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The Hunger A Story of Food Desire and AmbitionAn inspiring heartwarming memoir from A Story PDFEPUB #231 the unlikely chef of The Waverly InnThe Hunger is an insider's take on the crazy life that is the restaurant business as well as an underdog's tale of survival The Hunger PDFEPUB or Dissatisfied with his corporate career John DeLucie followed his passion for food to a single cooking class at the New School. If you like Anthony Bourdain's writing you'll love Delucie A must read for all foodiesMy Rating 5 stars

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Summary The Hunger A Story of Food Desire and Ambition õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ñ [Download] ➾ The Hunger A Story of Food Desire and Ambition Author John Delucie – An inspiring heartwarming memoir from the unlikely chef of The Waverly InnThe Hunger is an insOod Kindle Greenwich Village sensation He now shares secrets about the behind the scenes details from the tiny kitchen the front of the house and outside the restaurant where the paparazzi gather Also included are the stories behind some of DeLucie's signature recipesThe Hunger is a story about food and desire and appetite an intimate window onto a chaotic world. Generally interesting uick read As other reviews go into detail about it has a basic structure of two stories the author's development into a chef and the genesis and existence of The Waverly Inn converging at the point of the restaurant's opening It's not nearly as in depth or interestingly written as Kitchen Confidential or a number of other kitchenrestaurantchef memoirs being pretty obviously a product of those books establishing the genre You could make some money off that story It is an original story in the way that every person has their own story the twists here being the author's relatively late in life start in the culinary world at age 30 and opening and maintaining a massively successful business in a city and field known for constant failures He rightfully attributes the success to the confluence of many factors including the varying backgrounds of the many owners though he is clear on the fact and I'm sure he's right that outstanding food played no small partThe sections on his personal life are unavoidable I suppose but it represents him as such a womanizing cliché His relationships to his coworkers while often reflecting this mildly to blazingly misogynistic attitude are much interestingly and complexly rendered as can be expected in a book by a workaholic about his career Even as a fellow New Yorker who grew up in the surrounding suburbs I found his Manhattan is the center of the universe evangelism than a bit heavy handed contributing to the feeling of a clichéd character I don't believe you must always like the storyteller by any means but he seems either one dimensional or that he was forced to shoe horn in the non work stories after writing a pretty engaging book I don't know the guy and will likely never meet him but I'd doubt hope not that his personality is so extreme on both those pointsIf you're going to read just one chef memoir I'd have to recommend Kitchen Confidential before the unimaginatively titled The Hunger However The Hunger definitely worth a read if you want to go further into the subject especially since it is a fairly light one but I think you'd be best served with some prior interest in food and restaurant culture

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Where he was named Most Likely to Succeed He launched his first food gig Hunger A Story PDFEPUB #233 at SoHo's famed Dean DeLuca then cooked at several New York–area restaurantsFor fifteen years DeLucie worked his way through major challenges while accepting both successes and failures until finally opening his restaurant The Waverly Inn the Hunger A Story of F. I wish this had been a good insight into the food industry of New York like it had advertised Instead I found myself reading a scattered account with very little understanding of the timeline of the events that happened and little insight into any one place that Delucie worked Not only that but it's very hard to feel anything other than disgust for someone who cheats on his first wife for months and talks about all of the women in his life restuarants and otherwise rather objectively