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Galax ArenaPeter Joella and Lianne are forced onto a spaceship and taken to the planet Vexa where. This is hands down the most Bee zar book I've ever readI was in India and took A Map of the World with me and read it in short order At one of the Havali's tourists had left a stack of paperbacks on a shelf take one leave one style and because I had a 12hr overnight bus ride looming I needed additional readingI chose this book because the first few pages sounded compelling kids getting kidnapped for and for the first chapter or so I was right there Unfortunately the book then takes a Dude where's my car random left turn and goes down the rabbit hole into the land of EXTREMELY creative fictionIt is a childrens book and had I been a non or semi thinking 10 yo I might have been drawn in but for the most part the story is not believableStrangely many of the visuals in her work come back to me now as books often do but I euate that to the time and place I read it than to amazing writingIn any event it's a UICK read and might be fun to read to get an idea of the uality of childrens fiction deen unduh Austrailia

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Been a good gymnast and now she faces the unspeakable alternative becoming a Vexan's pe. Review originally posted on A Keyboard and an Open Mind 11 May 2018This was a weird book I think there were some interesting ideas in there but to be honest I found it both slow and not very well fleshed out Now that I write that the two things seem a bit contradictory but somehow that was my experienceThe plot was intriguing but I think it could have done with a bit fleshing out I guess one could argue that the focus was on the characters I don’t think the characters were uite strong enough to carry the book on their ownThe character dynamics were interesting and realistic but not enough to adeuately make for a character driven story Some of the character development was there but some actions felt a bit forced – “SEE WHAT THIS CHARACTER WAS DRIVEN TO DO” kind of thingThere was also the dialogue The young characters all learn Patwa or Jamaican Creole in order to communicate with each other It took me out of the story every time I had to say a line out loud to work out what it was or consult the glossary at the front of the book With so much of the dialogue written this way it was distractingThe twist towards the end made sense in some ways but not in others The bigger reveal made sense in fact I had suspected but the intricacies of it seemed like an awful lot of effort to go to for perhaps not much rewardThis is the second book by Gillian Rubinstein that I’ve read this year the first was Across the Nightingale Floor published under the penname Lian Hearn and I’m beginning to think that her writing maybe just isn’t for meThis review forms part of my 2018 Australian Women Writers Challenge Click here for information

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Galax Arena Free read ´ 6 ´ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☄ Galax Arena Author Gillian Rubinstein – Peter Joella and Lianne are forced onto a spaceship and taken to the planet Vexa where they are made to perform death defying stunts for their alien captors Joella has never been a good gymnast and no Peter Joella and LianThey are made to perform death defying stunts for their alien captors Joella has never. I don't know what to say about this bookFor one their made up language was so unbelievably irritating And another I don't understand why the stuffed toy could talk Especially with the way the book ended I'm also not sure if I'm meant to class this as science fiction anyOn the other hand it does have an interesting premise and an interesting plot twist Hmm I don't know Mixed feelings clearly