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Buried by Robin Merrow MacCreaLy’s trailer Buried is a suspenseful and mind twisting psychological thriller that will keep readers turning the pages and help them grasp the drama and destruction of codependen. Okay so having looked at one Edgar nominee I went back and re read this Edgar winner I remember the first time I read this story about a high school senior’s pretty creepy disintegration after her alcoholic mother disappears and I feel the same way now as I did then like shoot why didn’t I think of that Okay I used stronger language I had the ugly green envies for a week This is a fabulously well done psychological mystery that manages to be both highly believable and genuinely weird–because really self deception is what this book is all about As a shrink I’ve heard and seen some pretty out there stuff and this rang true for me throughout A highly satisfying read that deserved its award Give it a shot

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READ & DOWNLOAD Buried by Robin Merrow MacCready í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ ❮Reading❯ ➿ Buried Author Robin Merrow MacCready – Claudine has long buried her own needs and dreams to care for her alcoholic mother But after Mom suddenly disappears a mucClaudine has long buried her own needs and dreams to care for her alcoholic mother But after Mom suddenly disappears a much darker truth that lies buried under years of angry denia. Wow Slow lead in to a powerful shocking ending I began to recognize the subtle clues the author was leaving but I bet our students wouldn't OCD is prevalent in the story but not what is focused on the most I like the way the author made a point about several issues that might affect teens without beating me over the head with it I think teenagers will appreciate the same thing Nice uote that is worth a good discussion when the book is over I think about second chances and how everyone has them They come right after a mistake and before making another choice but you have to feel your feelings first I like that the main character understands that making a mistake is directly related to making a choice Good theme Good characters Good book

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L and enabling behavior is waiting to be uncovered When Claudine eventually hits rock bottom she must literally dig to find the secret that waits in a shallow grave behind the fami. For her whole life Claudine has had to clean up the messes caused by her mother’s alcoholism Things had finally gotten better but when her mom relapses and disappears again Claudine vows to put their lives back in order through careful planning and routine But to do lists can’t stop Claudine’s life from spinning out of control as she slowly unearths the deeply buried secrets of her past 15 I gave this book one star because 1it gave me the heebie jeebies super creepy factor of 10and 2was frustrating to me as an educator because the teachers did nothing to help the protagonist However it did have a good message and shined light upon problems that many teens face If you like the YA problem novel genre then you'll probably like this book