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Ncilla because her pupil's bad behavior Ancilla strives to be a calming influence on her tempestuous charge but then Tiffany runs off to London alone and Ancilla is faced with a devastating scandal Sir Waldo Hawkridge a confirmed bachelor who believes he is past the age of falling in love comes instantly to the aid of the intrepid Ancilla to stop Tiffany's flight and in the process discovers that it's never too late for the first bloom of love And a shocking uestion began to form could the celebrated gentleman be courting h. 2019 Review 3 starsWell I always say that third time is the charm when it comes to reading Heyer I bet by my fourth read I will be contemplating five starsBraced for The Nonesuch's numerous perfections I wasn't as thrown off by them I also didn't feel uite as frustrated by the stupid misunderstanding that kept him and Ancilla apart near the endStill the story needed moments of them as a couple and less of the annoying young people that surround them Even the last chapter veers away from the kiss and promise to wed in favor of antics on the part of the willful heiress and the weaseling cousin 2019 Review 2 starsUnlike most of Heyer's novels I read The Nonsesuch and did not return I could not precisely remember why I did not enjoy it but I did not That was enough As my memory grew vague the only thing I could account for the distaste was that the hero must be a womanizer I didn't have much taste for womanizers at 17 But oh It turned out to be much much worse He's a paragon of virtue He builds ORPHANAGES He pays his cousins' bills out of the goodness of his heart He falls in love with a governess and thinks nothing of social status He is so freaking flawless that it is no fun Ancilla falls in the mold of the older Heyer heroines but she is much too reserved to be likable Even knowing her heart it is hard to love her Pity This is closer to Austen than Heyer with the village polite semi gentry uite different from Heyer's usual environment I'll read it again I find it usually takes 4 reads to reconcile me to Heyer's characters Read 2 has not done it2011 ReviewThe Nonesuch by Georgette Heyer was in a word or two rather disappointing It looked like a fun plot with of a male main character but I was wrong on both accounts Not that the plot wasn't fun but it lacked what I've come to expect from Heyer The plot was rather simplistic dare I say far fetched without the usual hilarious irony I've come to expect The characters also suffered somewhat on them in a momentAncilla Trent though once from a noble family now lives as the companiongoverness in the home of a wealthy widow caring for the woman's niece Tiffany Weild Tiffany is beautiful spoiled petted wealthy and completely untamable Only Ms Trent has been able to control the ambitious brat When Sir Waldo Hawkridge dubbed The Nonesuch for his sporting abilities and the talk of London inherits a run down estate from a distant cousin he decides to visit there meeting the spoiled Beauty and her governess What follows is pretty much a love story between Ancilla and Sir Waldo Sir Waldo's nephew Lord Lindeth shows up falls in and out of love a few times and pretty much just adds to the romantic plot in general Another cousin of even less interest shows up flirts around a bit and attempts to be useful Overall I found them all disapointing Ancilla is not really memorable a bit like the main character from Persuasion She's very virtuous which I rather liked yet young cleverand rather boring She falls in love with Sir Waldo but it really isn't uite believable I guess the plot just lackedsomething All the romances tied up neatly with supringly little issues In fact the climax was so easily overcome I was uite suprised to find the book over The ending was abruptI'm just going to take a stagger and guess she wrote this early on It holds hints of the wonderful work Heyer is capable of but isn't her best I'd much rather reccomend The Grand Sophy or Cotillion

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The NonesuchAt the age of five and thirty Sir Waldo Hawkridge wealthy handsome eligible illustrious and known as the nonesuch for his athletic prowess and when he comes north to inspect his unusual inheritance at Broom hall in the West Riding his arrival leads to the most entertaining of ramifications When they learned that Sir Waldo Hawkridge was coming the village gentry were thrown into a flurry The famed sportsman himself Heir to an uncounted fortune and a leader of London society The local youths idolized the Nonesuch the fathers. Still timeless a wonderful pick me up on a bad week but not uite a 5 star read for meThere was a part which felt like filler I couldn't uite see what made a top sawyer like Waldo fall for Ancilla so uickly I think a longer time frame would have made their romance convincingAlso I usually find GH's cant self explanatory but would love to know what crim con actually means on page 514 of this edition if I'd have had the sense to have taken off my barsI've read this novel at least 6 times previously don't recollect this it makes no sense to me A typo in this edition maybeWhat I did like;Waldo himself his character charm philanthropyLike a couple of her other latter novels most notably the Black Sheep GH is accepting of characters in this case a secondary character being involved in trade rather than useless expensive ornaments view spoiler there is hope in the end that Laurence will become a decent citizen hide spoiler

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The Nonesuch free read À 100 ó [KINDLE] ❁ The Nonesuch ❅ Georgette Heyer – At the age of five and thirty Sir Waldo Hawkridge wealthy handsome eligible illustrious and known as the nonesuch for his athletic prowess and when he comes north to inspect his unusual inheritance at At the age of five and thirty SDisapproved and the mothers and daughters saw him as the most eligible and elusive man in the kingdomBut one person remained calm When she became a governess twenty eight years old Ancilla Trent had put away romance and at first she could only be amused at the fuss over Sir Waldo who ignored the well born beauties of the district But she found that instead of regarding him revulsion she could very easily be beguiled into flirtation Such a state of affairs would never doTo be Tiffany Wield's chaperone is a serious trial to A. Real Rating 45 of fiveThat was a most satisfying ending indeed The way we went around and about I wondered how we'd ever reach the stables Trust Ma Heyer whispered the Ghost of Horrible Absent never would she lead you astrayand leave you thereYes Horrible yes indeed you're correct as always A delicious ride A delightful end place A read to be savored as much in memory as in experience Ancilla and Tiffany getting their just deserts makes the fate of the Nonesuch so much appealing