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Download Î Room Author Emma Donoghue 102 ✓ [PDF / Epub] ★ Room ✈ Emma Donoghue – To five year old Jack Room is the worldTold in the inventive funny and poignant voice of Jack Room is a celebration of resilience—and a powerful story of a mother and son whose love lets them surviv To five year oUl story of a mother and son whose love lets them survive the impossibl. I've read about a lot of different crimes in far detail than I'd care to remember In all the tragedies that I've read about manmade or otherwise no act of violence has ever made my heart wrench than the prolonged imprisonment of a human being for sexual purposes It's also the crime I have the most difficulty in comprehending as I cannot imagine the amount of inhumanity it would take to capture someone and look her in the eye day after day for years without mercy and without pity I still get very upset when I read about these things even years after the events which no doubt inspired this bookTo say that I was very interested in reading this book is therefore an understatement The subject matter and the editorial accolades made this sound like a novel that was not to be missed and the author's other work is very well reviewed And in the beginning of the book I was content enough with the developments of the story as the reader gets to know Jack and his Ma and the Room in which they've lived for so many yearsAbout halfway through however I started to become impatient with the constraints of the format the author had chosen Having a 5 year old narrator became an extremely frustrating exercise both in terms of his understandable unwillingness to comprehend or listen to certain things and in terms of getting a truly emotional take on the experience I don't fault the decision to write this from a child's point of view but I do think it would have been a deeper rewarding story had it been narrated from an older child's perspective perhaps from a 10 year old's POV I'm not certain that the voice was entirely convincing in and of itself either; after awhile the tendency to name every object as if it were a proper pronoun became a little tiresome and there are interjections of thoughts and passages that are far too mature for Jack's thought processes view spoilerIn the world I notice persons are nearly always stressed and have no time for example shows up towards the end I also refuse to believe that any 5 year old could go to a Natural History Museum and not be enthralled by the dinosaurs hide spoiler

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To five year old Jack Room is the worldTold in the inventive funny and. I was all ready to hate this book Doesn't it sound obnoxious An adult novel about harrowing things but narrated by a 5 year old Mere gimmickry right a showy writing experiment likely to win praise from the easily impressedBut I don't think I am that easily impressed and damn this book is kind of a stunner Because yes if not handled exactly right a book narrated by a child probably would be obnoxious I haven't read Extremely Loud Incredibly Close yet and I might or might not like it but I already know that it is written in the voice of a precocious 9 year old and precocious kids usually are pretty annoying But Jack the narrator of Room is not really precocious and Emma Donoghue has managed to capture a realistic child's voice without turning out a book that's overly simplistic or too calculated And I really don't know how she did it As you begin reading this story of a boy who has spent his entire life locked in one small room the son of the unfortunate Ma who is never named because she's Ma who was kidnapped and has been kept in the room for the last seven years it does seem too cute all the objects in Room are proper nouns with genders like Floor and Bed and Duvet and Wardrobe which kind of makes sense because to Jack they are the only onlys of those things in the world because the whole world is Room he has a TV which he thinks shows make believe things that live on planets inside the TV But I kept reading and there's really remarkable depth to the story even though such a limited narrative scope What really grabbed me is the way the book perfectly captures the malleability of a kid's mind the way they take what they know and use it as a filter to interpret the stuff they encounter that they don't understand I once read something by Stephen King that posited that all children are or less clinically insane until about age seven when those parts of their brain firm up and they stop coming up with ideas like oh it got dark because a giant monster ate the sun And of course Emma Donoghue knows that we are not 5 year olds and she somehow manages to weave in all these staggeringly sad truths about the world and growing up and our relationships with our parents and how fleeting time and relationships can be all into the voice of this little boy who doesn't even realize what he's saying but it doesn't feel crammed in or like a cheat the Magical Negro 5 Year OldI didn't say anything about the plot because I think it really helps to not know much beyond the premise going in and it's one of those books I would really like to have read knowing absolutely nothing at all but such is life And yes it's of a heart book than a head book but I don't think it is bad that sometimes books try to engage us in different ways And certainly there's room with this premise for a different kind of book almost a social satire but that's not what we have here and it's still uite an experience

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Room Author Emma DonoghPoignant voice of Jack Room is a celebration of resilience and a powerf. This book was awful Emotionless AnnoyingLook I get it it's uite difficult to write from the perspective of a 5 year old as a grown up I can hardly remember what it was like being five and I can't even begin to write from the POV of one I do however know an enjoyable story when I see it and I know when I'm annoyed And I know that this book annoyed me greatlyThe hallmark of any brilliant novel is the ability to make the reader empathize for the characters in the book I want to be able to understand and experience the joy suffering frustration anger whatever it is that the main characters and the main narrators feel I got none of that here due in part to the emotional immaturity and lack of comprehension on the very young main characters' part and in part due to my frustration and annoyance at the five year old narratorThe little boy's is haphazard almost a stream of consciousness narration I choose Meltedy Spoon with the white all blobby on his handle when he leaned on the pan of boiling pasta by accident Ma doesn’t like Meltedy Spoon but he’s my favorite because he’s not the same And I have to tell you it is annoying as fuck In that sense maybe the book is fairly true to the depiction of kids because to be honest a lot of kids are pretty damn annoying to meMaybe this kid is annoying because he doesn't know anything outside Room Maybe he's immature because of his seclusion Maybe this Maybe that I don't want to have to make excuses for the book's shortcomingsThis book takes place in a room Have you ever been locked up for an entire day in a room without a computer or an iPhone for company It is as boring as it sounds and this book is as boring as it sounds But it's not boring because the mom has the kid and they love each other That makes it awesome right Not for me I have a little sister She's 10 years younger than I am Conseuently I had to put up with a hell of a lot of little kids growing up They were intelligent bright precocious I still couldn't stand their company This book was hellThe story of Ma is pretty awful because she's been kidnapped and raped and locked up We got no sense of that There is no emotion there is no horror there is no knowing what happened to her because the story is told from the perspective of a stupid little child The choice of the narrator completely ruins what should have been a heart wrenching tale