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Sassinations overseas At the same time its agents and spies were put beyond public accountability and blessed with the prestige benefits and legitimacy lost The New PDF or since the Soviet collapseThe security services have played a central and often mysterious role at key turning points in Russia during these tumultuous years from the Moscow a. Content good writing poor Sorry to say that for it is important to know what is going on in this country

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The New NobilityPartment house bombings and theater siege to the war in Chechnya and the Beslan massacre The security services are not all powerful they have made clumsy and sometimes catastrophic blunders But what is clear is that after the chaotic s when they were sidelined they have made a remarkable return to power abetted by their most famous alumnus Putin. I have just finished the book It is excellent The events of the last decade in Russia are very real and cannot dismissed or ignored by anyone who tries to be aware of the world situation or Russia in particular This not a book about politics; it delineates the real important events between 1999 and 2015 with clarity knowledge and depth Russia has become a totalitarian police state with almost total media control; but it has relatively broad consent it appears of the governed The inner circle of Putin the siloviki are mostly KGB agents; it is tempting to call the current Russia a KGB state or use the current name of the Security Services an FSB State As Soldatov and Borogan describe with convincing analysis this is worse in the most essential ways than the old KGB of the USSR The old KGB was controlled and overseen by a political party the Communist party when there were some checks to its actions The new FSB is accountable to no political party Only to itself Recent statements by people close to Putin show clearly that the current regime is expansionist even expansionist with a vengeance Abroad it relies on its military stealth intimidation propaganda and media control also ethnic proxies Russian expansionism today is much like Hitler in Europe in the 1930s Probably few Americans today know who Hacha was or where the Sudetens are; but in speeches and Mein Kampf Hitler displayed expansionist aggressive intentions clearly for all to see listen about or read Today Putin and his inner circle Konstantin Dolgov Sechin plus a rogues' gallery of nationalists also display in unambiguous language expansionist war like intentions Parts of Georgia and the Crimea have already been seized swaths of Ukraine have been effectively seized no doubt irrevocably The Putin circle has stated that they want to aid Russian ethnic minorities everywhere they happen to be Latvia Estonia what remains of Ukraine Russia has declared it is hostile to Europe as a whole even to its cultural and economic influence on the smaller countries The mainstream English language media NY Times Washington Post and most others have yet to realize what is happening They are caught up in the shifts and feints of diplomacy what Arianna Huffington has called the media's obsession with balance the pro and con con If only journalists and writers read Soldatov and Borogan's The New Nobility they would know about our real world

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The New Nobility Download à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ ❴Read❵ ➵ The New Nobility Author Andrei Soldatov – In The New Nobility two courageous Russian investigative journalists open up the closed and murky world of the Russian Federal Security Service While Vladimir Putin has been In The New Nobility two courageous Russian investigative journalists open up the closed and murky world of the Russian Federal Security Service While Vladimir Putin has been president and prime minister of Russia the Kremlin has deployed the security services to intimidate the political opposition reassert the power of the state and carry out as. Communism's collapse caused the KGB to undergo a massive and wretching restructuring not a bad thing from where we sit in the West But it has undergone a fascinating resurgence under the leadership of Vladimr Putin Not all of it has gone well in fact there have been breathtaking disasters as the authors detail in chapters covering the Chechin seiges of the schoolhouse in Beslin and the theater in Moscow both of which ended with a staggering loss of life Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan are Russian investigative journalists and co founders of the Website agenturaru and they have written a uniue overview of the struggle of the KGB's successor organization the FSB Federal Security Service What is particularly interesting is how the modern FSB sees themselves as not just a security service but as a defender of Russia's culture The link to the Russian Orthodox Church is a good example of this focus And as such they have in the words of FSB Director Niolai Patrushev become Russia's new nobility