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Lavinia AUTHOR Ursula K. Le Guin kindle ¾ eBook 9780753827840 Free ↠ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Lavinia By Ursula K. Le Guin – Like Spartan Helen I caused a war She caused hers by letting men who wanted her take her I caused mine because I wouldn't be given wouldn't be takenBy the sacreYoung princess of Latium encounters a poet a soothsayer who foretells her future to marry a Trojan hero named Aeneas and found a great kingdom and a mighty dynastyLavinia's mother has other plans to marry “I am not the feminine voice you may have expected”When my father told me that Ursula LeGuin had put out a new novel I was as I usually am ecstatic LeGuin is one of my all time favorite authors and I can’t think of time when she’s written something that has somehow failed to engage entertain or intrigue me The fact that she was apparently riffing off Virgil’s Aeneid was just icing on the cake for this poor excuse for a classical studies majorWhen the book arrived I found myself looking at the cover and suddenly wondering what the heck this book was about As much as I tried I could not remember the character of Lavinia from my previous readings of the Aeneid in the slightest the best I could do was to temporarily confuse her with Dido My guilt at my poor powers of memory was a bit assuaged when after some checking I realized that Lavinia only barely appears within the Aeneid and never speaks at all It’s no surprise I don’t remember her Indeed it’s a wonder that many people doThe notion of taking an old story and telling a different side of it is a popular one these days and I confess I’m not terribly up on the sub genre which seems to include things like The Red Tent Mists of Avalon and Lady Macbeth among others so I can’t compare it fairly to other authors efforts It is a sub genre that seems potentially filled with a lot of anger; how easy would it be for Lavinia or any of these voiceless women to rage against the world that so long ignored them How simple would it be to tell a story about how the men screwed everything up and the women were doing everything rightEasy though it might be LeGuin doesn’t do anything of the kind Her Lavinia who is curiously aware of her meta fictional existence is very well ancient Roman She is strong but conscious of her duty She has a strong sense of the importance of family She genuinely loves Aeneas and her insights into Aeneas are interesting and very much in line with what I remember of the Aeneid which I confess is precious little The entire story is told by Lavinia herself a decision that allows LeGuin to really get into her protagonists mind and produce a very different interesting and very real vision of a part of the Aeneid that Virgil did not get toI think that is the thing that makes me enjoy Lavinia so much; it is LeGuin’s addition to the myth Not a refutation or an attack but merely another side of part of the story A side as compelling powerful and insightful as the original itself Unuestionably worth the readNext time I have no idea Not really sure what to read next though I’m tempted to read the Aeneid again I’ll have to go scan the shelves

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Her daughter off to an ambitious neighbouring king and her father is plagued with indecision But when a fleet of foreign warships sails into the mouth of the river Tiber Lavinia knows her destiny is calli Being a lady classicist often reuires willful acts of cognitive dissonance It's not just that nearly all your extant source material was written by men about men for men it's also that Greek and Roman culture particularly the culture portrayed in the great epics the Iliad the Odyssey and the Aeneid is brutally testosterone fueled and flagrantly anti woman In epic the worst women are pure unadulterated evil monsters like Scylla Charybdis and the Sirens Slightly less evil are those who use their sexual wiles to distract men from their noble purposes Circe Calypso Dido And good women are those who simply shut the fuck up bear legitimate children and get out of the way Andromache Penelope Creusa This makes reading epic a challenging experience for any woman who is looking for than just a rollicking adventure storyI read the Aeneid in high school the whole thing in English and about half of it in Latin skipping around for the best bits or course and I was a huge pain in the ass I was convinced that Aeneas was a douche that Creusa got screwed over that Dido got royally screwed over and should have ripped Aeneas's balls off and that Lavinia was a breed sow with pretty hair My poor teacher tried again and again to calm me down to remind me of the historical context and cultural differences that should have been informing my reading of the poem to point out the elegance of the scansion or the cleverness of various poetic devices but I just didn't buy it I absorbed enough to ace the AP test but the Aeneid left a bad taste in my mouth When I got to college and read the Greek epics I was a bit better at detaching myself from the content of the poems so that I could appreciate their language and structure but I still had to work hard to keep a lid on my roiling feminist ire My biggest flaw as a historian the reason why I decided to teach Latin to middle schoolers instead of going to graduate school is that I get too emotionally invested in whatever I am studying and am unable to confine my judgments to the appropriate historical context I may acknowledge the fact that Aeneas was the model of pietas for his time and place but in the here and now he'd be a douche and I just can't forget thatThis is why Lavinia is such a wonderful book Le Guin does that forgetting for me She is able to immerse herself in a different time and place and culture in a way that is judgment free and she sells this world in such a way that I buy it And like it And enjoy it The angry feminist pot ceases to boil I actually like this Aeneas He seems to be a nice guy I really like and identify with this Lavinia and I support her choices whereas in the Aeneid I simply pitied her for not having any choices I understand and appreciate a concept of pietas that is completely different from the kind of piety or rightness I seek in my own life in a way that I was never able to understand it when I was reading the actual Aeneid Part of what makes this novel work for me is the way she strips the story of Aeneas of its Augustan influences Vergil originally wrote the poem as a propaganda piece for the emperor okay maybe that wasn't his only purpose but he had to throw it in there to keep the people in charge happy and the ostentatious wealth and fant

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Lavinia AUTHOR Ursula K. Le GuLike Spartan Helen I caused a war She caused hers by letting men who wanted her take her I caused mine because I wouldn't be given wouldn't be takenBy the sacred springs in the forest near her home Lavinia Is it possible that Ursula K LeGuin can write a bad bookI guess anything is possible I could win the lottery get hit by a meteorite struck by lightning etc All very low probabilitiesAs expected this is beautifully written and crafted with an inspired structure Telling the story of Lavinia who in Vergil’s great work Aenid did not speak a word; LeGuin describes the princess’s story in that of an almost pre historic and pagan setting This is really the element of this story that I will take with me this vision of a simple life when Rome was not yet founded and the hills in what would someday become the greatest city in the world were populated with early tribes farms and lives that would be legendLeGuin creates an unusual narrative device in which Lavinia comes to know “her poet” as Vergil is illuminated as a time travelling specter from the future mystically visiting his subject as he survived a fever dream in the time of Augustus Interestingly almost in an existential awareness of her self as a character in the epicTold with unassuming but descriptive language and with her inimitable style Lavinia was a pleasure to read