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CHARACTERS Best Word Book Ever 107 ´ [Download] ➽ Best Word Book Ever ➽ Richard Scarry – Words words words They define everything and kids want to define their world Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever is frankly the best word book ever From the Bear's home to the beach from the airport Words words words TheyG life just like the avid readers of this classic favoriteIn print for fifty years this book has sold over a half million copies That's over a billion words learned by children all over the world Learning has never been fun  . This is my most favorite book everMy father bought me this book since I was so young that I cannot remember a thingAs far as I can remember I always carry this book with me in my early childhoodI always have this book on my shelf until now It's on the spot that I can reach everytime I want to open it I suppose I'll never get bored of this beloved book It taught me to read and write Moreover it taught me to draw The great inspiration for me to learn art

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Words words words They define everything and kids want to define their world Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever is frankly the best word book ever From the Bear's home to the beach from the airport to the zoo verbs numbers pa. Read and Reviewed by Me My Niece Emma Emma has real doubts about that title I fought for Richard Scarry but I'm afraid the 5 year old girl might be rightScarry's cartoony fantasy land populated with eyelid less anthropomorphic animals was absolutely beloved by yours truly when I was but a wee lad However this incarnation has none of the sense of fun found in the Scarry books I read as a boy Nothing I mean nothing out of the ordinary happens in Best In the Scarry books of my youth the characters got into all kinds of zany japery I recall one high larious episode in which an ape went for a joy ride that turned the town upside down In retrospect I think the ape was a watch thiefThis thing is nothing than animal people doing nothing untoward just normal day to day activities waking up in the morning playing on the playground building things farming going shopping etc There are pages of airplanes cars zoo animals firefighters things you'd find at the beach and facial expressions Each page is filled with these items Each item has its word beside it Each page has one short explanatory paragraph with such riveting prose as School is fun There are so many things we learn to do Kathy Bear is learning how to find a lost mittenOH MY GOODNESS Call out the National Guard Someone get the Bureau of Lost Mittens on the lineHoly hell talk about boringNot only is this book fun free I couldn't even find my favorite character Lowly an earthworm in a dashing little hatAside from a logo on the cover Lowly doesn't seem to appear in the book at all Each page is so very busy that perhaps I missed him but I looked and looked for such a long while that Emma went off to entertain herself elsewhere and came back some time later asking Did you find him Yes that exclamation point is necessary Emma possesses an indoor voice but likes to know she's being heard Okay so clearly Best is meant to be a book for learning purposes but did it have to be so purposefully dull One reason my be that this was one of the author's very early books I'm no Richard Scarry scholar but it would seem he started off staid and later amped up the good times Whether you were born in the '60s or the '00s kids like fun and so for this one the Emma o meter registered utter disinterest

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Best Word Book EverRts of the body every Best Word PDFEPUBoversized spread has hundreds of things  to look at point to and identify Pigs cats rabbits and bears all doing what we do every day playing with toys driving fire engines and experiencin. Hmm this is a tough one for me to review I imagine that this will appeal to some kids than others Maybe young introverts would appreciate the detail I'm currently reading uiet by Cain which is about introversionInstead of using a book to introduce vocabulary; I usually build on our real world experiencesAfter I've looked at this with some young children I may want to revise this review