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FREE READ Ã A Stormy Greek Marriage Õ [Read] ➭ A Stormy Greek Marriage Author Lynne Graham – Billie's wedding day should have been the happiest of her life She was marrying the father of her babyher secret baby But tycoon Alexei Drakos had suffered amnesia so he had no recollection of the inc Billie's weddiE had no recollection of the incredible night he'd spent with Billie a year ago Tonight he was expecting his new bride to be a virginBillie knew that a marriage laced w. Well no wonder I felt as if I had come into this story in the middle Turns out from reading a few reviews just now that it is the second of two parts and you REALLY need to read the other first evidently I kept feeling like there was a whole lot of history these two had together that was sort of referred to as if you know WTF was going on The author made no attempt to get those who had not read the first book up to speed The book itself was just okay Typical secret baby stuff Father doesn't believe the child is his until the DNA test Then he snatches the baby off to a foreign country etc The heroine is at least not a doormat Once she figures out that he doesn't love her she refuses to sleep with him so that was different On the whole though the book suffered so much from not being a stand alone read that I ended up not really caring for it and I am generally a fan of this author

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Billie's wedding day should have been the happiest of her life She was marrying the father of her babyher secret baby But tycoon Alexei Drakos had suffered amnesia so h. Annoying asf H gets drunk one night and takes h's virginity he's her boss impregnating her then hits his head and forgets all about it Next day he's back with his supermodel ex girlfriend Heroine slinks away to have his babyEventually Hh get married H thinking she's a virgin and having no idea about their ever having had sex much less their baby Is super pissed when he finds out she's not a virgin on their wedding night Calls her a lying gold digger when she reveals the truth storms offHe gets a DNA test done on the baby; during the wait he's off in another country hanging out with his ex girlfriend whom he has put up in one of his housesThey get back together in the end of course but I hated this stupid book because the whole time she's being treated like crap and being PUBLICLY HUMILIATED because the press is covering his behavior ditching his new bride right after the wedding to be with his ex gf and he never stops calling her a liar and heaping verbal and emotional abuse on her I hated how he twisted everything so if she was lying she's in the wrong and when it turns out she was telling the truth she's still in the wrong She's the evil baddie no matter what When the truth is the poor girl lost her goddamn virginity to her boss who literally forgets her the very next day and swans around with his bitchy girlfriend while she goes off to have a baby alone and broken hearted Hitting his head and forgetting is one thing but to be so mean to her after remembering what a shitlord It's SO ANNOYING when Heroes are all like denying me knowledge of my baby is the worst crime that can be committed against a man and a woman going through nine months of pregnancy and giving birth all alone and trying to make a living taking care of a baby as a single mother is just brushed away like it's nothing compared to how much the man suffered in ignorance partying it up with his supermodel Fuck off Heroine was a wimpy ragdoll and Hero was a shitlord Book sucked

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A Stormy Greek MarriageIth hidden surprises was not likely to last A Stormy PDFEPUB or If only for their son's sake she had to convince Alexei of the truthstarting tonight in the honeymoon be. Nice seuel with lots of angst and drama The heroine made me so angry and frustrated with her efforts to hide her baby from his father I thought that was so immature and an evil thing to do I wanted her to grow up and admit the truth to Alexei cause her stubbornness and deception was too much I was like get off your high horseThe hero was amazing In the first book I thought he was a major jerk but in this one he is sweet crazy possessive and very supportive of what the heroine is going through with her mother He is flawed and perfect because he knows just how imperfect he is and he is willing to change all this for the one woman he loves and for his family Such a sexy alpha heroThis book is full of emotions it takes you through a roller coaster ride and a wonderful HEA