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epub í Even Vikings Get the Blues æ Mass Market Paperback read ☆ sandra hill Ñ [Reading] ➹ Even Vikings Get the Blues By Sandra Hill – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk After a sea operation gone wrong Navy SEAL Rita Sawyer awakens to find herself still clad in her wetsuit aAfter a sea operation gone Get the eBook #8608 wrong Navy SEAL Rita Sawyer awakens to find herself still clad in her wetsuit an I’ve read this book by Sandra Hill countless times already only with a different title and characters It’s so superficial filled with bad romance novel stereotypes and now that she’s venturing into light erotica it’s also dumb with just plain bad writing I had high hopes for this book because the misleading back blurb sounded good Well the “strong” SEALWEAL trainee heroine turns into a weakling who never once tries to take down the oafish Viking hero who appears to be suffering from depression The author sets up the heroine to be this independent minded physically strong character only to have her mind turn to mush when faced with the hero The heroine has moments where she gets all in his face but she backs down or pouts most of the time Of course there's also her love for the small children of the clan how sickly sweet and she turns into a court jester practically with her trying to loosen things up typical time travel nonsense The so called banterarguing is laughable with an outdatedold fashioned contemporary language feels very 80s and the steam is either icky or just plain eye rollingstupid There is no depth whatsoever to the characters the humor is mostly 14 year old boy toilet humor and the writing just feels like she had to slap out a book fastThis was a total waste of time The series is actually continuing though who knows why If it’s to repeat what’s already been done then just end it and move on Hill seems to have turned into a has been author who now just takes out the cookie cutter à la Connie Mason boring the reader to tears

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D in a cage with a bunch of Vikings staring at her including one very tempting warlord Steven of Norstead has been in a cold da I still prefer the earlier books in the series It was nice to find out what happened to Steven who was I guess left behind two books ago when Thorfinn was dumped in the future but once again I miss the EricssonMagnusson clan and the Navy SEALs I keep wanting to know what happens to the rest of the Magnusson brood and some of the mysterious SEALs And I'm pretty certain now that I prefer the characters to time travel to the future in this series than to have the characters go back in time

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Even Vikings Get the BluesRk mood for many weeks But perhaps this unusual woman with her sharp tongue and irksome ways could be the one to light his fire Reading this series I just know what I am in for and always look forward to it These books are just cheesetastic it is just part of their charm The way the couple has misunderstandings one from the future one from the past makes for some great scenes This time around we have Rita a modern day woman thrust back to 9th century Viking time Rita seems to be a very modern woman a stunt woman and almost Navy WEALS She is shocked when she realizes just where she is and she seems to have met her match with Steven who really isn't sure what to think of Rita Although neither of them fights their attraction very hard they do have issues in trying to get the other to see their point of viewRita has some great scenes inventing panties deodorant and teaching all the ladies to line dance All in all this book was a fun read one that came just in time after I had tried 3 duds in a row