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FREE EPUB ✓ MOBI Chieftain î ↠ ARNETTE LAMB È ❰Read❯ ➪ Chieftain Author Arnette Lamb – A rich romantic tale of love set in medieval Scotland by bestselling award winning author ARNETTE LAMB CHIEFTAIN A MAN'S YEARNING FOR FREEDOMAfter seven years in the TowerHo stormed her castle and claimed her heartA PASSION NEITHER COULD DENYThrough harmonious days and impassioned nights Johanna and Drummond reveled in their happinessuntil the vengeful Kind Edward II delivered an unholy ultimatum Obeisance to this royal command could engender only disaster setting a shattering price on a woman's honor and the future of their love Clare is forced into an affair with the Scottish prince to protect her husband but earns his scorn and his death sentence Dying herself Clare begs her identical twin sister Johanna to take her place and raise her son Now seven years later Johanna is shocked when Drummond returnsAmazingly the whole 'taking her sister's place' scenario doesn't lead to any bad blood or mistrust between Johanna and Drummond That in itself is a novelty However this just seemed a little on the bland side

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A rich romantic tale of love set in medieval Scotland by bestselling award winning author ARNETTE LAMB CHIEFTAIN A MAN'S YEARNING FOR FREEDOMAfter seven years in the Tower of London the infamous Highland Chieftain Drummond Macueen saw his prison door swing open he swore to seek revenge on the faithless bride who had betrayed him Yet the wife he encountered seeme This was pretty fun to read though a few recurring themesgrudgesassumptions carried on too long IMO or perhaps were mentioned too freuently for it to be a rollicking who is she and what the hell happened while I was gone read 35 stars Also no kilts but no deduction due to my assumption leghose can be hot tooThe story involves some great weaving in of 12th century historical figures not 'present' in the story but influential on events and a switched at death premise that kept me reading Johanna is the identical twin who's assumed her dead sister Clare's identity to raise sis' orphan and live her life as the 'widow' of Scots Chieftain Drummond Macueen who's been hauled off and presumed executed by Edward I as part of his infamous hammering of the Scots After seven years in the Tower of London Drummond 1 is pardoned by the new king Ed II who'd cuckolded him years ago; 2 banned from his beloved Highlands but allowed to go to an estate bestowed by royal favor on his 'widow'; 3 arrives to find nothing is as it seems; 4 expects his wife to beg his forgiveness for cuckolding him 5 finds himself falling in love with the woman she is now even though she never explains herself or apologizes; 6 brings up her infidelity much too freuently Why his bottomless resentment It had to stick in a Scotsman's craw to know his wife was 'whoring' for England's Hammer of the Scots Jr so Clare's betrayal added unthinkable insult to the chieftain's injuries Aside but IF his anger had been put in the historical context once clearly it wouldn't have had to be repeated soooo many times to demonstrate how much it bothered him Anyway this infidelity is the crux of his distrust of her And I don't blame him And in spite of all his venting about her betrayal he's studly and sweet most of the timeFrom Johannafaux Clare's POV everything's ticking along nicely her son is growing up bright and good the estate is prosperous her people are thriving Then bam out of nowhere Drummond Macueen shows up in her keep with an unusual pet and an incomprehensible Welshman ready to resume being lord and master all the while deeply resenting her for 'her' infidelity His appearance threatens everything she's worked for her son her home her identity Aside Why she doesn't explain to him that sheClare slept with the prince hoping to prevent her husband's execution I cannot say She could've defended the action and its motivation without unmasking herself It was a gratuitous misunderstanding strung along to the bitter end instead of being tied off first leaving the bigger mysteries to be solved She struggles to convince Drummond she is Clare yet dreams of having a husband who loves her Johanna For his part Drummond struggles to become a husband to this unfamiliar wife and father to his son all of which is delightful Once the chieftain knows she's not his wife he plays a pretty funny cat and mouse game trying to learn her real identity but then a few pages later everything is neatly tied up at the end There's a clever twist that lays to rest his resentments and her fears about never being loved for herselfI enjoyed most of this a lot but what I didn't enjoy was repeated incessantly and the gratuitous refusals to explain annoyed me

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ChieftainD like a stranger defiant lovely and inexplicably changedA WOMAN'S DESPERATE GAMBLEAt the death of her twin sister Johanna Benison had begun a journey of no return Now the unexpected arrival of Drummond the domineering Chieftain she'd believed executed long ago threatened her precious independence But soon her fear gave way to a soul deep longing for the lover w I had read this when it first came out and really enjoyed it This is a very tender story A dying woman switches places with her twin sister For seven long years Joanna raises her sister's child while her husband thought to be executed is in prison for treason He was spared execution because Joanna's sister willingly had an affair with the Prince in exchange for leniency She is released by that prince when he becomes king and he arrives at her doorstep thinking her his late wifeHe struggles to forgive her and wants to become reacuainted with his wife She is frightened that if he finds out she is not his late wife that he will take the son she raised and leave herThere are some other secrets that make this a very interesting story and the emotion between these two is very touching and wonderful You can feel her fear and worry as you read the storyAll and all a very enjoyable read and one I have reread a few times now