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落。首位奪還のため雪菜は、もっとドキドキしなきゃいけなくなって―― 大好評の番外編「雪菜のお姫様大作戦」やキャラトークも収録ユピナのケータイ小説『悪魔でリフレクション』の設定資料もついてくる、超お楽しみの第巻 I liked Yukina at first but then she turned out to be uite weak and gullible Also it's hard for me to get past the whole cousin thing When I read the first volume for some reason I thought the cousin was a girl so I didn't realize the love triangle going on but now that I know better it feels weird to read

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わたしに××しなさい 2「絶対零度の雪女」とクラスでおそれられる中学生、雪菜の裏の顔は、超人気ケータイ小説家のユピナ 悩みは、恋愛体験のせいで、読者が期待するラブがかけないこと。でも、学校一の人気者・時雨の黒い秘密をにぎったことで。 Shigure I won't teach you about true love You have to seriously fall in love with someone to know about itYukina Then is it alright to seriously fall in love with youLeave it to the Japanese to make an incestuous love story Generally this would have been so much better than the previous volume except for a few things First of all for goodness's sake Akira is her cousin It would have worked out effectively had they been merely childhood friends Akira had all the formula needed seemingly fragile and weak then appearing manly after the confession you get the gist But with the current love triangle set up It was rather lameShigure and Yukina seemed to have dual personalities but in a positive way That is they treated each other differently when they were alone and when there was someone else Shigure fortunately improved in terms of characterization but it's Yukina I'm worried about She's already on the brink of falling into the cliff of cliche and annoying shoujo female leads Gullible Check Stupid Check The strength she had which I liked so much had vanished Watashi ni xx Shinasai has a lot of potential Sadly though even the plot itself is becoming trite But I will continue reading this because it has still managed to make me feel in love for the characters which is the sole purpose why I'm reading shoujo slash romance mangas

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Doc î わたしに××しなさい 2 168 pages Download ☆ Johnscyclingdiary ô ➾ [Download] ➻ わたしに××しなさい 2 By Ema Tōyama ➷ – 「絶対零度の雪女」とクラスでおそれられる中学生、雪菜の裏の顔は、絶対服従、恋のミッションがいまスタート女王様・雪菜の命令に、従順なシモベのふりをしながら反逆を企む時雨。でも、そんなことは雪菜を見守る騎士ナイト・晶がゆるさない そんな中、雪菜のケータイ小説ランキングが位に転 I hope Akira isn't his actual cousin because that would be totally weird And I like Shigure's and Yukina's chemistry I know the plot seems off and a little bit childish However I have experienced the sensation of the phone novel fever also It spread when I was in 3rd year of highschool and everyone was so into it I guess to write a heart skipping story you have to make it feel real and not only based on imagination So I get where the plot is coming from