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Ut og stjæle hester summary ð 108 ð ❴Epub❵ ❤ Ut og stjæle hester Author Per Petterson – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Sommeren 1948 bor 15 år gamle Trond og faren hans på ei seter ved ei elv nær grensa til Sverige Der opplever han død og svik noe som forandrer grunnlaget for livet hans 67 år gammel har han flytt SommSommeren borår gamle Trond og faren hans på ei seter ved ei elv nær grensa til Sverige Der opplever han død og svik noe som forandrer grunnl. This is a story of growth of a boy who becomes an adult in an isolated rural region of Norway close to the Swedish border in the course of one summerBut this is also a story of decline of an old man who revisits the countryside where he last saw his father in 1948 expecting to capture the blinding light of indifferent nature the flashing clarity of unhurried memories the physical vigor that pumped up his young body than sixty years ago before the clock of his worn out life ticks outTwo stories and a single first person narrator at first separated by the unbridgeable abyss of time end up converging in a tapestry of revelations and silences that bespeak of the invisible threads that weave fate and chance choice and serendipity togetherIn Petterson’s world there is no place for far fetched coincidences everything that happens in the life of his characters is a direct result of their actions in a specific moment in time A family man falls in love with a married woman who shares his political ideals in wartime when people got murdered if they were on the wrong side Five years later a boy on the brim of adulthood who idolatrizes his father discovers eroticism betrayal and death all at once resulting in premature responsibility for actions that were beyond his controlAn abandoned son faces two forked paths that will determine the man he is going to become in a future seared by the incommensurable absence of his father Meanwhile the very same forest that saw him blossom with life in summertime witnesses the gradual decrease of his energy when the bucolic landscape is covered in snowdrift during his last winterThe power of this book remains in what is left unsaid in the minimalistic poetry of concentrated meaning in the slow moving pace that leaves one breathless wanting to absorb the magnetic pull of every disclosed thought be it of immense happiness or unbearable sorrowA number of recurrent sentences and imagery is used in different contexts to provide a delicate map of motifs that infuse the story with a cyclical undercurrent that recalls the passing seasons of the protagonist’s life that is now setting in wintry stillness Out stealing horses is a weightless ode to letting go of versions we could have been to embrace the truths that shaped the persons we are Petterson’s clear sighted prose is a journey back in time to make peace with the past and reconcile the present to the intensity of silence and light which if rightly combined can produce the most harmonious soundMy first by this author it won’t be the last

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Iser seg å være en annen skadeskutt eldre mann med hund en han kjente før og som han må forholde seg til og så begynner sommeren å plage h. The book that began with an ending ended up winning me over If you look back on your life what will you see Will you be happy with your relationships Will you be proud of your actions Will you be haunted by past events that forever changed your life Actions have conseuences How do conseuences affect a person for lifeI read this book when it first came out with my book club and it blew me away in a very uiet subtle way Par Peterson is an award winning Norwegian writer who introduces us to 67 year old Trond Sander who is living an isolated lifestyle He lives in a rustic cabin and is determined to spend the rest of his life living in virtual isolation His second wife has died and he has forgottenneglected to tell his adult daughters his whereabouts He has a meeting with one of his neighbors someone from his past and that meeting causes him to reflect back on his life He specifically looks back at the summer of 1948 when he was living in a cabin with his fatherOne day Trond's friend Jon shows up and asks him to go on an adventure with him An adventure which begins with going for a ride on borrowed horses and ends in tragedy A loaded gun tragically changes the lives of not just the teens but their families as well Initially I thought this tragedy would be what transforms this man's life but it was only the catalyst Young Trond learns that there is to his father then he initially thought This book is about relationships and how we view our relationships and the truths we learn about our relationships and those we are in a relationship with WhewOne death destroys already damaged relationships Relationships that have been previously damaged by activities during wartime A time War ravaged the world A time when a teen learns about his father's involvement during the Norwegian resistance during the war A time when a man falls in love with a married woman A time when a young man learns about the harsh realities of life when you learn your parents have faults and aren't everything you think they are A time when people disappear from our lives and an abandoned teen is faced with life altering decisionsThis book goes back and forth between the present time 1999 and 1948 There is such elouence and beauty in the storytelling of this novel The Author shows us Trond's adolescent and adult interpretations of the events of his life I have used the word subtle a lot in this review but I can't think of a better word to sum of the beauty of this book it is subtle Minimalistic is a word often used while describing this book as well Trond experiences strong emotions but has difficulty or is perhaps resistant to expressing those emotions Petterson allows the reader to make interpretations to those emotions He shows us a man we see his loses his pain his suffering but yet do we truly know him I find myself recommending this book over and over again This book is not a BIG book but it is a powerful one I love books that cause me to think and feel I also love books where the environmentlandscape is also just as much as character as the living ones in the book This book was not only beautifully translated into English it is beautifully melancholy just as melancholy as Trond himself This book is about love acceptance loss secrets regrets decisions tragedy lust yearning and growthSee of my reviews at wwwopenbookpostcom

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Ut og stjæle hesterAget for livet hans år gammel har han flyttet ut til et lite hus ved en innsjø langt øst i landet sammen med hunden sin Hans nærmeste nabo v. My copy of Ut og stjæler hester has a little tear in the dust jacket and when my girlfriend sees it she looks at me reproachfully she respects books in a way I cannot as physical objects and she had bought me this elegant first edition as a present but now I had carelessly used the dust jacket to mark my page and put too much strain on the paper it had not been important to me for I respect books in my own way and was lost in the author's words in his uniue way of using the Norwegian language which to me is the most beautiful in the world even though I do not speak it particularly well You could have taken a bookmark from the pile we have any number of them my girlfriend says and full of remorse I look on top of the bookcase in the corner of the kitchen and there are indeed several bookmarks diagonally over from the shelf where she has stacked the small frying pans which must never be put in the dishwasher or scrubbed using a brush but only wiped gently with a soft cloth and I choose a marker with a picture of Les jumeaux the heavenly twins that I remember buying last year at Percho the artist's studio in Carouge when the owner had told us shyly that she had just finished a major commission a life size ceramic cow which would stand outside the entrance to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel; and next time we visited the hotel to meet our Russian friend K the cow was indeed there in the bright naivist colors which Percho always uses and I gave it a nod of recognition before we went in and ordered tea which they bring with considerable ceremony in glass teapots over little spirit flames but always forget the milk an astonishing omission for what is supposed to be a five star establishment Now on the last day of 2015 I slide the laminated bookmark between the pages at the end of a chapter for the book is so densely textured that I can only read one chapter at a time and I think about how to review it to convey to others its unusual charm but I see there is no way I can only talk about things and people so I decide to do that I read the final chapter and write down the text that has been uietly growing in my mind as I progressed through the book almost without my realizing and I post it and wish all my online friends a very happy New Year it will have to be enough