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Read Ô PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free É Olivia Judson If you have ever wondered why women Sex Advice Kindle #208 always bite your head off or why one guy gets all the girls if you have ever pondered why some men bring you balloons while others leave you their genitals then Dr Tatiana's Sex Advice. This exuberantly brilliant book never fails to remind me of one of the obvious puzzles surrounding those who subscribe to strict creationism You know the people who actually believe that the Lord created the universe according to the seven day timetable laid out in Genesis uite apart from the convoluted mental processes needed to accommodate such inconvenient evidence as the entire fossil record remember these people would have us believe that humans and dinosaurs coexisted Flintstone like in some kind of post Genesis theme park why would anyone choose such a parched unimaginative view of the natural world when the reality is so much glorious Whether or not one believes in the existence of a divine entity at the back of it all the fact is that the magnificent variation and huge diversity of evolutionary survival strategies that are explained by Darwin’s theory imply a universe that is infinitely fascinating than the simplistic view of the strict creationistsOlivia Judson’s “Dr Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All Creation” provides a comprehensive hugely readable account of one of evolution’s most important aspects – sexual selection Dr Judson has chosen a particularly delightful conceit to enlighten and entertain her readers – the book is structured as a series of letters and answers spanning the entire natural world to the eponymous “agony aunt” of the title Dr Tatiana From the opening letter from a golden potto in the Gabon who wonders why her boyfriend’s penis is covered in enormous spines to the scandalized primate in the Ivory Coast complaining about the slutty behavior of the female chimpanzees in the neighborhood the vignettes presented in this book are informative wide ranging hilariously funny – in a single word awesome The book’s thirteen chapters are divided into three main sections Part I Let Slip the Whores of War1 A Sketch of the Battlefield2 The Expense is Damnable3 Fruits of Knowledge4 Swords or Pistols5 How to Win Even if You’re a LoserPart II The Evolution of Depravity6 How to Make Love to a Cannibal7 Crimes of Passion8 Hell Hath no Fury9 Aphrodisiacs Love Potions and Other Recipes from Cupid’s Kitchen10 Till Death Do us PartPart III Are Men Necessary Usually But Not Always11 The Fornications of Kings12 Eve’s Testicles13 Wholly VirginThis is definitely on my top 5 list of science books published within the last decade It is funny imaginative informative and hugely entertaining So much so that one is forced to break out the most repulsive of reviewer cliches Dr Judson's accomplishment represents a true tour de force

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Dr Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation Characters Á 2 ☆ ❴EPUB❵ ✹ Dr Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation Author Olivia Judson – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk If you have ever wondered why women always bite your head off or why one guy gets all the girls if you have ever pondered why some men bring you To All Creation is the book for you It explains all this and much It discloses the best time to have a sex change how to have a virgin birth when to Dr Tatiana's Kindle seduce your sisters or eat your lover uirky and brilliant it takes as its. This is an excellent book about the the sexual habits of life not just humans but all life examined from an evolutionary perspective The material is whimsically presented as a collection of sex advice columns from Dr Tatiana think Dr Ruth giving advice to insects and fish reptiles and mammals An example of a “letter” from one of her readers early in the book “Dear Dr TatianaMy boyfriend is the handsomest golden potto I ever saw He's got beautiful golden fur on his back creamy white fur on his belly he smells delicious and he has ever such dainty hands and feet There's just one thing Please Dr Tatiana why is his penis covered with enormous spines”Most of the book is focused on animal sexual behavior but plants and even bacteria are both also touched on In a remarkable way the book deanthropomorphizes sex by first anthropomorphizing it a tricky task to be sure The writing is humorous ribald and highly intelligent A wide range of topics and behaviors are covered including such wide ranging mysteries as complex genitalia promiscuity in both males and females sperm competition asexuality cannibalism of mates the strange and rare situation of monogamy hermaphroditism homosexuality and incest And while most of the book is focused on non human sexual behavior humans are not left out with many of the chapters applying some of the factors to human sex and reproductionHaving heard the author Olivia Judson a science writerjournalist with a PhD in evolutionary biology from Stanford speak about the book a few months ago I must admit that I also read the book in her British accent something which may have added an extra touch of atmosphere There is definitely a British sense of humor underlying much of the bookHighly recommended

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Dr Tatiana's Sex Advice to All CreationStarting point all creatures great and small worried about their bizarre sex lives and the letters they write to the wise Dr Tatiana the only agony aunt in all creation with a prodigious knowledge of both natural history and evolutionary biolo. I believe everyone has something in their sex life that others would think is a little kinky Some of us worry about that But I know the perfect solution to reduce that worry Read Dr Tatiana's Sex Advice for All Creation You will uickly discover that based on the wide variety of sex practiced in the animal kingdom you are not really all that kinky Well at least you don't bite off the head of your loverI hopeThat's my advice for today What did you expect Masters and Johnson