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Uel dark parody of what God sent Noah to symbolize his promise never to destroy humanity again Soon Tyrone is on the run from legions of bizarre enemies through the phantasmagoric horrors of Germany Gravity's Rainbow however doesn't follow such a standard plot one must have faith that each manic episode is connected with the great plot to blow up the wor. August 2020 Rereading this now in my Pulitzer uest Wow as amazingly confusing as the first time aroundThis is of course the Pynchon pinnacle the summit of his fame the cornerstone of his work So much so that he fell silent for about 14 years after writing it leading me to wonder if DeLillo was spoofing him in Mao II It is an amazing book and the first Pynchon I ever read It is a rude introduction to his style though as it is thoroughly post modern in narration in the manipulation of time and reality and the proliferation of characters There are moments of pure genius but also of repulsion leading him to lose the Pulitzer the year it was published but even those moments are perfectly in harmony with the characters they are associated with the massive condemnation of anti Semitism and Nazism I have to believe that despite his silence Pynchon has to be anti Trump and all forms of repression and censorship It is the story of a journey across a no mans land like many of Cormac McCarthy's books full of violence and anarchy as the war is over but boundaries and frontiers between countries reality and non reality good and evil acceptable and reprehensible are blurred and the hero must make this journey with or without a conclusion I will stick to my no spoilers policy and avoid discussing the plot but highly recommend this masterpiece but perhaps one should start with an easier Pynchon like Inherent Vice or The Crying of Lot 49 to get their feet wet first because I would hate to see you missing out of this from feeling out of your depth if you can't find your pace in itThe political message of the book is still relevant war is fucking hell and the aftermath is just as bad History as written by the winners obfuscates the suffering of the losers And not the losers as actors on the scene of history who are typically unscrupulous leaders who in large part escape responsibility and aftereffects of the ensuing disasters but rather the “rank and file” who are treated as no than pawns on history’s chessboardPynchon is a complex writer who pulls no punches GR has a non linear plot with an elliptical writing style and a myriad of complex characters sometimes finely described in vividly lit detail like in a painting of Ingres but sometimes barely evoked out of the darkness like a self portrait of Rembrandt Reading GR is a voyage through chaos itself the chaos of a destroyed Germany and the chaos of human depravity often than not unpersuaded by a dream of redemption a terrifying voyage into the darkest depths of the human soulIt is also a book that you can re read and discover things you may have missed the first time around in particular the elliptical structure which explains the word rainbow in the title It is grotesue and raw and superbly written I have been told in the comments that the Companion by Weisenburger is excellent I'll use it when I reread GR The site Gravity's Rainbow on the Pynchon Wiki is an excellent and practical guide as well

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Gravity's RainbowLd with the ultimate rocket There is not one story but a proliferation of characters Pirate Prentice Teddy Bloat Tantivy Mucker Maffick Saure Bummer and and events that tantalize the reader with suggestions of vast patterns only just past our comprehension Gravity's Rainbow is a blizzard of references to science history high culture and the lowest of jok. ITS ABOUT A SECRET ROCKET PROJECT IN WW II BUT I THINK SOME OF IT IS A DREAM BECAUSE IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE THE AUTHOR IS VERY CLEVER

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Gravity's Rainbow Read ê eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ ❴Ebook❵ ➠ Gravity's Rainbow Author Thomas Pynchon – Tyrone Slothrop a GI in London in 1944 has a big problem Whenever he gets an erection a Blitz bomb hits Slothrop gets excited and then as Thomas Pynchon puts it in his sinisTyrone Slothrop a GI in London inhas a big problem Whenever he gets an erection a Blitz bomb hits Slothrop gets excited and then as Thomas Pynchon puts it in his sinister insinuatingly sibilant opening sentence a screaming comes across the sky heralding an angel of death a V rocket The novel's title Gravity's Rainbow refers to the rocket's vapor arc a cr. THIS BOOK IS ABOUT A MAN IN WW2 HE GETS ERECTIONS