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epub ì The Man in My Basement é Paperback â walter mosley â ✤ [Download] ➼ The Man in My Basement By Walter Mosley ➶ – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Hailed as a masterpiece the finest work yet by an American novelist of the first rank this is the mysterious story of a young blackLter Mosley pierces long hidden veins of justice and morality with startling insight into the deepest mysteries of human nature I'm beginning to enjoy Mosley books and

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Hailed as in My PDFEPUB #188 a masterpiece the finest work yet by an American novelist of the first rank this is the mysterious I started this book this morning and finished it a little while ago Needless to say I don't give 2 stars to many books that keep my attention throughout the whole day but when a character just doesn't seem 'right' it really gets to me What I mean is believe abilitySay you have no job that you have no ambition and you don't own up to any of your mistakes yet you attract women from all facets of life and they think you're the bees kneesYou scrape up money any way you can think of and borrow money from your friends for alcohol and yet you are 'like able' to everyone as if they kiss your ass to be YOUR friendYou live in a hand me down house with a minimal mortgage and you're late on payments and just happen to realize that while cleaning out your basement because of some random reuest from a man you don't know the devil is in the details you come across a treasure trove of items that not only can get you out of debt but also make you even worthless by giving you money to spend on boozeWhen a guy asks to rent from you and your friends hear about it initiallythey seemingly forget conveniently throughout the rest of the book and wonder how you're 'getting money' or 'acting weird'These are just a few points that really got on my nerves but it definitely held my attention throughout I kept thinking there was to the story but alas it's basically as it is It's as if he's trying too hard to visit ideas that have been visited before through a weird story that doesn't uite affect me the way it has with othersThe Man in the Basement is the name of the book but he's not truly the main focus I kinda wish he had been because it would've probably been interesting

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The Man in My BasementStory of a young black man who agrees to an unusual bargain to save the home that has belonged to his family for generationsWa I've read this book twice now and didn't really like it either time In general I like Mosley at least when he's writing as a crime writer With this book he abandons the crime genre to create a philosophical book which unfortunately failed to satisfy me What I like about Mosley's other books are his characters and dialog Easy Rawlins Fearless Jones and the characters from his other books are likable enough to give you a reason to pull for them Charles Blakey the main character of this book is a loser described as so in the book who doesn't seem to want anything from life And Anniston Bennet the man in the basement never evolves into anything other than a symbol of power evil and whiteness who is for some reason seeking redemption in this odd way I find the dialog between the two men highly convenient unrealistic and dull I don't know This book for me just falls a little flat