this book AFTER he had come to his conclusions rather than arriving at it in contradiction to the apparent aim and direction of his narrative simply because he had to admit to himself that his narrative had failed that is rather than thinking with the pen this would have been a far useful book At any rate the Afterword got him an extra starOn the other hand maybe he and his editors simply felt that the negative thesis would sell books than would a sober balanced non apocalyptic assessment which btw his journalist's brief couldn't really have pulled off for 300 pages in which case fuck him 3 stars

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The PartyUrpasses seventy three million and it does than just rule a country The Party not only has a grip on every aspect of government from the largest richest cities to the smallest far flung villages in Tibet and Xinjiang it also has a hold on all official religions the media and the military The Party presides over large wealthy state owned businesses and it exercises control over the selection of senior executives of all government companies many of which are in the top tier of the Fortune list In The Party Richard McGregor delves deeply into China's inner sanctum for the first time showing how the Commu. An up to date and fascinating insight into the party's inner workings McGregor explains the byzantine nature of the Party's bureaucracy to minute details and unmasks the far reaching grasps of the Party's tentacles What I find hard to believe is how the Party's organizational department controls nearly the entire Chinese elite including those in the private sector and leadership

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CHARACTERS The Party í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ The Party Author Richard McGregor – An eye opening investigation into china's communist party and its integral role in the country's rise as a global superpower and rival of the united states China's political and Nist Party controls the government courts media and military and how it keeps all corruption accusations against its members in house The Party's decisions have a global impact yet the CPC remains a deeply secretive body hostile to the law unaccountable to anyone or anything other than its own internal tribunals It is the world's only geopolitical rival of the United States and is steadfastly poised to think the worst of the West In this provocative and illuminating account Richard McGregor offers a captivating portrait of China's Communist Party its grip on power and control over China and its future. Richard McGregor's The Party offers us a well balanced thought provoking insight into the machinations of the Chinese Communist Party and generally into how China functions Many Western commentators bray constantly about the imminent and inevitable collapse of the political system in China According to them the liberalization of the economic system and adoption of the free market in which individual decisions about what to buy and what to sell hold sway will inevitably undermine the autocracy of a political system where individual rights do not exist In his masterful book East West Chris Patten tells us that this contradiction cannot exist in the long term A breaking point is inevitable and when it comes the Party will collapseMacGregor however uestions this premise Plenty of predicted breaking points have presented themselves and yet the Party continues to hold the reins of power If nothing else this has demonstrated its astonishing adaptability As such those who say history ended when the Cold War was won with the defeat of a society based on a politically authoritarian and centralized economic model by a politically democratic free market society may have rushed to judgement For the resilience of the Communist Party in China potentially offers a third way of politically tight control coupled with relaxed control on economic matters This was Deng Xiaoping's answer following events of June 1989 To this day it continues MacGregor further points out that rather than succumbing to the challenges of joining the WTO and the global financial crisis some may say that the Deng's formula has seen China come off better than its Western counterparts The ability of the Party through the control it can still exert over the Chinese banks which had been transformed from state owned monoliths into IPO'd companies whose shares were hoovered up to uickly ensure money was pumped into the economy stood in stark contrast to the US and Europe where uantitative easing was debated until the cows came home and still is The message from China's conseuent economic uptick was look how better we are than you are It also cemented the continued legitimacy of the PartyMy particular favourite chapter in this book is that on the sinister grey anonymous and yet ultimately powerful Central Organization Department which MacGregor describes as the Party's HR department The Organization Department according to MacGregor vets and controls an astonishing range of appointments so vital to the Party's continued exertion of power and control I couldn't help but be amused and astonished by this description as it seems to fit the way an HR department works in any large multinational company albeit in China plc you can multiply the appointments it has to oversee by tenMake no mistake however This book is certainly not an advert for China's system of government MacGregor points out that corruption in China remains deep The rights of those who uestion the system are ultimately suppressed if they cannot be shut up by co option But what MacGregor's books gives us is a different insight to the Party one which does not judge its goodness or badness but seeks to bring to our attention the fact that it has proven to be far adaptable to meet the continuing challenges presented to its existence than we can imagine Protests are met with t