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Free read Ù PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ï Norman Davies Of Aragon' which once dominated the western Mediterranean the Grand Duchy of Lithuania for a time the largest country in Europe the successive kingdoms and one duchy of Prussia much of whose history is now half remembered at best This book shows the reader how to peer through the cracks of mainstream history writing and listen to the echoes of lost realms across the centuries. Norman Davies surprised me than 20 years ago with his phenomenal Europe A History a thick peat that had the great merit of treating Eastern European history on an eual footing with that of the well known Western European Davies then continued to produce thick volumes and this Vanished Kingdoms also is a uite voluminous His focus in this book is on the kingdoms and states that have come to an end in the course of European history Some were very well known to me such as the Burgundian countries the Byzantine empire Prussia or the USSR but others were much lesser known such as the shadowy Alt Clud empire in present day Scotland the kingdom of Aragon in Northern Spain and the great Polish Lithuanian Union; it was nice to learn about themOnce again the book is full of facts and adjustments of the common historiographical views for which Davies obviously draws from his enormous erudition and his acute critical sense Also his predilection for Eastern European history shows again as many as 7 of the 15 treated countries come from that region and Davies is doing his best to correct our Western European colored vision on Eastern Europe in a positive sense striking is his relativization of the militarism of Prussia and the anti semitism of the Poles All those inexhaustible stories with constantly changing fortunes certainly are very interesting But inevitably at times Davies' story becomes somewhat tedious for example in the jumble of dynastic uarrels This certainly isn’t a uick readThere’s also some conceptual criticism you can give on this book especially about the selection Davies has made For that I refer to my History account on Goodreas But let's not diminish the value of this work too much again Davies certainly has succeeded in presenting a very filled but still reasonably readable and extremely interesting book in which especially one message is central nothing is forever no state has the eternal life This seems obvious but the historical reality clearly shows that most politicians are not really aware of that

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Vanished Kingdoms The History of Half Forgotten Europe Free download ê 105 í [PDF] ✅ Vanished Kingdoms The History of Half Forgotten Europe By Norman Davies – 'The past is a foreign country' has become a truism yet we often forget that the past is different from the pre 'The The History of Half Kindle past is a foreign The History eBook #10003 country' has become a truism yet we often forget that the past is different from the present in many unfamiliar Vanished Kingdoms PDF or ways and historical memory is extraordinarily imperfect We habitually think of the European past as the history of countries which exist today France Germany Britai. Norman Davies says right at the beginning of this book that he has chosen to write about things that interest him and I have found it one of the most interesting histories I have read in years It both opens new doors who ever knew of Tolosa Alt Clud Aragon or Rosenau and fills in threadbare parts of my tapestry of knowledge about European history Burgundy and Galicia for instance I have sticky notes all the way through it and suspect that it will be a book I press upon anybody remotely interested in the history of Europe as a wholeAlthough all his chosen kingdoms states or empires have ceased to exist in the forms at which they had their greatest identity or power their stories are all affected by the wide shifts of power within and across parts of Europe as empires rise and fall ebb and flow always with terrible conseuences for the weaker partiesEthnicity seen here as deriving principally from language and religion is one of the great recurring divides In some places at some times various ethnicities can live together in relative harmony with reasonable balance between communities Davies gives example after example of how the rise of nationalisms based on ethnic divides arose during the 19th century and played out their rivalries in wars from then until now the Slavic states and USSR in particularIn the last chapter Davies outlines his thoughts on why states die One of course is annihilation in war Another is the dying out of political dynasties where a dynasty has held territories together such as the Hapsburgs and the Holy Roman Empire then Austrian empire Some states 'liuidate' he says often under external pressure as with the Irish Republic under the Anglo Irish treaty of 1921 And then there's the category of 'infant mortality' where a young country never gains enough strength to survive the predations of neighboursSuccessful statehood he concludes 'is a rare blessing It reuires health and vigor good fortune benevolent neighbours and a sense of purpose to aid growth and reach maturity' This is a book full of information and ideas written in Davies' characteristically lively prose I'm not sufficiently well read in European history to recognise whether errors flow from wide generalizations as they often do Davies cruises over such huge territory that it would be surprising if there weren't some twitchy momentsBut I've loved reading it and will go back to it

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Vanished Kingdoms The History of Half Forgotten EuropeN Russia Kingdoms The History eBook #180 and so on but often this actually obstructs our view of the past and blunts our sensitivity to the ever changing political landscape Europe's history is Kingdoms The History of Half MOBI #233 littered with kingdoms duchies empires and republics which have now disappeared but which were once fixtures on the map of their age 'the Empire. Vanished Kingdoms is a bit of an uneven book On the one hand it delves into some really fascinating corners of European history and reminds the reader that there is no intrinsic reason the current borders are where they are On the other hand Davies sometimes ends up on some inconseuential tangents and has a thing for discussing a vanished kingdom's songs and poetry not my cup of tea Even as a lover of history I grew tired of some of the paths he led me down This was clearly a special project to him and I think he may have let it run a little wild Sections were also a bit unbalanced with some states getting a very deep dive while others like Byzantium barely getting much attention at all This book read like a collection of essays than a cohesive history book with the last chapter which discussed why states die not doing a very good job linking the previous parts togetherAll in all I would not recommend buying this book but if it is in your local library it is worth checking out even if you only read a few of the vanished kingdoms that most interest you