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Download Ebook ò The Braddock Boys Brent å 224 pages Ì Kimberly raye ð ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Braddock Boys Brent By Kimberly Raye ❤ – Brent Braddock flouts the rules He's the ultimate charmer with his cocky wink and slow molten grin But thereNAnd she's the first one to make Brent think about ending his love 'em and leave 'em waysBut can a woman who champions all things good and awella vampire make it work Only if bad boy Brent can regain the one thing forever denied to himhis humanit A uick readThe story is simple

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Er Abigail Trent She goes strictly by the books and is always the toughest one in the room But damn The Braddock ePUB #9734 when Brent gets an eyeful and then some of what's underneath her very unfeminine clothes Oh yeah she's definitely all woma Did not expect to find a vampire book so exciting they aren't usually my thing but I will definately be continuing this series Brad was a very sexy hero and he made 'tall dark and handsome' look pale compared to him Abby was soo not the love sick heroine like many other books she sure goes after what she wantsLoved every word of this book even though it seemed as if the author was rambling in a few parts and refused to get the conversation startedsuch a tease

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The Braddock Boys BrentBrent Braddock flouts the rules He's the ultimate charmer with his cocky wink and slow molten grin But there's still too much range left to ride for a cowboy vampire like him to consider settling downThen he meets Command Master Chief Petty Offic I figured I'd choose a paranormal book for one of my 100 Harleuin Reads because I figured I would run into one sooner than later and the installation of the Love at First Bite series Brent came up as I perused audiobooks in the Harleuin line Let me state a few things one this book features a lot of sensual tension and release between the two leads and if that's all you're looking for including a bit of steamy vampiric scenes particularly steamy sex then I think it's one of those books that some may enjoy Of course for those of you who read my reviews you know I definitely expect Two I liked the narrator of the audiobook he has a great voice and paces the characterization uite well which is probably why I liked the book than I probably would've if I read it That said I wasn't necessarily taken by this than other paranormal or romantic reads though the premise is interesting if not familiar Brent is a vampire who's had enough of love after being betrayed by the one who he loved the most some time before but he finds a challenge when Petty Officer Abby Trent walks into town with a mission of her own The two are at first repulsed by the other taking every measure to avoid each other then end up in just the opposite realmI'll admit I thought Abby wasn't a very confident character despite her identity and there were times when I just didn't like Brent's demeanor until I realized why he acted the way he did and I did feel for him in spurts of the unfolding relationship At least his tormented character wasn't over the top or beaten over my head nor were Abby's vices They seemed human and probably realistic in this line of books than peers and the unfolding conflict in which they were involved was properly paced and tied by the endIt wasn't a bad read for what it offered though I think it could've had development and fleshing of the plot to drive it home I added5 for the nice audiobook narration but it's a two star story that left me with lukewarm impressionsOverall score 25