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Download Ì Riding the Night Wild Riders #5 é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free î [PDF] ✪ Riding the Night Wild Riders #5 By Jaci Burton – AJ and Pax are undercover operatives for a government agency of bad boy bikers known as the Wild Riders While AJ is visitinN her bar between two biker gangs One man is left dead Riding the PDFEPUB or and Teresa's brother is wrongly accused of murder With no proof and Teresa as the only eyewitness AJ Pax and Teresa p. This review was posted at Under the CoversI couldn't put this book down I found the Wild Riders series by reading Nauti and Wild and I've loved every single book in this series I've been looking forward to reading AJ Pax's story and knowing this was going to end up being hopefully a HEA for a 3someThe book starts off giving us a glimpse of AJ's past when he was 19 and in love with Teresa but leaves her because of his criminal activitiesNow 10 years later while on vacation with Pax he decides to go back to his hometown They stop at a biker bar and he finds Teresa now owns it In good Wild Riders fashion even on vacation they find trouble there's a war between the local biker club and the one from north of town The leader of the north club is stabbed and Teresa's brother is accused of the murder while Teresa is the only witness Now she has to find the killer herself since the cops think she's lying for her brotherAJ Pax decide to stay and help and protect Teresa They both want her And then they uncover what's happened to her since he left I think the way they ease her into everything is done well and in a believable wayThis book has a lot of action mystery bikers beers bike rallys and some pretty hot sex I loved the parts when we could see Pax's point of view and how Teresa's feelings developed for him too And the sexual chemistry between those 2 was explosiveIt wasn't my favorite book in the series but it was a great addition to is I'm sad this was the ending of it I'll miss our bikers but I'll definitely be looking forward to Jaci Burton's next bookA normal woman would have died to be in the same room with these two men A normal woman would have

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Night Wild MOBI #237 AJ and Pax are undercover operatives for a government agency of bad boy bikers known as the Wild Riders While AJ is visiting Teresa a high school sweetheart a fight erupts i. 4 ½ stars – Romantic SuspenseErotic RomanceMénageThis final installment of the sexy thrilling Wild Riders about former thieves law breakers and bad boy bikers turned undercover government agents is a hot action packed conclusion to a series that’s been steamy loads of fun Wild Rider agents AJ and Pax visit AJ’s hometown while on vacation only to soon find themselves mixed up in a biker gang war and a murder and AJ’s former high school sweetheart Teresa is right in the middle of it all Teresa’s brother Joey is accused of killing a rival gang leader and she’s the only witness that can prove otherwise but the local cops don’t believe her When it becomes apparent that the police investigation is stalled and that the real bad guy could be after Teresa to keep her uiet AJ and Pax vow to do whatever it takes to keep her safe and hunt down the real killer which entails the trio heading to a biker rally in Sturgis to track down the gang member who framed her brotherTeresa is the only woman AJ’s ever loved and he’s lived with guilt and regret since leaving her 10 years ago Old flames truly never die because it’s not long before their prior attraction and feelings resurface But Pax and Teresa have some serious heat burning between them too When she discovers that AJ and Pax habitually share women will she succumb to her long dormant sexual needs and submit to their desires or will fears from a horrific trauma in her past keep her from taking a chance And while AJ and Pax help Teresa heal emotionally and sexually can she also mend their battered jaded hearts There’s a perfect mix of action suspense and sizzling hot romance and it’s a fast paced exciting read The relationship dynamics between the three is really well done and the brother like friendship between AJ and Pax AJ and Teresa’s sweet romance and Pax and Teresa’s explosive passion were all believable I actually found myself preferring Teresa and Pax together but I was glad they all got their HEAI knocked off half a star because I had trouble believing that Teresa would have owned worked and flaunted her sexy assets in a rough biker bar when she had so many understandable hang ups about men because of the trauma she suffered in the past I just didn’t completely buy her whole “Coyote Ugly” tough gal thing in the beginning but I was very happy that she found sexual healing in the arms of two caring smokin’ hot bad boys who are really oh sooo good It didn’t uite beat Riding Temptation or Riding on Instinct for my favorite Wild Riders but it’s a sexy fun entertaining read and I’m sad for the series to end But I’m reallllly looking forward to Jaci Burton’s next erotic romance The Perfect Play coming in Feb’2011 Just check out the studtastically fine cover below to understand why 4 ½ stars

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Riding the Night Wild Riders #5Oint their Harleys toward the annual bike rally in South Dakota in hot pursuit of the real killer and Teresa discovers a passion the Night Wild PDFEPUB #10003 that brings both men to their knees. This book was such a fun read but I have a feeling that what made it fun for me was not what the author had in mind and that was the girl card that Teresa played about that laterAJ and Pax are part of the uniue set of federal agents who call themselves Wild Riders These guys look like thugs and a motorcycle gang than the law enforcement agents they are The 2 guys are best friends who share everything and by everything I do mean the women the encounter While they are on vacation they end up in AJ's hometown and run into AJ's high school sweetheart Teresa AJ still feels guilty about leaving her ten years ago While there he and Pax stumble into the middle of a bike gang territory war one that seems to center in Teresa's bar and has her brother smack in the center To help find the person who has framed her brother Teresa lets AJ and Pax help her find the bad guy which is hard for her to do as past actions have taught her to not trust men in generalShe uickly finds out about AJ and Pax's sharing ways which intrigues her It is at this point that Teresa pulls the girl card She wants to know just how this works what are the rules what happens if she is with one guy and the other comes in I think she brings up valid uestions some that I have never seen voiced in a book about menage and I love that she just put it out there I also loved the answers that they guys gave her and their attitudes towards their sharing The relationship between the 3 of them far outshine who done it aspect of the book and then ending was great and ran true to what they all needed