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FREE DOWNLOAD É eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF å Brian Greene ا وليد»، «ماجد حنّا»«علي الشمري»، «تامر السلاموني»«بندر الحربي»، «شمس الحياة»«مروة جمال»، «تركي Hidden Reality Parallel Universes and PDFEPUBالعبود»«الياس سعدي»، «ماجدة علي علي»«هادي ابراهيم»، «سامي اكايا»«ماجد حنّا»، «أحمد»« محمد زهرة»، «منصور التميمي»اخراج فني. Brian bae Definitely one of the accessible cosmology writers of today Any book discussing uantum field theory and string theory is going to reuire your undivided attention of course but it’s much readable than many others especially if you’re fond of analogies Turns out there’s lots of theories that give rise to the possibility of alternate realitiesTheory 1 aka uilted Multiverse If the universe is infinite it might not be but if it is then at some point in the distant distant universe there are worlds where there is a human named Annie just like me typing on Goodreads except she typed “GR” instead of “Goodreads” And there’s another world with an Annie whose life is exactly like mine except she’s allergic to red wine I would have to kill myself because there would be no point in living In some the worst things I’ve ever imagined happening have happened In others my wildest dreams have been fulfilled Somewhere there is an Annie who can write like Kafka DH Lawrence and Kundera combined Theory 2 aka Swiss Cheese If the universe is expanding hint it almost definitely is then there would be places which expansion would create which would have to have lowered rates of expansion and those are like holes in Swiss cheese The number of cheese holes as the cosmos continues to expand continues to increase and each one of those is adorably termed a bubble universe or pocket universe Including our own This also brings in the uilted Multiverse idea from inside a bubble universe the bubble’s space is infinite but from outside the bubble universe it’s finite What appears as endless time to an outsider appears as endless space at each moment of time to an insider And if it’s infinite to an insider then there have to be infinite worlds with infinite repetitions and variations as in Theory 1 Theory 3 aka String Theory aka Bread Loaf aka Cyclic Multiverse Strictly speaking there are five types of string theory no one Type I Type IIA Type IIB Heterotic O and Heterotic E which all sound like sexually transmitted diseases to me and anyway they all get subsumed into the grander M theory String theory particles are vibrating loops of filaments and the way it vibrates determines what particle it ishow it behaves and corresponding M theory predict that there are ten dimensions of space and the eleventh dimension of time Seven than the ones we’re aware of length width height and time But maybe that’s not an issue because the four dimensions we’re used to extend over massive maybe infinite distances but maybe the other seven are curled up at the other end of the cosmos and we can’t find them and they don’t extend far enough to reach into our reality For analogy Greene gives the example of a straw normal sized except it’s as tall as the Empire State building It’s three dimensional up close but from the other side of the river it would just look like a vertical line two dimensional Here comes the multiverse idea pretend the world has just two dimensions it’s a flat plane called a two braneworld Line up a couple of these flat planes slices of bread and you can add on other parallel universes other braneworlds as many as you like “just add slices to the cosmic loaf” as Greene memorably says Of course we have three spatial dimensions but looking at 2 dimensions makes it easier to wrap our 3D heads around It’s also possible that different braneworlds would bounce into each other and restart the cosmological clock so that rather than one big bang things are a gigantic bumper car game and universes are constantly though very slowly from our perspectives getting remade and unmade and remade Theory 4 aka Landscape Multiverse pretty much the idea that the cosmological constant density of energy in space creating certain gravitational values might be necessary for life and so what are the odds it happened to happen Well you’d need an infinite number of universes to make it likely that at least one of them just happened to have the exact necessary cosmological constant to make life happenTheory 5 aka the uantum Multiverse all the possibilities of our reality are realized in another reality another multiverse All possible histories and all possible futures are real One of them is the reality we live in; the basically infinite rest exist in some way True reality is like a tree than a line Theory 6 aka Everything is a Hologram The event horizon of a black hole point of no return is the surface of a black hole in some ways and fluctuations in the surface of the event horizon contains all the information the black hole sucks in Similarly our 3D world may be a rendering of 2D encoded information on some cosmological event horizon type thing which creates reality as we know itTheory 7 aka Virtual Reality we can create other universes virtually and someday could probably create reactions in the potentially sentient actors in those universes which could make it feel like reality every bit as much as it does to us If everything’s infinite see theory 1 with infinite numbers of beings creating infinite numbers of virtual universes whose inhabitants can also create infinite numbers of infinite universes and so forth doesn’t it seem like odds are good that we’re just one of those games Could we even tell if we were in a simulation Depends on your Simulator and if they want to reveal themselves are you there God It's me Annie Other interesting thingsDark energy might be the answer to Einstein’s unproven cosmological constant that he retracted after he suggested it because he couldn’t account for it There’s some some shit out there and we can’t see it describe it or know of its existence other than through a few methods of measurement The mind boggling idea that if the universe is infinite and you shrunk infinity everything would be closer together but the universe would still be infinite Rationally I understand that you can’t reduce infinity infinity divided by two is still infinity but my brain doesn’t want this to be a thing About 1 percent of the snow on a television that’s tuned to a non working channel is due to reception of the big bang’s photons aka background radiation

