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Characters ↠ Raw Family A True Story of Awakening ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Raw Family A True Story of Awakening By Victoria Boutenko – There is no knowledge important than the knowledge of listening to our body for the sake of our own healtN body Raw Family PDF into frames of scientific theories But it is possible to know what we need to do here and now for our health It is possible to learn to listen to our body's voic. I've read this before in 2008 it was one of the first books I read about the raw food diet Life changing Even though I now follow a low fat raw diet 55 years later this little book is still a fantastic source of inspiration Read it again today just for some nostalgia uick read

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S If anybody can heal us it is only ourselves It will take centuries for science to learn the Family A True Story of Kindle hopelessness of the attempt to push the everchanging huma. This is a very short book but gives a good autobiographical story of a family that started learning about raw food It was written in journal format several family members traded off in different sections and we see their thoughts and feelings I like that it explained how and why the family made their food choices and how it affected their health All the family members are battling illnesses or disease at the start of the book and all are healthy and not under a doctor's care by the end

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Raw Family A True Story of AwakeningA True PDF #204 There is no knowledge important than the knowledge of listening to our body for the sake of our own health We have an illusion that someone from the outside can heal u. I've read uite a bit lately on raw foods and this book is different from them all I finished it in one sitting because I couldn't put it down The Boutenko's welcome us into their lives and share their journey from dire illness to raw foods as a familyWritten in such a way that each family member's voice is included this book chronicles their introduction to raw foods in 1994 when Sergei then in 3rd grade was diagnosed with incurable juvenile diabetes Following her instincts his mother Victoria refused to put him on insulin instead beginning to research the effects of diet on healthAmazingly the whole family went raw together a short time afterward and this story includes all the thoughts and feelings all the changes they experienced as a result of their live food diet Reading it does something that other technical raw food manuals and cookbooks cannot do it allows the reader to actually see what life might be like as a raw fooderThough the Boutenko's and their children were experiencing health problems due to their diet and lifestyle which strongly influenced their desire to go raw and encouraged them to stick with it their story offers hope that making the transition with older children is indeed possibleThis is an inspiring book and it includes a small recipe section and some before and after photographs of the family A gem