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DOWNLOAD A Fable by William Faulkner í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ [Reading] ➶ A Fable ➬ William Faulkner – This novel won both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award in 1955 An allegorical story of World War I set in the trenches in France and dealing ostensiblyThis novel won both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award in An allegorical story of World War I set in the tre. Took a long time to turn the last page I feel relieved not coz I ended it but happy to have read it uite a writer Faulkner isI'd call it a challenging read as the story would never come across easily The developments are far too measly compared to the detailed description If it's a story you want don't bother to read this Set amidst the world war background where one unit of army goes for mutiny under the leader 'corporal' who is center point of mass fury as he brings war to the end To resurrect the  messiah of peace in fiction was a theme for this story which kept writer bound for almost a decadeFaulkner braids the wisps of words entwined with explicit details and then spins it hurls around and fling in a delivery one catch the action in last moment almost missing it Since the plot is unhappening its natural it takes time The vocabulary is expansive for my tastes the tone becomes monotonous a lot Also if you tend to read books half way you might tempt to live it in between The story tangles a lot formation on different planes and different time blurs previous one the paragraph long sentences makes you re read some long sentences and yet you go on You see he's genius Handling such story in so unlikely fashion sandwiching it in between his detailed observations and nuances of characters actions and tightly woven background If its your idea of good book go for it I feel Pulitzer award was justified to have this book I think the tough serious language and slow pace kept it reaching to masses like Faulkner's other creations For me I will read it after some years again

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Nches in France and dealing ostensibly with a mutiny in a French regiment it was originally considered a sharp departure. What can I say It's Faulkner Even when he's not at his best which I think applies to 'A Fable' he's still a magnificent writer and a literary genius I started this one a long time ago and then got sidetracked by other things at about one third of the way in Because of the time lapse since when I put it down and because it's Faulkner I just started all over again And it's a hard slog in the beginning The farther along you muddle through though the clearer everything gets That's the beauty of Faulkner you might not think you are absorbing what he is writing but trust the process it's in the brain and its meaning will reveal itself as you go along I could clearly see the religious parallels creatively imbued in this story of the unknown soldier who in this case paused the Great War WWI Don't want to comment much on that aspect of the story as it's well trodden ground I'll just say that this novel constitutes an indictment on the horror of war the dangers of nationalism and militaristic patriotism and the inevitable nature of humanity's embrace of violent conflict to resolve disputes I'm still absorbing a lot of the meandering that Faulkner did in the beginning sections of the novel and I think to be honest that some of that meandering was as much a bit of Faulkner being careless and resting on his reputation for this kind of writing as it was some profound plumbing of the psychological and philosophical depths Some of the meandering was I think not as intentionally meaningful as one might impute to it In fact I do think some of it is just intellectual psychobabble But also probably not as much as some who tire of Faulkner's style might also think I love Faulkner and I think all of his novels should have won Pulitzers This one is deserving though I know that others of his novels that didn't win are better and deserving There are very few writers in the same league as Faulkner And I am kinda glad that I have now this moment completed my goal of reading every single Pulitzer fiction winner with a Faulkner novel

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A Fable by William FaulknFor Faulkner Recently it has come to be recognized as one of his major works and an essential part of the Faulkner oeuv. I believe that my personal preference with regard to novels is toward those which possess such an intricately structured chaos that ultimately make sense by the end of the novel Looking back I think that Absalom Absalom is my most favourite novel because of how it ties the loose ends so well at the end of the novel I think that the novel is Faulkner at the peak of his powers he is both extremely dense and yet extremely sensible Everything absolutely makes sense at the end of it and the broken images jarring shifts in time and purported excursions actually cohere into a beautiful tragic whole The same can be said to a lesser extent in his Sound and the Fury Of course Faulkner is also pretty good as a minimalist as evidenced by his As I Lay Dying This dynamism led among others Albert Camus to recognize Faulkner as the eminent American novelist of all time It would have been all right had Fable been as well constructed as Absalom Absalom was Alas both brilliance and bathos could be seen in Faulkner here the prose is extremely rambling at times that despite being a relatively seasoned reader of Faulkner at 13 works and counting I had a hard time deciphering what he wanted to discuss in the first place It became eventually worse when I couldn’t see much of a point with his discursions The ending was frustrating precisely because the novel could have been cut in half and yet still have made a whole lot of sense or nonsense The story is essentially simple A corporal convinces twelve men of his not to continue fighting the war which led to the whole battalion stop fighting This causes the other side the Germans to also stop fighting the war and a temporary truce is made after the two sides realize that it takes an aggressor to even have a war One of the other twelve men betrays the corporal the corporal is shot dead left by his followers along with two other thieves Marthe and Marya bear witness to the occurrence alongside a prostitute who was answered for by the corporal because of his kindness The division commander is ordered killed by the generalissimo The former dies as if a hero he is shot in his front by his own men with a German pistol Before killing the corporal however the generalissimo tempts the corporal to retire to the countryside and abrogate his mission The corporal declines – and is thus killed The story is of course partly a retelling of the story of Jesus Christ The thesis is that if a Christ like figure existed in the 20th century he’d have been shot dead It’s similar to the thesis of Dostoevsky’s Idiot Unlike Dostoevsky’s work however this lacked in clarity plot and storytelling There was little coherence right until the end of the novel and editing could certainly have been done to make the story readable and fluid Instead what I read was a jumbled mishmash of a retelling with little to show for it I agree with a fellow reviewer of mine if one sought to read easy accessible Faulkner I suggest As I Lay Dying; if one sought to read intricate difficult but rewarding Faulkner I recommend The Sound and the Fury and if that was to one’s taste Absalom Absalom which I believe is his greatest work If one sought to be frustrated and angry with a difficult and unrewarding work one should try A Fable I’ve been such a masochist lately