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REVIEW ↠ The 24 Hour Customer ☆ ❰EPUB❯ ✻ The 24 Hour Customer Author Adrian C. Ott – In The 24 Hour Customer Adrian C Ott—the CEO and founder of a top Silicon Valley–based consulting firm—challenges businesses to re conceive their approaches to time and technology in order to wi In The HouCative ideas The The 24 EpubHour Customer is an indispensible handbook for any company competing for business in today’s around the clock econom. I'm new to marketing and found this book a wonderful way to get started I've read books on effective communication general customer engagement and data analytics but nothing uite like this before I got so many ideas while reading this book that my copy is so dog eared; I usually hate marking up books The book is based around what Ott calls the Time ographics Framework Ott splits customers into four groups based on propensity to allocate attention and propensity to spend time value low attention low time convenience high attention low time habit low attention high time and motivation high attention high timeShe then goes about describing the customers in each segment and the best ways to engage with each Her strategies are very specific and she gives great examples This really got me thinking about my business unit's customers and which uadrant they may fall into The book was a little academic but that's how I like my business reading Received through 12books


In The Hour Customer Adrian C Ott the CEO and founder of a top Silicon Valley–based consulting firm challenges businesses to re conceive their a. Ott uses a lot of words to say very few things The book is full of common sense people value their time there are only 24 hours per day translated into business person language I picked this book up hoping to get a better idea on how to grab customer attention and build customer appreciation for our products but came away disappointedIn essence Ott fails to follow her own rules on Customer Time value design and leaves the reader the customer having spent lots of time and gained little value

REVIEW The 24 Hour Customer

The 24 Hour CustomerPproaches to time and technology in order to win an unprecedented share of their customers’ attention and loyalty Filled with powerful and provo. While a fascinating topic evaluating the money value of time I had a hard time getting though the book There is no uestion in my mind that we as a consuming public are increasingly bombarded from all directions and venues We are not only faced by the assaults of an increasing louder and bolder or should I say obnoxious old marketing such as print and broadcast we also have the internet screaming at us with pop ups Tweets Facebook and other social media So in my mind to paraphrase a uote from the introduction it is not that we have too little time it is that we have allowed too many choices competing for the same time Maybe for some that is a distinction with no real difference Marketing and business executives as they seek to keep and grow market share of existing products or capture market share if introducing new products may need 'complex' studies such as the Time ographics Framework offers Without uestion it is an in depth and well researched treatment by Adrian Ott and if you in your work need that detail then it will likely fit your needs exactly However reading this as a consumer I wonder if could not have been said with less space It may only have been me but though award winning it was a hard and slow read Because I read this as part of the 12 Books Group I was committed to finish it so that I could review it here but if not for that reason I may have set the book down half way through as one of the too many choices competing for my time