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Revelation Free download ↠ 109 ¹ ❰Download❯ ➽ Revelation Author C.J. Sansom – Spring 1543 King Henry VIII is wooing Lady Catherine Parr whom he wants for his sixth wife But this time the object of his affections is resisting Archbishop Cranmer and the embattled Protestant facti Spring King HenrSpring King Henry VIII is wooing Lady Catherine Parr whom he wants for his sixth wife But this time the object of his affections is resisting Archbishop Cranmer and the embattled Protestant faction at court are watching keenly for Lad. 45★ “The water under the ice was red bright red My heart began thumping painfully By their short black robes the two young men standing staring into the fountain were students ‘There’s – there’s a man in the fountain’ he said in a trembling voice The other student pointed at something sticking out of the water ‘That – that’s a foot’ But I sat transfixed by what was for me a double horror The first was the great gaping wound in the man’s throat red against the dead white skin and stretching almost from ear to ear The second was the face”The face is of an old friend of Matthew Shardlake and he promises the widow whom he knew and cared for since their youth to find the killer This is the 1500s Reformation England when London had a population of about 60000 Shardlake is a busy London lawyer who used to work for Thomas Cromwell but with Cromwell gone executed he has been leading a ordinary life and trying to stay out of King Henry VIII’s line of fireThis is a grisly gruesome tale and if it were anybody but Matthew Shardlake I probably wouldn’t follow where he goes It is also a bit long as this follows the trail of a serial killer who has a list of targets making Shardlake’s work doubly difficult as he and the others try to figure out who will be the next one chosen to represent the madman’s vision of revenge All must be kept hidden from the King and the public as it seems possible that the King’s latest fancy may be a target – Catherine Parr a recent widow “ The King did not look kindly on those who kept secrets from him I realized I was involved again in something that could get me in bad odour with the King Something dangerous A second time I might not survive Yet I had sworn; there was nothing to do but go on”The Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Cranmer features as the authority to whom Shardlake reports and who supplies or commandeers the necessary manpower Archbishop Thomas Cranmer WikipediaIt all has to do with religion of course only this time it’s what level of reform is now acceptable King Henry VIII proclaimed himself the head of his own new Church of England because the Pope wouldn’t allow him to divorce and remarry I’m sure many Anglicans and Episcopalians are not aware he was the founder of their church Catholics are still forbidden but now Cromwell’s spreading Bibles everywhere is frowned upon and people are being burned and tortured if they’re in the wrong campMeanwhile Shardlake the Archbishop and the others must ensure nothing interferes with Henry’s pursuit of Catherine Parr There is some interesting romantic intrigue hereCatherine Parr WikipediaShardlake also has a young client who’s been admitted to the Bedlam – the insane asylum He can’t stop praying so much that he doesn’t eat or clean himself He’s convinced he’s a sinner Between the hunt for the serial killer and the mystery of the young madman Shardlake is run ragged injured insulted and heart broken He has a hunched back and is often called Crookback by those making fun of himShardlake’s old friend Guy the Moorish doctor and former monk is back in action as is young Jack Barack now his assistant married to Tamasin the feisty and lovely young woman who was working for the ueen in Sovereign the previous book Barack is young and strong and brave and frightened“ ‘You know what scares me most of all’ Barak asked suddenly ‘What’ ‘The way every killing seems to be planned to show us the killer is cleverer than we are He presents them to us like trophies’”He does – ghastly macabre horrifying trophies I’m not generally a fan of serial killer stories but for some reason I can read these – perhaps because they take place so long ago I can escape “Seymour bent and picked up the head with no concern than if it had been a football I remembered the ghastly story of the cart full of Turkish heads in Hungary”The author brings the times to life so authentically that I shudder and wince along with Shardlake at the sights and smells and the pelting rain and the thought of wading through freezing marshes I cringe eually as he visits his young client in the Bedlam But it’s worth it This could be read as a stand alone I think although as with most series it’s nice to know the back stories It's also an interesting way to learn a little history I reviewed the earlier books hereDissolution FirehttpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshowSovereignhttpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshow

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Y Catherine is known to have reformist sympathies Meanwhile a teenage boy a religious maniac has been placed in the Bedlam hospital for the insane When an old friend of Matthew Shardlake is murdered his investigations leads to connect. The most enjoyable part of the book was meeting my ancestors in the streets of Shardlake's Tudor London Hot gospeller spellbound by Revelation worshippers of the newly translated literal word of the Lord folk who replaced Popish fancies with maniacal endtimes wishes that have been passed down in my family from that day to this Thank you CJ Sansom for letting me peer into those origins Once again the cultural intellectualspiritual and financialpolitical chaos seems to echo our own time And as with all fiction set in those times the foreknowledge that this one will be beheaded and that one will be burned only adds to the interest The Seymour Brothers Catherine Parr and Archbishop Cranmer join the cast of characters I will start the next in the series tomorrow

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RevelationIons to both and to the prophecies of the book of Revelation Shardlake follows a trail of horrific murders that are igniting frenzied talk of witchcraft and demonic possession For what else would the Tudor mind make of a serial killer. Another great instalment in one of my favourite series It’s so sad I hear literally no one talk about these Anyone who’s a fan of Tudor England and mysteries will adore them There so well written and keep you interested throughout despite the length of the novels I must say I prefer the ones that are set in London rather than else where This one and book two are both set in London and are my favourites of the four I have read so far This one held another great mystery a serial killer whose victims are killed in a fashion that mimics some of the book of Revelation hence the books title Although I found the killer to be obvious in this one you do get plenty of suspicious characters and red herrings Sansom makes you doubt yourself and I love the big reveals at the end of each book Everything is tied up and you get the answers to all the uestions raised I like this aspect because it means you can leave a gap between reading the next one Each book is its own self contained story the character development obviously is an overarching plot so I don’t recommend reading them out of order But sometimes years pass between each book Meaning the reader can read the series at leisure very handy considering how large these books are getting As I did with the previous couple of books I both listened to the audiobook and read some of the paperback The audiobook is fantastic and I love the narrator He does the audio for all of the novels I believe One thing to add though is that I often found myself falling asleep whilst listening to the audio Which is great sometimes because jet lag has really screwed me over this week and left me exhausted and yet unable to sleep at suitable hours I may leave it a short while until I start the fifth book as I have a few big books lined up next But only two books and I’m up to date with the Shardlake series And I can’t wait to see where they lead