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Princess Masako Prisoner of the Chrysanthemum Throne Review ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free å [EPUB] ✻ Princess Masako Prisoner of the Chrysanthemum Throne By Ben Hills – It's the fantasy of many young women marry a handsome priIt's the fantasy of many young women Prisoner of PDFEPUB #189 marry a handsome prince move into a luxurious palace and live happily ever after But that's not how it turned out for Masako Owada Ben Hills's fascinating portrait of Princess Masako and the Chrys. I have nothing but sympathy for this woman I lived in Japan during the years she was refusing him and I remember both the anxiety over his refusal to marry anyone else and the euphoria when his younger brother married a pretty young woman though that marriage increased the pressure on the heir to marry God who would be a royal It seems like a really shitty gig to me No wonder she so emphatically didn't want it But here she is trapped and miserable in a life she never wanted In the decade since this book was published her situation hasn't changed much though the emperor's looming abdication means she knows she'll be empress soon and she can't be looking forward to thatI really didn't like the tone of this book sneery and condescending and tabloidy nor the author's determined framing of Japan as exotic and strange and sclerotically backward looking a version of the rigid and mysterious East with all its strange rituals and foreign attitudes to the world far removed from the modern world the rest of us live in that I'm astonished to encounter in this century He certainly makes Japan and most of the people in it seem both unlikeable and unknowable very unlike the place I lived in and have such warm feelings about

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Anthemum Throne draws on research in Tokyo and rural Japan at Oxford and Harvard Princess Masako Epuband from than sixty interviews with Japanese American British and Australian sources many of whom have never spoken publicly before shedding light on the roy. While the title and focus is Princess Masako the book is really an introduction to and an analysis of the Japanese royal family Author Ben Hills describes its position in Japan and how it compares and contrasts with the remaining reigning monarchies in the world The author has done a lot of homework and has produced a highly readable bookPerhaps the closest comparison to Masako's situation would be Princess Diana but as Hills points out this is not even close Diana was able to choose her staff such as her famously loyal butlerauthor of A Royal Duty that shows his full support of Diana Masako's staff is free since they inherit their positions to undermine her start whispering campaigns and plant negative stories in the press This is not likely to change Diana chose issues and charities that might have horrified her in laws but as a spouse or former spouse they could not stop her Diana as nature would have it performed the duty producing not one but two direct line male heirs Masako has none of these advantages Even seeing her parents is an ordealThis royal family stripped of its power and most of its wealth after WWII is beholden to the political power of the agency that manages them and their household While the general public might want to see a popular monarch the monarchy itself derives its political support from the extreme right wing of Japanese politics which wants to conserve the traditional ways The monarchs who live under this yoke receive the respectful bows of the staff but in reality it is the monarchs who must grovel to the system Hills never points to this directly but it is the only conclusion that can be drawn The power of this agency and the politicians that support it is shown in how this book has been banned in JapanIf you know about and understand Japan's monarchical system this will not be the book for you But for the vast majority of English language readers who are interested in Japan there will be lot that is new I highly recommend this book

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Princess Masako Prisoner of the Chrysanthemum ThroneAl family's darkest secrets secrets that can never be openly discussed in Japan because of the reverence in which the emperor and his family are held But most of all this Masako Prisoner of Kindle #209 is a story about a love affair that went tragically wron. I rate this book 2 stars for content 3 stars for interest The book is about Crown Princess Masako married to Crown Prince Naruhito Much of the information in this book was acuired second hand and at times has a somewhat loose tabloid feel to it This is understandable since it’s virtually impossible to obtain info on the secretive life of the Japanese royalty The thing that bothers me about this book is the author’s blatant prejudice against the life and culture of the Japanese royalty I do not recall reading one single positive thing But maybe there really isn’t anythingThe book held my interest because it opened my eyes to a subject I had absolutely no knowledge about I was dismayed to see how Masako who was beautiful talented intelligent accomplished a champion soft ball player and avid skier was stripped of all of her freedom and now lives like a bird trapped yes trapped in a gilded cage She cannot even see her parents when she wants to and in fact the first 3 years of her marriage she was allowed to see them only 5 times She has no computer no telephone is virtually cut off from the outside world and has to get permission to go anywhere She even needs to make an appointment to see her in laws Naruhito’s parents Once when asked about her main interest she wrote about finding a bug on a leaf and taking care of it for a year It’s no wonder she is in depression Read this book just to see what kind of life not to choose Real princesses do not have fairy tale lives