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When a virus makes everyone over the age of eighteen infertile would be parents pay teen girls to conceive and give birth to their children making teens the most prized members of society Girls sport fake baby bumps and the school cafeteria stocks folic acid infused foodSixteen year old identical twins Melody and Harmony were separated at birth and have never met until the day Harmony shows up on Melody’s doorstep Up to now the twins have followed completely oppos. So Melody and Harmony are our two main characters And guess what they're twins NawreallyNot that they are bad names but twins named Melody and Harmony Cliche muchThe similar names also made it very difficult to keep straight on who was who The perspective jumps back and forth between the two of them just about every couple pages or so The breakneck speed of the switches makes it difficult to develop a connection to the characters or keep track of what in the heehaw is goin' on Sorry when I get frustrated the Southern comes outSo Melody or is it Harmony or Symphony No I think it's Rhythm Hell I can't keep them straight so I will call them Future Twin who is the first one we are introduced to and uses excessive amounts of future slang and Religious Twin who is the second and religious fanatic typeFuture Twin and Religious Twin are sixteen and are just meeting for the first time Future Twin has loaned out her body to bump and then deliver a baby to sell to the highest bidder Religious Twin has come to find her and save her soul Religious Twin then proceeds to impersonate Future Twin when the guy who's supposed to bump her comes around because she somehow believes this will help save Future Twin's soul But instead a whole lot of complicated things start to happenRight off the bat the lingo hit me like a back handed slap from my momma Okay so I don't actually call her Momma And my mom would never really hit me Except for that one time She threatened to spank me with a wooden spoon and then she DID Yeah I laughed too while she was doing it Anywho Oh hey There's my Northerner side view spoilerNo I'm not schizophrenic view spoilerJust a Heinz 57 from a mix of places in the US hide spoiler

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Bumped AUTHOR Megan McCafferIte paths Melody has scored an enviable conception contract with a couple called the Jaydens While they are searching for the perfect partner for Melody to bump with she is fighting her attraction to her best friend Zen who is way too short for the jobHarmony has spent her whole life in Goodside a religious community preparing to be a wife and mother She believes her calling is to convince Melody that pregging for profit is a sin But Harmony has secrets of her own t. I suspect that for some the amount of enjoyment andor engagement they experience while reading Bumped will be directly proportional to the manner in which they approach it It’s just a theory and I can’t speak for anyone but myself but I do think that an analysis of Bumped needs to take into account the angle a person has chosen to read it from Taken at face value there is content and style to the story that some readers may find problematic or even objectionable Read as a satirical take on current trends though Bumped presents some intelligent relevant commentary on social and economic pressure and the extent to which it shapes our views I’m not sure that I would say I “liked” this book in the sense in which I would normally apply the word But I was uite fascinated by the themes and interested to see how they would be developed In truth at times it was an uncomfortable book for me to read But perhaps that was entirely the point Bumped takes place in a not too distant future where a virus has caused the onset of infertility between the ages of eighteen and twenty and teen pregnancy has become a matter of profit and prestige “Bumping” and “pregging” are governed by contractual obligations managed by agents watched avidly through the hyperactive lens of extreme social media High school is divided not so much on the lines of the “popular” and the “unpopular” but the amateurs and the pros The girls with six figures riding on their six month baby bellies and the girls hoping to profit on an un contracted knock up The guys who are stud material and the guys who don’t make the “reproaesthetical” grade For the most part I bought this as a premise McCafferty’s world has its roots in our own amplifying the present reality into an exaggerated future possibility I could get behind this concept than I could say love is a disease Every female dies at 20 I mean no disrespect to those books but by comparison I found this vision of the future plausible Or least I didn’t have to suspend as much belief This is ’Sixteen and Pregnant’ peer pressure social media and economic upheaval dialled up to eleven and heavily distorted Hand in hand with this setting is uite a lot of stylised slang and terminology Bumped is thick with future speak and technological references – it took me ages to work out what all the winking and blinking was about although maybe I’m just exceptionally slow on the uptake – and this can be somewhat distracting as there is not a lot of accompanying explanation Given its prevalence you either won’t mind the language and will adjust uickly or it will drive you absolutely crazy Aside from this I did enjoy the writing The chapters are uite short and while occasionally this caused some blurring between the characters for me I did like the flow and rhythm to the book Bumped is told through the dual perspectives of identical twins Melody and Harmony separated at birth and unexpectedly re united at sixteen Melody is a trailblazer of the pregging for profit trend holding a lucrative conception contract and awaiting the selection of a suitable partner to “bump” with under pressure to seal the deal before her days of fertility are up and she enters her “obsolesence” Harmony has been raised in a fundamentalist community and believes it is her duty to convince her long lost sister of the sinfulness of her choice to procreate outside of marriage The way both Melody and Harmony are presented may not be easy for all to stomach Taking a step back from these characters though there are similarities than differences I think it may be a little short sighted to see this merely as the “religious” and “secular” going head to head Let’s face it very few would step out of that ring not nursing some wounds of offence regardless of which side their personal convictions are closely aligned with To me this was a story about two girls who are each confined by the wildly opposing moral and social strictures governing their societies Two girls undergoing a shift in perception both of themselves and each other Learning to recognise the influences and demands on their lives and whether to choose to embrace or reject these This is not to say that I either agree or disagree with the portrayals of the characters teen pregnancy or religion in this book as I found parts in both narratives to be problematic at times However I could appreciate that a large part of this story is about gaining insight into other viewpoints and becoming self determined in the face of incredible pressure from peers parents and society To vilify one side of the world McCafferty presents would be to overlook the fact that both tie the value of women to their ability to conceive and bear children and both inflict some extreme levels of pressure on young people to conform to the accepted 'procreative norm' Interestingly there is not a lot of detail around whether there are people who don’t fall within either the “Goodside” or “Otherside” communities as they are referred to by Harmony These are two narrow extremes and I can’t help but speculate that there must be others who would not claim affinity with either set of beliefs just as there are today This is a polarising book in many ways The writing style subject matter and the depiction of the characters will court strong opinions either way – not all will find it accessible There are some scenes that are deliberately I suspect incredibly skin crawly – like young girls trying on fake baby bumps the rampant sexualisation and view spoilera pregnant pre teen hide spoiler

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Read & Download Bumped AUTHOR Megan McCafferty 107 ☆ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Bumped By Megan McCafferty – When a virus makes everyone over the age of eighteen infertile would be parents pay teen girls to conceive and give birth to their children making teens the most prized members of society Girls sport When aHat she is running fromWhen Melody is finally matched with the world famous genetically flawless Jondoe both girls’ lives are changed forever A case of mistaken identity takes them on a journey neither could have ever imagined one that makes Melody and Harmony realize they have so much than just DNA in commonFrom New York Times bestselling author Megan McCafferty comes a strikingly original look at friendship love and sisterhood in a future that is eerily believab. This book was definitely not for me I have so far liked the dystopian books I have read but this felt like an infomercial for teen pregnancy than about a world gone bad The story is basically about what happens when a virus hits the US making it to where every person is barren after the age of 18 To make sure the human race stays populated adults start looking to teens and I mean starting at age 13 to help them have there dream babies Well after a couple of years of this teens and their parents start demanding compensation for their troubles and buying a baby ends up having a whole new meaning So begins the tale of Melody one of the first teens to demand a contract and Harmony her long lost twin who ended up in a church congregation that believes teens who provide this bumping service need to stop and find God The story leads us into what happens when Harmony comes in contact with her sister for the first time and how maybe this whole buying babies may not be the right answerEven though this whole idea scares me to death I might have liked the book a little better if the author hadn't glorified teen pregnancy so much I know that this world believes that teens are the answer but I had the feeling while I was reading that there was a hidden agenda and it gave me an icky feeling The biggest problem I had was why in the world did these teens have to bump aka have sex McCafferty created this world to be very high tech Throughout the book I kept thinking about the movie Back To the Future when Marty McFly goes into the future and you see all this high tech euipment With all of this high tech stuff I would have thought that she could have written a better way for these teens to become pregnant Again I felt that she glorified things a little too much Throughout most of the book I was cringing because of the extremes that some of these poor teens went through to get pregnant To give you an example the cheerclones had masSEXparties where the whole point is to try and get pregnant at the same time and the guys get to pretty much have sex with as many girls as possible This is gross and in this day and age where so many teen girls think that getting pregnant is fun I think this send the wrong message It is not until the end of the book that Melody starts rethinking her decision to be an incubator and by this time so many things have happened that it really makes no difference This book was not wrapped up at all and there is a cliff hanger ending Oh and the slang that the author used I couldn't grasp until about halfway through the book I think she needs a glossary in the book because even now I can't explain most of the technology and even certain word meanI am not everybody and I know uite a few people who liked this book but it just wasn't for me