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FREE DOWNLOAD The Hidden Reality Parallel Universes and the Search for the Deep Laws of the Cosmos 108 ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Hidden Reality Parallel Universes and the Search for the Deep Laws of the Cosmos ✩ Brian Greene – قام بتحويل وصور فوتنوت وفهرسة« ماجدة علي علي »في هذا الكتاب يتناول برايان جرين، صاحب الكتابين الأكثر مبيعًا ” الكون الأنيق ” و”نسيج الكون”، سؤالًا يمكن اعتباره أكثر أسئلة الفيزياء الحديثة وعلم الكونيات إثارة للعقل، وهو هل كوننا هو الكون الوحيد الذي له وجود?. This was a good book For a popularization this had some pretty heavy science in it I'm a pretty smart guy and will have to re read it to really have a better understanding Greene really is a good writer because even when you don't uite understand what he's talking about he gives you enough of the broad overview so that you can go to the next section and feel that you haven't missed anything criticalThe section on uilted multiverses was pretty straightforward and I can claim to have understood it The next few parallel universes were a bit trickier but I was with the program When I got to multiple dimensions and the landscape multiverse with so many possible shapes to the extra dimensions that kazillions doesn't even begin to cover the number this was something I wasn't uite so sure that I could explain to my wife I'm not sure I want to challenge Brian Greene on any scientific uestion but the one point I would have some uestions about were the simulated multiverses as in the movie The Matrix I think he may be shortchanging Goedel and Turing I'm not convinced that a simulated multiverse sufficient to model all the creatures on our planet would not consume so much energy that it would be in effect less probable than an actual universe My experience as a programmer is that the complexity of programs and the resources needed to design them go up exponentially with the size of the program If that is the case creating a universe might actually take less energy than modeling one We would need to automate the process of computer design but this essentially can't be done and that's the point of Turing's thesis There may be a practical upper limit on the size of simulated universes that we or future super intelligent beings in our universe could ever design This may be my confusion but I'd like just a little explanation here So this book is recommended and I hope to come back to it One final thing though the book never utters a word about it Brian Greene is a vegan That anybody this smart is a vegan says something I think about where we should be headed as a species

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The Hidden Reality Parallel Universes and the Search for the Deep Laws of the Cosmosقام بتحويل الكتاب الي نسخة Reality Parallel ePUB #8608 نصية كلٌ من«زينه»، «د طارق التميمي»«محمد العليان The Hidden eBook #213 »، «معالي»«محمد مصطفي كمال»، «عبدالله الحبابي»«عزيز ابن ابو عزيز»، «أريج محمد»«هشام حسني»، «awakeel»«سماهر»، Hidden Reality Parallel eBook #180 «رشا الظاهري»«رن. So my buddy Ryan introduced me and Jo to his new girlfriend this past weekend and she's a mathematician who is clearly not very good at it because Ryan with a girlfriend doesn't add up ZING so I was like Do you think we're all avatars in a big futuristic game of The Sims and her face just lit up like I've been waiting for someone to ask me this all my life She is adorable and we geeked out about parallel universes for like half an hour while Ryan and Jo made big exaggerated sighing noises Hey just let us know when you want to talk about something that's not the nerdiest bullshit ever Okay that will be never because we're best friends now I said that Ryan's girlfriend probably thinks I'm just okayAnd that's why this is a great book because it's wicked fun to talk about all this shit Whee multiverse says my avatar You ever hear that theory that once computers get to the same complexity as human brains they'll sortof automatically develop consciousness Scientists think that because otherwise there's something we totally don't get about consciousness and who needs that Lame So here's the thinking if that's true then we'll probably have it by around 2020 And once we have artificial intelligence what are we going to do with it Put it in video games obviously We know this because we are people and that's the kind of shit people do So we're going to have these virtual worlds just like The Sims except the people in it will actually be aware and we'll all play these virtual world games on our Playstations And that means there'll be like thousands of virtual worlds with conscious inventions in them interacting with each other And that means that only one of all the worlds featuring conscious beings is the real one; the rest are video games And that means that odds are the world you're reading this in isn't the real one Just statistically it's likely that you're a collection of sprites that some pimply teenager created near arbitrary rules forThat's nuts right Crazy nuts Batty Among other things it means that there's a God after all because whatever pimply teenager is playing this particular game that I'm in can delete this game whenever he wants or make an asteroid hit Brazil or make Kate Middleton show her boobs For most intents and purposes that is GodAlso it raises this uestion is Pimply God doing a good job Is this particular world a good one Or is he an asshole If all the sim worlds were ranked from most pleasant to least where would this one fall If you set a bunch of AIs up in a fairly nice place will they probably fight Is there like an Aggression Slider so you can make us or less likely to fight What would this world be like if Pimply God was deep in the throes of puberty Or is this itRyan's girlfriend thinks we are most likely virtual seriously serious people think this whole thing makes perfect sense but I think I lost her with the puberty bitThis is the craziest and last theory in Hidden Reality There are eight others and they're not mutually exclusive The least crazy theory is that space is infinite and infinite is a lot so somewhere beyond what we can ever see given the speed of light there will be a world just like ours and infinite worlds just like ours because infinite means everything including a world where everything happens and will happen exactly like it has and will in this world you're in now with the sole exception that instead of reading this review you personally decided to make a sandwich Infinite is a lotEverything in Hidden Reality is theoretical so there's no pressing reason for you to read this book Or any of the rest of the books while we're on the subject Pimply God read Shakespeare and was like Ha that's cool it rhymes and everything sometimes I mean it's terrible compared to real life literature but not bad for artificial intelligence But whee multiverse Four stars says my avatar as Pimply God happens to narrow his focus on my apartment just to see what's going on near Boston and says That sim there just called me pimply Here's a random asteroid how ya like me n