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free read ¸ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ó Roy F. Baumeister Have men Anything Good Epub #226 really been engaged in a centuries old conspiracy to exploit and oppress women Have the essential differences between men and women really been erased Is There ePUB #9734 Have men now become unnecessary Are they good for anything at allIn Is There Anything Good About Men Roy Baumeister offers provocative answers to these and many There Anything Good PDFEPUB #228 other uestions about the current state of manhood in America Baumeister argues that relations between men and women are now and have always been cooperative than antagonistic that men and women are dif. Baumeister gives a standard economic argument to explain differences in outcomes eg career success incomes between men and women He attributes these differences not to oppression as feminists would have us believe but to differing levels of motivation Women says Baumeister are better at close intimate relationships while men are better at developing broad networks of shallow relationships Men for evolutionary reasons strive to achieve greatness In our evolutionary pasts only those men who climbed to the top were able to have sex and reproduce As a result the men who are around today are the descendants of the few chosen men who had in them a strong sexual drive and were able to oust many other men in a competition in which women were the prizeBaumesiter argues that culture exploits men One of the ways he says it does is by marriage which he sees as a way of transferring wealth earned by men to women and children Baumeister says he is a romantic but it's clear from his writing that he is anything but He suggests that love is a myth propagated by culture to get men to make a life long commitment financial and sexual to a single woman Men get the raw end of the bargain over time as their wives gain weight and lose their sexual appeal while the men become richer and powerful Baumeister argues that culture curbs men's sexual desires by encouraging them to commit to a single woman He suggests that half of all men will cheat on their wives at some point and that men who have the choice choose to have sex with multiple partners He points to superstars like professional athletes or famous actors or politicians whose sex lives are freuently the subject of scandal He also refers to a campus experiment where three uarters of attractive men agreed to have sex in a heart beat with an anonymous woman When the experiment was reversed with men approaching attractive women there were no takers Culture says Baumeister dangles an elusive carrot of abundant willing sexual partners to harness men's talents in the creation of wealth for society It is elusive both because men's sexual fantasies are somewhat beyond reality and because few men reach greatness while those who do have paid a high price along the way in terms of self sacrifice Male ego and overconfidence ensure that all men give it their best shot which acts as a sorting mechanism to reveal the few men who are really capable of greatness It is these men whose contributions move society forwardThroughout the book Baumeister attacks the widespread view that men and women are the same in every relevant respect and the corollary that there must be systemic oppression of women in our society This belief rests on two fallacies First although men and women have the same average ability the distribution for men has fatter tails dispersion of ability at either end of the spectrum When making the case for women's oppression people tend to focus at the top of the distribution where they find predominantly men among the ranks of top CEO's and politicians what they fail to notice is that men also dominate the bottom positions in society the prisons death row the homeless the mentally disabled As Baummmeister puts it men are nature's way of rolling the dice If nature lucks out by stumbling upon a winning genetic variation the man who has it has lots of sex with many women thereby propagating the trait rapidly On the flip side when a trait has a bad outcome the man fails to reproduce and the trait meets a uick end Women in contrast are able to mother only a limited number of babies during their lifetime so nature has endowed them with greater moderation and risk aversion Their abilities are tightly clustered in the middle of the distributionThe second fallacy to which people fall victim is to overlook differences in motivation Men are far ambitious than women within the male domain of broad shallow relationships which characterize most large organizations To support his case Baumeister points to surveys of the female graduates of IVY leagues universities which find that significant fractions of these top performing women are unemployed several years after graduation Since they graduated from the top universities in the world these women clearly face an abundance of career choices and are sought after by the most prestigious employers The decision many women make to stay home with their children instead of pursuing the top tier career available to them reveals their lower level of motivation to take on this kind of work Some but not all of the book resonates with my own experiences When I look at my own life in my early 20's I see how central to my life were my sexual desires and how preoccupied I was with trying to satisfy them Looked at through Baumeister's lens I see the twin forces of nature and culture having done a number on me Nature endowed me with plenty of restless sexual energy and drive to climb to the top Culture then stepped in with the institution of marriage Once I got married and had children the restless energy was replaced with an intense career orientation knowing that my family now depends on my financial support I think marriage viewed from a broad cultural perspective is a great tool to get men to hanker down on their careers and create wealth for society Without marriage men would wander the land restlessly with their minds never far from their next sexual conuest To tame the beast men need a contract which entitles them to sex with a single woman and forbids them through social norms from looking beyond This takes men's energy and attention away from trying to have sex with many women and channels it into productive means

characters Is There Anything Good about Men?

