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The properties of WaterBut as the summer surges on she learns that she must The properties PDF return to the water the very thing that tore her family apart This beautifully cra. The Properties of Water by Hannah Roberts McKinnion is told from a thirteen year old girl named Lace's point of view Lace had a sister named Marni and two loving parents They live by a lake which is where Lace and Marni basically live They go there everyday in the summer and are both on a swim team Things were going just fine until one crazy summer The accident that takes her mother and sister away for a while but no they did not die Now it's just Lace and her dad but because her dad has to go to work Willa Dodge a housekeeper comes to stay with them and help take care of things around the house as well as take care of Lace This book follows Lace as she goes through a hard time without her sister and how her best friend helps to cheer her up and let her spill her feelings out too I would rate this book a five our of five stars It was really good and I like that the book was from a child's point of view Most books you get the parent's side when they have had hard time with there kids but this was different and I liked it I can relate with her a little bit too because my brother is serving a mission He's only been gone for abut six months but it feels like he should be done with his two years already The Author did a really nice job writing this book I even just loved the idea of it I would totally recommend this to anyone and everyone Good going Hannah Roberts Mckinnion

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The properties of Water Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ß [Read] ➵ The properties of Water ➱ Hannah Roberts McKinnon – When Lace's older sister Marni falls victim to a summer swimming accident it paralyzes Lace in time For Lace there is only a before can therFted novel explores the boundaries of family and friendship the greatest griefs that knock us down and the smallest kindnesses that guide us to safe harbo. It's been several months since Marni's lake accident several months that Lace and her dad have been without Marni and her mom Marni was everything Lace wanted to be Popular Swim team champion Best sister Now Lace can't go near the lake The memory of that fateful day is too painful She goes with her best friend to the pool but hangs out on the sidelines At least she gets to see her sister's handsome swim teammate Sully who seems genuinely interested in her At home she spies on her housekeeper convinced that she is up to no good Her grandparents visit while her dad takes trips to see her sister but she refuses to go She doesn't want to face the possibility that her relationship with her sister will never be the sameI can see this being a book girls would enjoy Everyone knows a family who has suffered tragedy This is a plausible account of a sister who suffers a head injury when going along with a dare Then there's the aftermath when family members have to try to accept it and get on with life This book is set in a lake community where kids spend the summers at the lake and pool where kids compete on swim team and hang out with friends where families can afford a housekeeper Friendships romance and tragedy to hook middle grade girls

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When Lace's older sister Marni falls victim to a summer swimming accident it paralyzes Lace in time For Lace there is only a before can there be an after. The Properties of Water Probably one of the best school made me read it books I've ever read So the book is about Lace Martin who's elder sister Marni had a pretty devastating accident and is put in the hospital in Portland a long way away from Lace and her father Lace and her dad are waiting for the day when Marni and her mother will come home because it's been a while But they cant handle the house by themselves so they hire a housekeeper Will Dodge a unusual woman who is extremely secretive and Lace starts to get suspiciousLace's sister Marni was a swimmer And a very good swimmer too She was the popular girl who had tons of friends all the boys liked her and she spent time with her little sister After the accident Lace hasn't been in the water since but still goes to the pool with her best friend Beth Ann and watches her swim To the fact that Marni and Lace were close Marni's friends still talk to Lace wave hello etc One of Marni's friends Sully Tanner SPOILER MARNI'S SECRET BOYFRIEND starts hanging out with Lace and until one day Lace finds out the secret Marni had wanted to tell her but never had the chance tooSo the whole story is about Lace who struggles to sort out her life still unstable by the fact that her sister almost died and is now miles away in a hospital in Portland It was a cute book I loved the ending how everything ended up happily ever after And Beth Ann She was awesome The way she splashed Jade Oh so cool And a good thing is also that the book was funny and not dead serious and tragic the whole time I loved this one