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review Thicker Than Water Mordecai Young #1 Ï eBook or Kindle ePUB õ ❴Reading❵ ➹ Thicker Than Water Mordecai Young #1 Author Maggie Shayne – It was called a haven for runaway teens In truth it was a nightmare one that ended in fiery violence sixteen years ago Or T terrifies her and he's determined to find out what He just can't decide whether his goal is to expose her or save her Julie will do anything to protect her daughter But someone else is watching willing to do whatever it takes to avenge a past that cannot be forgotten Originally published in Mordecai Young Series Thicker Than Water Book Colder Than Ice Book Darker Than Midnight Boo. I absolutely like this book This is one of the few from the genre Romantic Thriller and I was NOT disappointed The beginning was not very credible but you could actually be aware of the dangers they were inThe verbal sparring between Julie Jones and Sean MacKenzie and their obvious sexual tension provides light relief from the serious aspects of the novel Speaking of which the originality of the cult storyline is really good That was one of the most original plots I have encountered THE CHARACTERSJulie is a badass heroine PLus she's a TV reporter which is what I wanna do when I grow up Sean is sarcastic annoying at the surface but is actually very caring deep downAnd the subseuent drama surrounding Julie after sixteen years sets the novel apart from others of the same genre All in all this was an epic page turner

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Ut with a knife from Julie's own kitchen Now a Than Water Mordecai PDF #10003 new faceless enemy wants than money This time Julie stands to lose the most precious thing of all her teenage daughter Dawn Julie finds herself with one unlikely ally Sean MacKenzie A journalist with a flair for the sensational Sean covers the worst humanity has to offer Julie Jones is hiding something tha. This was a page turner Basically Jewel escaped a cultist's compound at the age of 17 with her best friend's baby and a few bags full of money She thought everyone else including her best friend and the cult leader died that day But sixteen years later her past catches up with her when a man blackmails her and then ends up dead At first she's afraid the police will think she's the murderer but as time goes on she learns she has much to fearThe book was a little predictable at times although not in a way that made me want to stop reading and at the end I thought there was one thread that didn't get resolved And I realize this book sets up a seuel but I actually think Jewel's story had one loose thread dangling This was a fun uick unchallenging read a thriller with a dash of romance

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Thicker Than Water Mordecai Young #1It was called a haven Water Mordecai eBook #10003 for runaway teens In truth it was a nightmare one that ended in fiery violence sixteen years ago Or so its survivors believed Syracuse news anchor Julie Jones is Thicker Than PDFEPUBafraid Her long dead past was resurrected when a blackmailer threatened to expose secrets that could destroy her Then the man was found dead his throat c. It's only getting a 3 because the author actually did a great job with the romance Other than that some of the things that happened were just unrealisticview spoiler People who should have been dead coming back to life you know the usual hide spoiler