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Ichabod Crane a schoolteacher came to Tarry Town in the glen of Sleepy Hollow to ply his trade in educating young minds He was a gullible and excitable fellow often so terrifi “I recollect that when a stripling my first exploit in suirrel shooting was in a grove of tall walnut trees that shades one side of the valley I had wandered into it at noon time when all nature is peculiarly uiet and was startled by the roar of my own gun as it broke the Sabbath stillness around and was prolonged and reverberated by the angry echoes If ever I should wish for a retreat whither I might steal from the world and its distractions and dream uietly away the remnant of a troubled life I know of none promising than this little valleyFrom the listless repose of the place and the peculiar character of its inhabitants who are descendants from the original Dutch settlers this seuestered glen has long been known by the name of SLEEPY HOLLOW” Washington Irving The Legend of Sleepy HollowPull up a chair and have seat Do you want a drink? Please I insist I’ve been drinking for hours As you can see I have a fire going in the fireplace to ward off the chill of a winter you can already sense around the corner It is dark outside the window The nights come fast as the days shorten The wind is howling That is the wind – right? Its shriek sounds almost alive almost human Here have another drink Scoot closer to the fire I want to tell you a terrifying story The 2016 election cycle Wake up Are you okay? You lost consciousness and fell out of your chair No I didn't rifle through your pockets No you aren't missing a ten dollar bill Moving on I probably should have given you warning since the political theater we have experienced these past months years? has filled me with dread than anything Stephen King could ever conjure Just recently I attempted to watch the evening news which is silly I know but I am old fashioned in some ways Specifically I like it when someone tells me the weather; it makes me feel someone is accountable With the exception of a couple Viagra commercials dispiriting in and of themselves every commercial was a political ad They were run in seuence the first candidate calling the second candidate a tax lover followed by the second calling the first a terrorist lover and then circling back to the first calling the second a liar Since I live near the border of two states my misery is compounded Strikingly not a single advertisement referenced any positive position statement It was all grossly negative hyperbolic attacks If you were to get all your political information from watching the ads sandwiching the evening newscast you would come to a shocking revelation Everyone running for elected office this year is in cahoots with ISIS My advice Take a break Take a drink There are so many things to mix Baileys with Read a book Better yet read a seasonal book one that puts you in the mood for the finer things of fall Forget about politics It’s time to focus on pumpkin pie pumpkin bread and pumpkin beer It’s time to read – or in my case reread – Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Irving’s short story is familiar to most Even if you’ve never read it you’ve probably consumed some of it by cultural osmosis It concerns a love triangle between itinerant school teacher Ichabod Crane; the lovely Katrina van Tassel daughter of a wealthy planter; and local big man on campus Brom van Brunt who goes by the baller nickname of Bram Bones The setting is rural New York State in the years following the American Revolution The exact year is unclear though I’ve seen it placed in the 1790s Ichabod a striving pedagogue with a taste for the high life has come to teach in “the drowsy shades of Sleepy Hollow” As drawn by Irving Crane is a memorably awkward figure He was tall but exceedingly lank with narrow shoulders long arms and legs hands that dangled a mile out of his sleeves feet that might have served for shovels and his whole frame most loosely hung together His head was small and flat at top with huge ears large green glassy eyes and a long snipe nose so that it looked like a weathercock perched upon his spindle neck to tell which way the wind blew To see him striding along the profile of a hill on a windy day with his clothes bagging and fluttering about him one might have mistaken him for the genius of famine descending upon the earth or some scarecrow eloped from a cornfieldThis sketch gives you a good idea of Irving’s excellent powers of description He masterfully renders his setting The farms the forests the babbling brooks are all made vivid in your imagination The “great fields of Indian corn” the “golden ears peeking from leafy coverts” A sloop “loitering” on the river “dropping slowly down with the tide her sail hanging uselessly against the mast” The hues of the forest in “their sober brown and yellowsome trees of the tenderer kindnipped by the frost into brilliant dyes of orange purple and scarlet” Irving paints this beauty with color and detail with sound and scent Imbedded in these descriptions is a sense of the vastness of the wilderness and how its trackless depth gave rise to superstitions to tales of spooks and goblins and galloping Hessians lacking headsThe dominant spiritthat haunts this enchanted regionis the apparition of a figure on horseback without a head It is said by some to be the ghost of a Hessian trooper whose head has been carried away by a cannon ball in some nameless battle during the revolutionary war; and who is ever and anon seen by the country folk hurrying along in the gloom of night as if on the wings of the wind File Photo The Headless Horseman as captured in this undated photo that was definitely not taken in my front yard but rather in Sleepy HollowThis is not a scary story It only borders