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characters ô Mary ueen of Scots and the Murder of Lord Darnley ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB õ ❰EPUB❯ ✻ Mary ueen of Scots and the Murder of Lord Darnley Author Alison Weir – BONUS This edition contains an excerpt from Alison Weir'Austive reevaluation of the source material Alison Weir has come up with a solution to this enduring mystery Employing her gift for vivid characterization and gripping storytelling Weir has written one of her most engaging excursions yet into Britain’s bloodstained power obsessed pas. I have encountered yet another historical work that bears accurately the maxim that truth is indeed stranger than fiction I'm sure that the master of Scottish historical fiction Sir Walter Scott would struggle to concoct a dastardly series of plots that Alison Weir sets to untangle in her 2003 publication 'Mary ueen of Scots and the Murder of Lord Darnley' In fact it is a piece of Scott's verse which springs to mind that sums up this book precisely Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceiveAfter a span of four hundred and fifty years this epic conspiracy theory can be laid to rest as a conspiracy fact I finished this read on November the fifth a day celebrated in England after Guy Fawkes's Gunpowder Plot But here is Scotland's original perhaps even the inspiration for Catesby's treason With Peter Falk like tenacity Weir has hounded down the truth exposed the guilty parties and to uote the books review from the Observer this is 'a monumental piece of historical detective work'Of course history shows that as a captive ueen frustrated and foolish Mary lost her head at Fotheringay after dabbling in the Ridolfi Throckmorton and Babington plots However before the years of incarceration in England Mary ueen of Scots became entangled in Scottish plots resulting in the Rizzio murder the Darnley murder the Bothwell marriage and finally her forced abdicationHistorians down the centuries have swallowed the bait hook line and sinker Such is the complexity woven into the thread of sixteenth century power politics the reader has to keep the eye on the ball I've had to re read many pages to keep my nose on the trail and there are over five hundred pages here but what a worth while read

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Y discovered that her new husband was interested only in securing sovereign power for himself Then on Februaryan explosion at his lodgings left Darnley dead the intrigue thickened after it was discovered that he Mary ueen Epubhad apparently been suffocated before the blast After an exh. This book is partly a biography of Mary ueen of Scots and partly an indepth examination of the source material surrounding the explosive murder of her second husband Lord Darnley with some conclusions over who was involvedI have been slowly ploughing through this over long book Although the title focusses on the murder of Lord Darnley the early chapters are of a biography as they go in great depth through Mary's early life and the actual murder comes uite late on in the book Then there is a rather elaborate and lengthy examination of the source material surrounding the events with the same conclusion Mary is innocent being made over and over againThe book is complicated further by the reams of reams of different names of Lords etc who all seem to have names beginning either with M or B Mar Maitland Moray Morton Bothwell Buchanan etc Although this is obviously not Weir's fault and some attempt has been made to rectify this through an introductory section on each of the key figures this doesn't really help when you are reading through the mire as you have to keep flicking backwards and forwards to work out which person is now being consideredHowever the book wasn't all bad As someone who has studied this period of history before it was refreshing to realise for example that Elizabeth I wasn't always hostile towards Mary indeed she seems to have been positively encouraging in the early years of her reign There were some other little gems and snippets and the chapter surrounding the murder itself was very thrilling and excitingThis might be a book to dip into rather than read cover to cover as a lot of the material seems to be covered repeatedly so that it did become a bit too much for me but I managed to persevere to the bitter end

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Mary ueen of Scots and the Murder of Lord DarnleyBONUS This edition contains of Scots PDF #8608 an excerpt from Alison Weir's  Mary BoleynHandsome accomplished and charming Henry Stuart Lord Darnley staked his claim to the English throne by marrying Mary Stuart who herself claimed to be the ueen of England It was not long before Mar. Had I known the degree of excruciating research that must have stood at the base of this book and the arduous account it produced I don’t think I would have purchased this bookBut chance guides ones life including that delicious part of it – our books and our reading I used to live in a place where bookstores rarely offered the books one sought; instead they presented surprises Visiting these shops was twice as fun I always came out with treasured and unexpected purchases This was one of themIt has sat however for several years in my bookshelves but as I am in dire need of book space I am pulling out and giving priority to the bulkier ones Once read I will give them away So I finally took this big tome outI must confess that I have been about to abandon the read than once for I found the extremely detailed account in excess to what I wanted to learn Neurotic that I am however I persevered and am glad because I could then come to admire Alison Weir’s extraordinary featFirst there is the extraordinary research she has conducted on what must be one of the most intractable episodes in Western renaissance history the assassination of Henry Stuart Lord Darnley second husband of Mary Stuart Weir has done so in great order presenting us the succession of events literally on a day by day basis uestioning at every node of a decision tree the alternatives the sources the interpretations etc I don’t understand how she did not lose her witsAnd the second reason to hold Weir in high esteem is that she undertook the investigation believing one thing but as she advance in examining and uestioning the evidence she changed her mind This open mindedness and flexibility in her reasoning are highly commendableIf she had first thought that Mary was guilty of the assassination of her husband she ended up absolving her This book is thus her exculpationIt would have suited my interest better a biography that had dealt with Mary’s complete life rather than concentrate so much on this ghastly episode; and also one that presented a broader look at Mary’s world Nonetheless Weir does succeed in portraying a convincing Mary My idea of her now is of a too idealistic and foolish woman inept at politics and for whom becoming ueen was a fatal tragedy And it felt disheartening to see her embroiling herself and into a trap that grew as a spider web trapping her further and further