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Smoke on the Mountain An Interpretation of the Ten Commandments characters ´ 7 º [EPUB] ✶ Smoke on the Mountain An Interpretation of the Ten Commandments By Joy Davidman – This celebrated book a dynamic and original interpretation of the Ten Commandments is enhanceHtful introduction by C S Lewis the author's husband Lewis writes the flaw in us which Joy Davidman seems to me to expose with mos. Smoke on the Mountain An Interpretation of the Ten Commandments Joy Davidman Westminster Press Phil 1953 139 ppI found this to be an extraordinary book The author’s insights into the commandments are full of the sharp bite and paradox of the Christian writers of CS Lewis’ generation The chapters towards the end struck me very hard as being contemporary Ch VIII she follows the Protestant numbering of the commandments “You Can’t Cheat an Honest Man” hits marvelously on social justice See p 99 which is a perfect analog to Trump as Cyrus Ch IX “Jesting Pilate” wittily goes from her English background on the propaganda misuse of Titus Oates to the normal calumnies of piety pp 107 and 109 Much deeper is the notion that truth does not exist which is the background for habitual lying P 111 And finally Ch X “The Moth and the Rust” The author hits well at the assumption that modernity in its industrial might will satisfy usShe is thought provoking7 Forward by CS Lewis Joy Davidman is one who comes to us from the second generation of unbelief; her parents Jewish in blood “rationalists” by conviction This makes her approach extremely interesting to the reclaimed apostates of my own generation; the daring paradoxes of our youth were the stale platitudes of hers “Life is only an electrochemical reaction Love art and altruism are only sex The universe is only matter Matter is only energy I forget what I said energy is only”; thus she describes the philosophy with which she started life15 We are in danger of forgetting that God is not only a comfort but a joy He is the source of all pleasures; he is fun and 16 light and laughter and we are meant to enjoy him Otherwise our Christianity is no better than the cannibal’s negatives We shall try to be negatively good and make a virtue of misery; plume ourselves on the rejection of delights for which we are too weak measure our piety by the number of pleasures we prohibit And others will react against us by rejecting religion altogether probably announcing with pride that they are choosing “life” instead Saint Augustine phrased the Christian law as ”Have charity and do what you like” The modern materialist often makes it simply “Do what you like” and then rushes off to ask his psychoanalyst why he no longer seems to like anything Whereas he Pharisee alas tends to invert Augustine into “Neither do what you like nor have charity”20 “Thou shalt not” is the beginning of wisdom But the end of wisdom the new law is “Thou shalt” To be Christian is to be old Not a bit of it To be Christian is to be reborn and free and unafraid and immortally youngI GOD COMES FIRST24 Then too we are really not bad enough for undisguised self worship We have inherited two thousand years of Cristian tradition; we have inherited also that innate moral sense of all mankind which makes even the most corrupt of us yearn vaguely for something better than himself to serve And so we disguise the beast in the heart as a worthy cause; we borrow some shining virtue from heaven to robe in in and make it into a false gd We proclaim that man will find salvation in art or science or education in ending poverty or ending prejudice in world government or in no government at all – everywhere but in the knowledge of the OneThey are hybrid creatures our beast gods Their strength comes from the true God their weakness from disguised self worship the really dangerous beasts are those cast in nobler shapes with benevolent human masks on their faces We call them by such names as human dignity world peace and freedom from want And we revere them so deeply that we scream with horror when some iconoclast points out that at best they are means not endsFor of course

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The Mountain Kindle #212 This celebrated book a dynamic and original interpretation of the Ten Commandments is enhanced by a thoug. Joy Davidman’s Smoke on the Mountain is a journey to the summit with Moses to flesh out the meaning of the words inscribed in tablets of stone millenia ago To read this booklet is to recognize the presence of God burning in your mind as Moses recognized him in the burning bush” In a culture whose highest ambition is to be safe Davidman defines the sin of fear as “a rejection of the present and a desperate attempt to play God by getting control of the future” And the antidote to fear is “Courage himself God the Lion stands beside us to help us live by it Whatever we desire whatever we love whatever we find worth suffering for will be Dead Sea fruit in our mouths unless we remember that God came first” Davidman defines “An idol is only an inanimate object that can do no harmSo is a gun But a man can do great harm with itIf we are to be saved it will not be by wood however well carved and polished; nor by machines however efficient; nor by social planning however ingenious If we are to be saved it must be by the one power that is built into a man at his beginning and that he does not have to make with his hands the power of the Holy Spirit which is God” She describes the Sabbath as a weekly return to Eden “How do you make a day holy By seeing that it is holy already; and behaving accordinglyEvery man wants God in his heart far than he can ever want anything else; that is every man wants peace and love answers to his uestions and the keys of heaven When a church gives these its doors overflow” I was particularly struck by Davidman’s reinterpretation of the fifth commandment “To clan society therefore a man is not so much himself as the son of his fatherat the climax of history he is Jesus who calls himself the Son of Man” I am no longer Jennifer Erickson patricarchically related to my white European Swedish clansmen; in the family of our Heavenly Father all are “members of yourself in the eternal body of mankind”I was also convicted by Davidman’s redefinition of the eighth commandment “The thief is not only he who steals my purse but also he who steals my trade; and he who underpays me and he who overcharges me; and he who taxes me for his own advantage instead of mine; and he who sells me trash instead of honest goodsWe men are all thieves who have stolen the self which was meant as a part of God and tried to keep it for ourselves alone”“If we start confessing our habitual lies shall we ever be done There are the lies of gossip public and private which make haters out of us; the lies of advertising and salesmanship which make money out of us; the lies of politicians who make power out of us And the lies of the sort of journalist who manufactures a daily omniscience out of the teletype machine and the Encyclopaedia Britannica And the lies of a professional patriot who assures us that our cause is so just that it doesn’t matter what injustice we commit in its name” However “the most fundamental of lies – that we lie to ourselves about ourselves The Christian is the only man who does not go around all the time feeling guilty For him sin is a burden he can lay downIt is the unfortunate creature who denies the existence of sin in general and his own in particular who must go on carrying it forever”Davidman asserts “The Tenth Commandment is uniue; its predecessors deal with specific actions but this alone forbids a state of mind” How many times do I “ask the Lord not for heaven but for a way of keeping the automobiles and the television setsSeeing God face to face is our goal; the pleasures of life and even life itself are the means to it Therefore the milk and honey and corn and wine and soft chairs and fine houses and swift automobiles – all

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Smoke on the Mountain An Interpretation of the Ten CommandmentsT certainty will be to some perhaps an unexpected one on the Mountain An Interpretation PDFEPUBthe sin of fear uite simply cowardi. A sweet friend at church loaned me this book written by Joy Davidman who was to become Joy Lewis wife of CS Lewis An interesting book to read knowing who Joy would become Mrs Lewis The book is dedicated to CS Lewis and she discussed some of the sections she was writing with him via letters Since her background was as a strident atheist Jew who became a strident atheist Communist it is no wonder that Joy's writing is very acerbic and sometimes smacks you up the side of the head I found it hard to pay attention sometimes to her point because I was reeling from the point she had just made with some significant force Her mind is uick and her discussions are well crafted but it just not the gentlest book that I've ever read I am on her side of the argument but I'm not sure that if I weren't already there that she would convince me of changing In the speaking the truth in love she's got the speaking the truth down well but the in love portion is lacking