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FREE DOWNLOAD ✓ Lazarus By Lori Titus · ➠ [Epub] ➚ Lazarus By Lori Titus ➪ – In 1869 a young widow named Luella Pembry arrives in the town of Lazarus California She is aware of Lazarus' secret; it's a site of infreuent Risings of the dead But lately the phenomenon is happening In a youIs the force behind the reanimation of the dead And where does the untimely death of a young woman fit into the euation Luella and Drake race to unavel the mystery to save the town and their own live. Zombies the Old West Psychics and a heroine named Luella Pembry oh my has Lori Titus got her an excellent read in Lazarus The novella which also mixes in ghosts and romance is unlike anything I have read in a while I enjoyed the characters especially Luella and Sully the plot twists and the Twilight Zone feel it had throughout the book It may be short but perfect for someone like me who has a hectic schedule


N When Luella approaches Sheriff Drake and Mayor Cole to offer her aid both men are skepticalHow can this stranger stop the Risings It soon becomes clear that there are other secrets in this town What. I have to say given that Lori is a first time out writer in a genre not typically tackled I was skeptical and a little hesitant to read Lazarus I'll admit to a real fear of the walking rotting undead not so much the sparkly gothic drama ueen undead and was wondering if the the mental imagery was going to be too much for me Lazarus however did not disappointFast paced clever and articulate the story flowed and I was surprised that after only a small chunk of pages in I already had a vested interest in both the hero and the heroine Given that the storyline had several plausible directions it could have taken I was pleasantly taken on a trip to a woman finding 'home' in the most unlikely of places and a man finding redemption in her generosity Hardly a typical story it was easy to visualize but not dogged and there were enough twists and turns to keep me hoping that there will be a seuelHighly recommended and I hope to see from this obviously talented author

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Lazarus By Lori TitIn a young widow named Luella Pembry arrives in the town of Lazarus California She is aware of Lazarus' secret it's a site of infreuent Risings of the dead But lately the phenomenon is happening ofte. As usual I was eagerly checking the mail for the presence of a new book while awaiting the arrival of Lazarus by Lori Titus so when I first noticed the manila envelope in the mailbox I was a bit surprised by the thinness of the package awaiting me I suppose that was probably my own fault though seeing as I was expecting a novel but was surprised by the presence of a novella instead That being said after opening the envelope and being met by a glossy beautiful cover my expectations rose So let's get the negatives out of the way first Yes this was a short read of a short story than a book but that's not a bad thing just my own misguided expectations on the matter being upset Second the writing while decent is rather simple and straight forward Again this is not a bad thing but I'm of one for wordy prose and perhaps if I had known I was expecting a novella in the mail I would've been prepared for it Lastly while the first half of Lazarus was professional enough in the second half I noticed several errors in the printing such as uneven spacing and a few grammatical and spelling errors Now that we got that out of the way believe it or not I did enjoy this book uite a bit It wasn't uite what I expected in both good and bad ways I was expecting a little bit of a historical feel which I would've appreciated and a little bit of a Night of the Living Dead feel which I wouldn't have appreciated so the two evened themselves out Though I've been a fan of supernatural fiction for years zombies are oddly the one creature of the night I am not particularly fond of Maybe just because they're so overdone However Titus' creatures though referred to as “zombies” are really of a “walking dead” creation To be truthful the zombies in this novel reminded me of Pet Semetary's living monsters even to the point that one scene in the story actually seemed like an homage to King's work which was a pleasant surprise for me The characters are simple and easily relatable which would be expected from such a short piece and the emotions and feelings between them seem rather sudden and unexplained at times but when you're reading a zombie novel set in the old west a suspension of disbelief is expected I wouldn't recommend this book to someone wanting a long drawn out story full of drama and mystery but it's a uick fun read for anybody looking for a bit of escapism It reminds me of one of those short horror books I'd page through in an hour or two as a young child and I'm fine with that