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READ Mr Majestyk ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ù ❰Reading❯ ➶ Mr Majestyk Author Elmore Leonard – “Splendidentirely engrossing”—Los Angeles Times“First ratean excellent thrillerwell plotted and smoothly writtencrackles with suspense”—Bergan RecordA classic crime novel Mr MajeIned by the local mob he decides to fight back in this masterful crime fiction thriller early proof that Leonard not only belongs in the company of John D MacDonald Dashiell Hammett James M Cain Robert B Parker and the other great names in American mystery and suspensehe is in fact “The King Daddy of crime writers” Seattle Times. A short well told tale that comes to an exciting climax Lots of action The characters are lightly drawn They are tough rough and designed to be liked or disliked There is little grey here I enjoyed it Not a genre I normally read and there is not enough to likely draw me back but it was a side trip I am glad I took

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Today” USA Today the acclaimed author who brought the world Raylan Givens the  trigger happy US Marshal who lights up  TV screens across America in the hit series Justified Leonard makes a big noise himself with this timeless noir tale of personal justice and brutal vengeance When a war veteran Arizona farmer loses everything ru. When a wannabe tough guy tries to muscle in on Vincent Majestyk's melon farm Majestyk lets him know in no uncertain terms that he's not welcome Majestyk a US Army war veteran now has only one goal in mind get his crop in and save his farm He's not about to let some two bit hustler dictate terms This lands Majestyk in jail though where he faces assault charges and gets caught up in an escape attempt by a fellow jailbird the notorious hit man Frank Renda Offered a chance to run off with Renda Majestyk just wants to get clear of the whole mess and return to his melon farm However Majestyk finds this isn't so easy after you've double crossed a professional killer and now he's got than the melons on his farm to worry about But teamed up with Nancy Chavez a tough and sassy lady hired on as a picker Majestyk is about to teach Renda that this is one melon farmer you don't mess withLike many others I was saddened by the recent passing of El Leonard and initially felt the urge to read a bunch of his stuff that I haven't read yet and there are a bunch but I guess there is plenty of time for that Since there won't be any from EL I'm going to take my time to savor themSo instead I decided to revisit a personal favorite Mr Majestyk Even though it's sort of a minor EL title this little novel packs a lot of punch in a small package Part crime novel and part modern western Mr Majestyk doesn't have a lot of the snappy dialogue that EL is famous for but the dialogue as well as the prose are distinctly El Leonard and carry that same tough casual feel There is a lot of action in Mr Majestyk I read somewhere that EL wrote this as an original screenplay and wrote the novelization later That may be because Mr Majestyk certainly has a cinematic feel to it strangely enough I don't believe I have ever at the time of this review seen the film starring Charles Bronson I'm going to have to correct that deficiency posthaste Despite this fact Majestyk while seemingly a pretty archetypal hero character actually has a lot of depth and this is stuff you sort of have to put together yourself since neither EL nor Majestyk seem to have a lot of patience for navel gazing  Majestyk really is a great character He's a working class bad ass without even trying or realizing it The other characters are drawn perfectly as well and I am always left in some amazement that EL can make characters come alive without letting a lot of pesky words get in the wayI love Mr Majestyk and I thank El Leonard for writing it Again I'm sad about his passing but I have a lot yet to read of his stuff As long as there are El Leonard stories to read and re read heck that's about the best kind of immortality to have if you ask me RIP El Leonard 1925 2013

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Mr Majestyk“Splendidentirely engrossing” Los Angeles Times“First ratean excellent thrillerwell plotted and smoothly writtencrackles with suspense” Bergan RecordA classic crime novel Mr Majestyk is vintage El Leonard an edgy dark fiendishly compelling tale of a uiet man making a whole lot of noise  “The best writer of crime fiction. When someone tries to strongarm melon farmer Vincent Majestyk he uickly ends up beaten and soon Majestyk is in jail However the prison bus is attacked and Majestyk finds himself on the run with Frank Renda a hitman That's when things get complicated Will Majestyk be able to fix the situation and get his melon crop in on timeThis early El Leonard book is a pretty smooth read like all of his stuff Vincent Majestyk melon farmer and Vietnam vet is one of Leonard's typical good guys rough around the edges and not entirely law abiding The plot's not all that complicated Majestyk wrongs a couple people and they want him dead Too bad no one told them he was a ranger in Laos and earned a Silver StarCharles Bronson played Majestyk in the movie I've never seen it but it was easy to picture Bronson in the lead role as I read Majestyk is the take no shit kind of guy Bronson usually played He's not John Rambo but he's definitely capable He just wants to get his damn melon crop in on timeThe bad guys are pretty par for the Leonardine course slick but not as slick as they think they are Unlike some of old Dutch's villains I didn't find any of them to be very likeable and it was very satisfying once Majestyk starts taking the law into his own hands If they had any redeeming ualities I might have felt bad for themThe story is one long cat and mouse game and it starts feeling like a western close to the end like a lot of El Leonard tales I guess what I'm saying is that while Mr Majestyk feels like a lot of El Leonard tales it's definitely one of the better ones It's a high three or a low four