characters Is There Anything Good about Men? 107 ☆ [Epub] ➛ Is There Anything Good about Men? ➠ Roy F. Baumeister – Have men really been engaged in a centuries old conspiracy to exploit and oppress women Have the essential differences between men and women really been erased Have men now become u Ferent in basic ways and that successful cultures capitalize on these differences to outperform rival cultures Amongst our ancestors as with many other species only the alpha males were able to reproduce leading them to take risks and to exhibit aggressive and protective behaviors than women whose evolutionary strategies reuired a different set of behaviors Whereas women favor and excel at one to one intimate relationships men compete with one another and build larger organizations and social networks from which culture grows But cultures in turn exploit men by insisting that their role is to. Although feminist ideas are mentioned from time to time in this book I want to emphasize from the start that I am not debating any actual feminist scholars of the movement of feminist thought itself In fact I strongly suspect there is not point in debating with feministsThat means that even if an outsider like me made the most brilliant correct and insightful point against some feminist claim the feminists wouldn't listen or change their views one iota So why botherWell he didn't technically lie; he doesn't debate actual feminist scholars Instead he decides to create an Imaginary Feminist who is to represent the 'established wisdomfeminists as perceived by men' Oh boyThe idea of a glass ceiling is that there are hidden conspiracies among men to keep women downMoreover most serious social scientists recognize that conspiracy theories are generally wrong and this one should be considered uite dubiousSo we come to the false premise that underlies much of the book Baumeister refers to common feminist claims as anything other than 'conspiracies' exactly two times and expunges them on this basis repeatedly throughout the book For someone with a PhD I expect betterFrom the unfeeling perspective of the system it could be worth it to restrict female access to educationYikesBefore we condemn men as hopeless sinners however we might feel a moment of sympathy for their unrewarded successes How many times on the dance floor possibly head swimming with too many drinks did he want to reach out and touch some woman’s derriere and yet he resisted How many times did he stop as soon as the woman with whom he was necking said to stop He doesn’t get any credit for all the times he stifles his desires despite all the struggle and sacrifice that they cost him Daily he wrestles with the beast and mostly he keeps it controlled even though it is part of him and crucially when he does manage to give it the sex it wants the result has been some of the most glorious moments of bliss he has ever known Mostly he succeeds in restraining himself Out of every thousand times he has to deny himself and stop himself from acting on his feelings once or twice he slips up and these can be enough to shame him In fact he’s lucky if their only lasting effect is painful memories tinged with shame embarrassment and guilt These little slip ups could ruin him costing him his career his marriage his happiness even his freedomHe wants men to get credit for not sexually assaulting womenThere are many reasons to debate with feminists To do so fruitfully one would actually need to do what Baumeister referred to in the beginning make brilliant correct and insightful points against some feminist claims Baumeister fails to do this in this book There is plenty good about men and they deserve a lot better than what they have currently and a hell of a lot better than what this book offers them

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Is There Anything Good about MenAchieve and produce to provide for others and if necessary to sacrifice themselves Baumeister shows that while men have greatly benefited from the culture they have created they have also suffered because of it Men may dominate the upper echelons of business and politics but far men than women die in work related accidents are incarcerated or are killed in battle facts nearly always left out of current gender debatesEngagingly written brilliantly argued and based on evidence from a wide range of disciplines Is There Anything Good About Men offers a new and far balanced view of gender relatio. It's sad that our culture has become so anti male that we seriously ask a uestion like Is there anything good about men This book is about what purpose men have served in our culture and the ways our culture exploits men As an answer to all of the various feminist complaints it is insufficient What it does is builds a case for a perspective rarely seen in gender discussions evolutionary psychology It spends a lot of time discussing the way humans have evolved culture to band together for a common purpose which both shaped and was shaped by gender differences namely men's greater upper body strength and women's pregnancies Each had their roles to play in culture building men through leadership and strength and women through nurturance and child raisingThis is not a conservative argument for traditional gender roles It's merely an overview of our current understanding of human biology Traditional gender roles stem from an outdated misunderstanding about gender differences that men and women are inherently better or worse at some things than the other Modern biology shows that these differences are in fact so slight as to be insignificant though they do exist This book argues that the real difference is in the psychologies each gender has evolved which shaped their respective preferences Females tend to prefer one on one relationships whereas males tend toward larger groupsThe implications of these gender differences are uite far reaching and can help explain many cultural differences that feminists have insisted we should attribute to a patriarchal conspiracy to oppress women There's little evidence of such a conspiracy and yet the differences remain This book offers an elegant explanation for these differences and has evidence to support itObviously this contradicts the feminist party line as well as the common understanding in our culture Feminism officially denies evolutionary psychology In fact they feel threatened by it They believe humans are malleable blank slates which patriarchal culture shapes to its own ends It makes intuitive sense but it is rather simplistic and it flies in the face of a burgeoning field of science It will be forced to reconcile itself with an increasing plethora of evidenceThe reason modern specifically third wave feminists are so threatened by this perspective is that it undermines their entire platform Just as evolution took away the need for God as an explanation for the existence of life it also takes away the need for Patriarchy as an explanation for the gender differences in our culture And to do that would be to absolve men of many most of the crimes they're collectively accused of It will be interesting to see how this struggle plays out in Women's Studies and in politics in the decades to come This book gives a good preview But it goes beyond that and shows many ways that men are treated as expendible beasts of burden in our culture It shows the huge role men's uniue characteristics have created many things we enjoy and take for granted breakthroughs in medicine and technologies that make our lives easier and pleasant Many of these specifically benefit women But men's ways also created a lot of problems so these benefits were certainly trade offs In this way it sounds very much like Warren Farrell's books but without the resentment that seems rife in Farrell's books and also cohesive than Farrell's argumentsThis book tries very hard to make a balanced argument and constantly points out that neither gender is inherently better than the other Nevertheless he does come off as slightly sexist at times and there were a few indications that his male perspective has biased his arguments what feminists call male privilege Many feminists are hyper sensitive to these issues sometimes to the point of hostility For this reason I would never recommend this book to a feminist Instead I would point them toward Ceasefire Why Women and Men Must Join Forces to Achieve True Euality and Who Stole Feminism