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Striking silver gilt hair and pale green eyes give Marjory de Warenne the looks of an angel The better to hide her willful spirit In spite of every warning this headstrong lady in waiting has given her heart to notorious After reading A Year and a Day the first book in the de Warenne series I was excited to read Infamous believing it would be good even if not uite as good as the first book I was wrong The first 60% of the book takes place prior to the end of A Year and a Day and there is a fair amount of repetition from the first book and I mean WORD FOR WORD repetition Even the material that occurs before the beginning of A Year and a Day is so predictable because of what we learned of Marjory de Warenne's life in the first bookNot only did I find it boring because of the repetition and predictability but she also ruined all the traits that made Marjory Jory such a likable character in the first book brave reckless independent carefree world wise and most of all selfless Her brother Lynx and her uncle John are also made to look bad in this book especially the uncle The way she feels about certain circumstances I won't reveal what as I don't want to give spoilers but specifically the circumstance Jory discovers at the end of the first book is a complete turn about in this book Even her friendship with Princess Joanna is altered and not in a positive way Some of the things Jory does are just not believable again I won't go into details but if you read this remember this comment when you get to the point where you read the note Jory sends to Guy early in the book I rolled my eyes at itPerhaps this book would be better if someone read it without having previously read the first book in the series This book could probably stand alone since so much material is repetitious I am giving it 2 stars and only going that high because I've read worse books I might have been able to enjoy it if I had never read A Year and a Day but if an author is going to write a book series one should expect to be able to read all the books in the series without characters changing personalities huge chunks of material being repeated or being able to predict over half of the book's plot It is even worse because I have read the book cover for the last book in the series Notorious and so what little surprise might be left is already heavily hinted not that one doesn't expect the hero and heroine to end up together in a romance novelThough I usually enjoy Virginia Henley's historical romance novels this is most certainly NOT one I would recommend Even though I have read the first book in the series twice and likely will again I gave THAT one 5 stars I will not be reading this one againever I am still going to attempt the 3rd book in the series since I already have it Hopefully since that book involves the children from the first two books there won't be as much overlap

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Infamous DeWarenn #2Avest men ride off to put down the Welsh Infamous DeWarenn PDFEPUB or rebellion Jory's thoughts are with the one gallant knight she can never forget and the passion that will one day be rekindled amid the march of histor I think it is best for all concerned if I stay away from historical romances from now on unless I get a specific recommendation HOW IS THIS THE MIDDLE AGES PEOPLE Religion is barely mentioned dialogue shifts unpredictably between vague attempts at sounding old fashioned but nothing even close to Middle English obviously I don't even know where to start on the history there's some random editorializing about Robert the Bruce etc and cultural attitudes about ethnicity gender sexuality etc are stunningly anachronistic unless it suits the plot at which point we get SURPRIZE HOMOPHOBIA which was also suspiciously modern in many ways and also conniving mystical Welsh people Also every time there was a graphic sex scene I began to wish there wasn't because the prose was so excruciatingly bad Honeyed sheath for reals This even made it into 's list of statistically improbable phrases Prose also suffered from a serious case of telling and not showing throughout Additionally I hate plot devices which depend on characters one portrays as intelligent doing really dumb things like writing because everyone knew how to write back then Especially teh womens ambiguous notes instead of ones that actually convey necessary information In conclusion I'm not sure why I finished this one and if I hated it this much anyone familiar with this period in history is likely to start throwing thingsLarger uestions about the genre this book raised for me What do people look for in historical romances I was thinking that the ambiance might be interesting than the contemporary ones since I enjoy historical fiction and tend not to be as interested in novels which are just about everyday 21st century people And I figured medieval Europe had fewer chances of being horrifying than any of the ones on the list that involved say the word sheikh I suppose for some people get the fantasy they want out of the historical trappings without any pretense at accuracy but for that to work for me you'd have to set it in some sort of fantasy alternate universe instead And have better prose etc Are there historicals that do this

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Infamous DeWarenn #2 kindle ´ eBook 9780451219114 ¾ Virginia Henley ¾ [Download] ➸ Infamous DeWarenn #2 ➽ Virginia Henley – Striking silver gilt hair and pale green eyes give Marjory de Warenne the looks of an angel The better to hide her willful spirit In Guy de Beauchamp Earl of Warwick a man feared on the battlefield and in matters of seductionThen Jory's guardians who have chosen a suitable husband for her make her believe that Guy has betrayed her Yet as England's br Still love Virginia Henley and its been a long time since I read this book Wish it had happened faster I didn't care for the Robert the Bruce but I understand that sometimes Virginia's characters really have to deal with an ordeal before they get their hearts desire But the end was a happy ending to me and that is what I expect from all of my romance books