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PDF Í BOOK A Certain Affection º PATRICIA WILSON º [Download] ➸ A Certain Affection By Patricia Wilson – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Amy had always loved Maxwell St Clair her attractive cousin by marriage But it was clear that all he felt for her was the friendly affection which she had enjoyed as a child all thAmy had always loved Maxwell St Clair her attractive cousin by marriage But it was clear that all he felt for her was the friendly affection which I just loved this book I loved the fact that he allowed her to grow up and become a successful person in her own right Loved that he declared war and was hell bent on capturing her heart once he felt sure she was ready Loved all the chase scenes Loved that he felt she deserved to be woo'ed instead of mauled Loved that he had to fight to keep his hands off her Loved that she drove him crazy Loved that he was madly jealousLoved that she was ABSOLUTELY cluelessLOVED LOVED LOVED this story I wish there were like this oneSpecial thanks to Lululemon for recommending this to me when I was down and out laying low with the flu bug It helped to brighten my days

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O come between them And yet he exhibited something remarkably like jealousy when he met the men in Amys life Perhaps there was hope for her after a Real talk I straight up loved this one It's right up my alley of perfect fantasy romances Amy is one of my favorite heroine types no insecurity or waspishness or even saccharine saintliness; she's tiny and athletic and always on the move She's a small ball of energy and literally doing backflips and somersaults when Max sees her again after a long absence I like the way Max is always either waiting for her to appear or chasing after her like he's some kinda crazy storm hunter and she's his dream tornado Okay so there was a moment when Amy found his shrine to her and got creeped out I don't mind stalkerific heroes as much as some do; in fact I uite like obsessiveness and would have had no problem a tall with the shrine except I don't like it when the heroine gets creeped out So since Amy didn't like it I didn't like it But contrarily it made me like Amy even that she didn't like it The only other discordant note in my happy fantasy was near the end when Max told her she had to give up her job I earn than you do and I therefore demand the right to continue with my work One of us must stop and I've decided it will be you I know right And get this the guy's a sculptor I mean it'd be easier to move your euipment than a school but what do I know I'm just a bookjunkie It turned out okay because after all he'd bought the house there and she'd be with her family and stuff so that's alrightOh yeah and I almost forgot this tiny one other thing he was so mad about her risking life and limb to rescue the cat in the tree during the storm that he grabbed her and just left the cat up there He brushed it off saying cats just do it for attention and get away safely if you ignore them but that did not seem the case to me with all its yowling AND Smithers was never seen again Reading between the lines you can tell that the tree was struck by lightning and the cat got fried and fell in a mud puddle and Max had to uietly bury it in the middle of the night and run out and buy another cat that looked just like Smithers v1 so Amy would never find out how he totally lied to her But it's okay because actually I've never been a cat lover either If it had been a dog though the book would have lost a star Have you ever noticed d'you think maybe that's why this kind of loyally obsessed devoted chasing after heroine type of hero appeals to me so much because I'm a dog lover And maybe cat lovers tend to find appeal in heroes who blow hot and cold or treat the heroine with contempt Oh my God I'm a psychologistAnyway so I loved this book Thanks boogie

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A Certain AffectionShe A Certain ePUB #9734 had enjoyed as a child all those years ago His love was reserved for another woman and it would be foolish of Amy to try t Sweet slow moving step cousin story Hero is a sculptor and ten years older than the heroine He has loved her forever Cornish pixie and gyms teacher heroine has felt the same way about him but thinks he's marrying the girl his shy brother is sweet onThere are lots of misunderstandings and gentle angst as the hero finally makes his move but doesn't explain himselfBoogenhagen has all the details