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Perspectives on the Sabbath review Ç 100 Â ➽ [Download] ✤ Perspectives on the Sabbath By Christopher John Donato ➲ – Perspectives on the Sabbath presents in point counterpoint form the four most common views of the Sabbath commandment that have arisen throughout church history representinPerspectives on the Sabbath presents in point counterpoint form the four most common views of the Sabbath commandment that have Perspectives on Epubarisen throughout church history representing the major positions held among Christians today Skip MacCarty Andrews University defends the Seventh day view which argues the fourth commandment is a moral law of God reuiring us t. I'm definitely in Blomberg's camp on this one Fulfillment model though it's difficult to tell the difference truly between his and the Lutheran perspective because the Lutheran took such a strange approach to his essay Pipa Reformed Confessional sounds like a reborn Pharisee So does the 7th Day Adventist and frankly history's on his side if you're going to lean Sabbatarian

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View which says that since Christ has brought the true Sabbath rest into the present the Sabbath commands of the Old Testament are no longer binding on believersCharles P Arand Concordia Seminary upholds the Lutheran view that the Sabbath commandment was given to Jews alone and does not concern Christians Rest and worship are still reuired but not tied to a particular day. Good debate on the topic I learned a lot

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Perspectives on the SabbathO keep the seventh day Saturday holy It must therefore remain the day of rest and worship for ChristiansJospeh A Pipa Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary backs the Christian Sabbath view which reasons that ever since the resurrection of Christ the one day in seven to be kept holy is the first day of the weekCraig L Blomberg Denver Seminary supports the Fulfillment. This was a pretty good book detailing several different approaches to the Sabbath and argues for and against each side presented the Seventh Day Adventist view the Christian Sabbath view the Lutheran view and the Fulfillment view The book is pretty thick for a multiple perspective book but while it could have been pared down some it also gives a very comprehensive look at the major positions In my opinion the largest and most important debate in this book was very much between the Christian Sabbath and the Fulfillment views and the conversation tended to get the tensest between the two authors arguing for these positions That being said both the Lutheran and the Seventh Day Adventist had valuable insights to offer and while neither of them were as particularly convincing as the other two they both made strong arguments for their sides and I learned a lot about their positions In the end most of the differences lie fundamentally with what hermeneutic is to be used for understanding the relationship of the OT to the NT I was most convinced by Pipa's argument for the Christian Sabbath view especially in how it focused on Hebrews 49 but I was also coming from that perspective Great book that really forces you to consider all the arguments and dig deeper into the issues surrounding the observing of the SabbathRating 4 45 Stars Excellent