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Summary È Der Ring des Nibelungen Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ï [Read] ➵ Der Ring des Nibelungen Author Richard Wagner – Richard Wagner's vast Der Ring des Nibelungen cycle comprises four full length operas Das Rheingold Die Walkure Siegfried and Gotterdammerung and is arguablyRichard Wagner's vast Der Ring des Nibelungen cycle comprises four full length operas Das Rheingold Die Walkure Siegfried and Gotterdammerung and is arguably the most extraordinary achievement in the histo. Haymes gives a very good introduction a study of Wagner's source material and introduces the reader to the books which Wagner had in his possession Then he gives the German texts with facing English translation of both Der Nibelungen Mythus and Siegfried's Tod both accompanied by a short introduction Essential reading for anyone interested in the evolution of Wagner's Nibelungen dramaWarning This is a review of Wagner's Ring in 1848 New Translations of the Nibelung Myth and Siegfried's Death by Edward Haymes and not a review of Richard Wagner' Der Ring des Nibelungen Someone at goodreads in their infinite wisdom as decided to combine this with translations of Der Ring des Nibelungen This is a translation and study of Der Nibelungen Mythus and Siegfried's Tod

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Text'Andrew Porter's utterly natural often poetic faithfully rendered English text should be a revelationThe immediacy of instant comprehension gives the entire drama an added dimension' The New York Times. Outside of the fact that Odin and Brunhilde could have been written better and I’m not sure who out of Gunther and Hagen killed each other or why Gunther and Siegfried switched appearances and the fact that Wagner wrote this during his falling out with Nietzsche and apparently there was some racism to this that I didn’t pick up on I want to look for a strong point I really do But it’s hard to find “Booty” being used freuently made me laugh occasionally

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Der Ring des NibelungenRy of opera His own libretto to the operas translated by Andrew Porter is an intricate system of metric Der Ring eBook #186 patterns imaginative metaphors and alliterationcombining to produce the music in. Finally A 5 star read This was such a loaded choice for me that I am pretty sure this review is gonna gush out rather than be a cohesive reflection Frankly I was skeptical of picking up an opera for my next read I can't compare it to any other work Have next to no know how of opera performances or theater directions So my only interest was the story it tells And I DO NOT EXAGGERATE when I say that watching the performance of Wagner's Ring Cycle has made my bucket list Sadly I can't do it anytime soon But it's definitely one of my top wishes now In retrospect Tolkien might have pushed me on to peruse this masterpiece Wagner no doubt inspired many artists of his time and the ones who came later And having read this work I can't help but see the parallels within Tolkien's Middle Earth Which by the way is titillating to no end I am in awe of the inspirations that Tolkien seems to have found in Wagner's Ring Cycle will talk of my speculations in this regardHaving read The Prose Edda and The Saga of the Volsungs I could relate to Wagner's loosely abiding derivations The Ring Cycle merges the Norse mythology with the Volsung Saga essentially taking the best of both the worlds Norse myths and Volsung heroic legends come together in this epic And it speaks volumes about Wagner's talent that the result is no less intriguing than its origins A restless GodA coveted treasureA feared curseA forbidden loveA doomed heroA scorned enemyAn unavoidable fate The introduction by John Deathridge translator traces the history of the Ring Cycle in brief It offers a perspective to changes in operatic performances under Wagner's influence his modifications to the script over time and methods applied to the translation of this much revered German work This being my first translation I uite liked the text in its ability to convey the idea faithfully Not once did I fear the plot details getting lost in translation The word plays in the German text may not have lent themselves faithfully to the English text And there might be better translations out there But I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this one The Synopses at the beginning gives away the plot in plain English prose One can use it to prepare for the plot development But the translation being clear and succinct one need not go through this spoiler of sorts I say jump right into the verses and power this magnum opus with your imaginationThe book offers both the German and the English version of the Ring Cycle with ample footnotes One need not know the Norse myths or Volsung Saga in comprehensive detail to understand the plot Wagner is not entirely faithful to either anyways He takes the divine element from the Norse pantheon and the mortal element from the heroic legends and mixes them up albeit harmoniously A hero with divine roots is manufactured into existence by an ever dissatisfied God for his own greedy purpose Wagner prepares his readers for tragedy right from the start Themes of incest betrayal envy and revenge form the under current taking the characters speedily along to their doomed end And yes the plot claims many innocent lives in the process Here are some of my favourites from the translated text Those runes of solemn covenantenshrined in your spearare they just playthings to youYou use splendour to ruleyou're a glitteringly regal racehow foolish that you striveafter towers of stonepledge the loveliness of womanin exchange for fortress and hallTo hush up their scandalidiots smear meRudeness is always Loge's rewarda free man must bring himself into being;slaves are all I can createAll and sundry are of their kindnothing you do can change it And now I want to wax enthusiastically on the parallels with the Tolkien world The most obvious of all is the coveting of a cursed ring around which everything revolves1 The Rhinegold Ring that can belong to none is highly reminiscent of the infamous Ring from The Lord of the Rings Many aspects of the journey of the rings are so on the nose that I need not elaborate much2 For those who have read The Silmarillion there is the familiar element of kin strife over treasure3 The Children of Húrin explores the tropes of dragon slaying and a doomed incestuous relationship as used here4 Siegfried's love for Brunnhilde finds reflection in Beren's love for Lúthien and Aragorn's love for Arwen5 The riddle contest between Wotan and Alberich reminds of the riddling between Bilbo and Sméagol6 Broken sword of Nothung reminds one of the broken sword Narsil7 Sieglinde's handing over of her child to Mime a dark elfdwarf is paralleled in rearing of Aragorn in Rivendell amidst elves8 Aragorn like Siegfried goes on a uest to redeem his ancestrylineage with the help of a reforged sword9 The destruction of the Ring which in turn ushers a New Age and the departure of the elves can be likened to the Twilight of the GodsI can go on and on And I don't believe I am reading too much into this It is well known that Tolkien was well versed in Norse myths and Icelandic sagas He in turn made his own derivations from them to incorporate in his mythos And it is not a stretch of imagination that in some obscure way Wagner did inspire Tolkien to write his own Ring Saga What is amazing is how different they are from each other despite the observed thematic similaritiesWagner's Ring Cycle seems and like an iconic work shining light on the works that succeeded it Recognizing the archetypes is only part of the joy The experience of reading it is filled with moments of pleasant recollections for Tolkien fans I might try other translations in future Hopefully I will get to enjoy this visually soon But Tolkien enthusiast or no it goes without saying that this much acclaimed yet less known work should be on everyone's TBR