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Kluge Author Gary F. MarcAre we noble in reason? Perfect in God's image? Far from it says New York University psychologist Gary Marcus In this lucid and revealing book Marcus argues that the mind is not an elegantly designed organ but a kluge a clumsy cobbled together contraption He unveils a fundamentally new way of looking at the human mind think duct tape not supercomputer that sheds light on some of the most mysteriou Kluge is a slang term for a clumsy or inelegant solution to a problem In this new book psychologist Gary Marcus argues that the human mind itself is a kluge and then goes on to discuss how this explains why you can't remember the name of that woman from your yoga class when you run into her at the movie theaterThe basis of Marcus' argument is that evolution was working with the tools at hand when it whipped up the complex parts of our brain and that the result while generally functional is often far from optimal In each chapter Marcus details various maddening brain systems ranging from memory to belief to pleasure and offers intriguing reasons why they so often fail to work as we would like them to In the chapter on choice for example he points out that we often make highly irrational decisions when it comes to money because our mind is basically trying to wing it with a system that was developed not to deal with money but rather with food Anybody who has ever found themselves staring at the result of some financial indiscretion will well understand that evolution is clearly still working out the kinks on that one Marcus is not shy about highlighting the fact that klugey nature of our minds does not bode well for arguments in favor of intelligent design As he discusses how we adapted our existing physiology to deal with the increasingly complex demands of language it does make one wonder why—if there was an intelligent designer involved—the adaptations to the larynx that gave us control over our vocalizations also dramatically increased our chances of choking to death It does seem like there could have been a better wayThough this book does revisit some territory I was already familiar with his fundamental premise was compelling enough that it added a new dimension of understanding to the things that frustrate me about my own brain In his final chapter Marcus makes a good argument that we all need to understand the sloppy shortcuts evolution made with our minds so that we can better defend ourselves against the tendency of advertisers politicians cults and the like to exploit the flaws in the system and he concludes with a useful 13 point listing of concrete steps we can take to counteract the built in weaknesses of our klugey brains

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Though it's only four words long He also offers surprisingly effective ways to outwit our inner kluge for example always consider alternative explanations make contingency plans and beware the vivid personal anecdote Throughout he shows how only evolution haphazard and undirected could have produced the minds we humans have while making a brilliant case for the power and usefulness of imperfection This book presented one of the best arguments I've heard against creationism intelligent design It suggests that we evolved enough to surive rather than to the very best so many human systems the spine our reasoning capacities even language is just good enough and often not the optimal but rather a kluge which does the job needed but nothing Why would an intelligent designer create such an imperfect system when they could make the best one possible I don't agree with everything this writer says but it is food for thought

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Kluge Author Gary F. Marcus Ebook Ì 224 pages ê Johnscyclingdiary é [PDF / Epub] ★ Kluge By Gary F. Marcus – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Are we noble in reason? Perfect in God's image? Far from it says New York University psychologist Gary Marcus In this lucid and revealing book Marcus argues tS aspects of human natureTaking us on a tour of the fundamental areas of human experience memory belief decision making language and happiness Marcus reveals the myriad ways our minds fall short He examines why people often vote against their own interests why money can't buy happiness why leaders often stick to bad decisions and why a sentence like people people left left ties us into knots even I read the NOOkcolor ebook editionI thought I'd really love a book about evolution's mistakes especially one who shows irrefutably Creationists are Marcus starts out by noting that if God made man in His image and if he made man perfect it's than passingly strange that we have lousy spines that are actually retreaded uadruped spines Everyone who has had back and neck problems can relate to thisHowever that was the beginning Where Marcus goes stupidly wrong is his claim that if God really designed manHe would've given homo sapiens memory like a computer's what he calls postal code memory in which each memory is at a specific address in the brain Instead God desifned man with contextual memory which has us retrieve memory by thinking of something related to what we want to remember Also God wouldn't have given man language which can be ambiguous and in which every word has than one meaning Marcus shows his incredible ignorance on why our memories and languages are maximally effective especially in that they can be adapted to new contexts immediatelyI will be writing a probably vitriolic post on this topic tomorrow at have already written two posts on this blog about Marcus which explains the many things wrong with this book and also three posts on the evolution of language so I won't repeat any od this here How can such an idiotic book get published Well if you have academic credentials and you write in passingly clear prose publishers will take a chance on you I guess