on the spooky The achievement of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is in its near perfect atmospherics Irving delivers Sleepy Hollow in all its rustic glory the sweep of her fields; the wend of her roads; the beliefs of her peopleAnd the food Oh the descriptions of the foodFain would I pause to dwell upon the world of charms that burst upon the enraptured gaze of my hero as he entered the state parlour of Van Tassel’s mansion Not these of the bevy of lassesbut the ample charms of a genuine Dutch country tea table in the sumptuous time of autumn Such heaped up platters of cakes of various and almost indescribable kinds known only to experienced Dutch housewives There was the doughy dough nut the tenderer oly koek and the crisp and crumbling cruller; sweet cakes and short cakes ginger cakes and honey cakes and the whole family of cakes And then there were apple pies and peach pies and pumpkin pies; besides slices of ham and smoked beef; and over delectable dishes of preserved plums and peaches and pears and uinces; not to mention broiled shad and roasted chickensHeaven bless the mark I want breath and time to discuss this banuet as it deserves and am too eager to get on with my story Happily Ichabod Crane was not in so great a hurry as his historian but did ample justice to every daintyYou just gained five pounds reading that I probably should have warned you The Legend of Sleepy Hollow has become a timeless American classic since its publication in 1820 It has been adapted often terribly into plays musicals cartoons movies and television shows The original remains deceptively simple a good naturedly mythologized vision of pastoral America In a few short pages it wonderfully evokes a time a place and a season Year after year it never fails to inject me with the spirit of the fall It leaves me with comforting visions of turning leaves sharpening weather roaring fires hot drinks and warm pies Right now that is exactly the type of escape I need

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The Legend of Sleepy HollowStories What is that dark menacing figure riding behind him on a horse? And what does it have in its hands? And why wasn't schoolteacher Crane ever seen in Sleepy Hollow again Fun read and a great way to kick off my month of Halloween reads I know the story watched countless movie versions of the story but never actually read the book Still didn'tI listed to this one via audio A fun read but I wanted gothic creepy ness I wanted Headless Horseman The audio narration was wonderful The narrator's voice had an edge of spookiness to it a very good thing Glad I read this one but yeah I prefer the movie version 'Sleepy Hollow' which I watch every Halloween

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read kindle ↠ The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Ó Paperback ë johnscyclingdiary ´ ➽ [Reading] ➿ The Legend of Sleepy Hollow By Washington Irving ➲ – Ichabod Crane a schoolteacher came to Tarry Town in the glen of Sleepy Hollow to ply his Ed by locals' stories of ghosts that he would hurry through the woods on his way home singing to keep from hysterics Until late one night he finds that maybe they're not just I thought this story and I were Meant To Be A few days before reading this I read and reviewed Washington Irving's other famous story Rip Van Winkle and really enjoyed it And then I read The Fold which has this exchange between a high school student and his teacher in the first few pages“Ichabod Crane isn’t really the hero of ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’” “Explain” “He’s like the British You told us that when you said we couldn’t just watch the TV show to learn the story You said that sometimes the bad guy is right there in front of us”And I really love symbolism so I was all set to love this story It just didn't uite work out the way I'd envisionedIchabod Crane a schoolteacher is an outsider in the beautiful New York valley of Sleepy Hollow but he's a native of Connecticut not England When you Google Ichabod Crane nowadays you get mostly this which nice as he is to look at is not the real Ichabod Washington Irving writesHe was tall but exceedingly lank with narrow shoulders long arms and legs hands that dangled a mile out of his sleeves feet that might have served for shovels and his whole frame most loosely hung together His head was small and flat at top with huge ears large green glassy eyes and a long snip nose so that it looked like a weathercock perched upon his spindle neck to tell which way the wind blewDisney got this one right What Disney also got right was distilling Irving's story down to the the good stuff Irving just spends too long describing the countryside Ichabod and his avarice and uestionable habits the couettish Katrina and her family farm Ichabod wants to wed Katrina but mostly because she's beautiful she's rich and she's got huge tracts of land and Brom Bones and his jealousy All of these descriptions were nicely done but didn't hold my interest like I had hoped And if there was any symbolism of post Revolutionary War Great Britain in Ichabod other than just his greed I couldn't find it He's not at all admirable as well as being greedy he's pompous self absorbed and superstitious but I also found him kind of pitifulWhen the Headless Horseman aka Galloping Hessian of the Hollow finally appears the excitement ramps up And there's the enduring mystery What really happened that night? And what became of Ichabod Crane? Actually I think the story itself makes it fairly clear what happenedview spoiler Brom pretended to be the Headless Horseman threw a pumpkin at Ichabod and knocked him off his horse and Ichabod between his superstitions and cowardice and his disappointment and humiliation that Katrina had just dumped him slipped away during the night hide spoiler